Increased organic traffic by 284% in less than 2 years for a CBD store (SEO Case Study)


Our client operates a CBD edible store, providing a variety of products, including gummies, chocolates, and beverages. They initiated their website in March 2019. However, in 2021, they recognized the necessity for an impactful CBD SEO Company and wanted to achieve the following goals for their store:

  • Drive Organic Traffic to their Ecommerce site.
  • Position their brand as a reputable and trusted source for CBD edibles.
  • Enhance customer engagement and loyalty.


After auditing the store, we came to know that we have to work on backlink profile and internal linking of the store. 

  • Unhealthy Backlink Profile: Our client’s site faced a threat due to an unhealthy backlink profile, featuring 35% low-quality, spammy links. This resulted in a notable 22% decrease in organic traffic over the past six months.
  • Internal Linking: The CBD website lacked internal links, and that was the reason, the search engine did not understand the depth of their content. There were around 15 orphaned pages without links, making our client’s site invisible to users and search engines.

Our Approach

We analyzed the scenario and understood what types of links competing pages were getting. Thereafter, we’ve built out a structured campaign to improve the backlink profile and internal linking of the CBD store.

1. Built a clean and natural backlink profile: To build authority in a highly competitive niche like CBD, we had to start building a clean and natural link profile. This strategy helped us in acquiring 40–50 backlinks monthly from authoritative sites. It started like:

  • We used PR link-building techniques to establish connections between our client’s website and reputable CBD platforms. This strategic approach involved securing links from well-regarded websites, ultimately contributing to an improvement in the site’s search engine rankings through our digital PR efforts.
  • We used blog posts to build links instead of directly promoting commercial pages. This helped us maintain natural links and positively impacted keywords related to commercial CBD offerings. For this, we preferred using sites only with strong organic traffic metrics. 
  • We identified broken links to the client’s site. Replaced them with the relevant CBD links and linked them to their site.

2. Internal linking: Our next step was to correct the site structure and build a site hierarchy through an internal linking strategy. To correct this, we followed the below-mentioned procedure:

  • We streamlined anchor text across the site and ensured clarity in conveying relevance between pages. It was done to make search engines understand our client’s content structure better.
  • The next strategy was to implement internal linking for orphaned pages to main content hubs so that they become accessible to both search engines and users. 
  • Along with the home page and other important pages, we linked blog posts of our client’s CBD site, which helped us get a better SEO ranking for the site.


revenue growth for a CBD edible store client(Google Analytics screenshot)

After over 21 months of careful work, the store saw a significant increase in organic traffic and sales. The positive results were reflected in various metrics, highlighting the store’s progress. 

🚀 Organic Traffic-: ⬆️ 284%

🔗 Links Built-1284

⏰ Time Span- 21 months.

Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh
Founder & CEO

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