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We are a results-focused CBD SEO agency that brings revenue, high-quality backlinks, and higher rankings for cannabis businesses. Unlock your store’s revenue and visibility potential, let’s make it happen together.

Here’s How Our SEO Solutions Move the Needle
for Your CBD Business

By 2028, CBD and marijuana product sales are predicted to reach 49.22 billion dollars, and there will be more crowd in the market. Despite the increasing competition, partnering with the best digital marketing team, like ours, can shape your CBD business’s future. Wondering how? Just like this!


Generate Product Sales

We map your customer’s journey and include identified transactional keywords in the product titles. Like, we used “buy CBD oil,” “CBD hemp oil,” and “CBD hemp oil for sale” in the item names of a store and aligned the product titles with user search queries, which increased visibility and relevance; the overall result was increase in product sales.

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Build Brand Authority and credibility

We make your site known in the CBD niche through good SEO and content marketing efforts. For instance, by publishing informational blogs like“What is CBD oil good for” and “CBD oil benefits,” we provided value to the store’s visitors in the form of content, which positioned the brand as an authority in the CBD industry and conversion rate also increased.


Target Multiple Audiences

The application of CBD products differs for various age groups. So, we include different keywords and communication channels to target all specific audiences. We did the same for a store, which led to an increase in the open rate and other valuable metrics because both of our target keywords and communication modes were effective.

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Eliminate Paid Ads Dependency

Our SEO strategies liberate CBD businesses from paid advertisements, as these are more reliable and predictable solutions. You can expect more ROI from organic traffic than any other traffic source or channel, and there is no risk of getting penalized by search engines as well.

SECI Client

“After hiring Navneet’s SEO team, our website’s organic traffic increased by 30%, conversions rose by 50%, and ROI skyrocketed. All thanks for helping us improve the visibility of our CBD brand within 9 months”

SECI Client

Shane Forte

CBD Store Owner

Who Benefits

Who can benefit from CBD SEO services?

Businesses in the CBD industry seeking to establish brand trust, attract niche audiences, and enjoy freedom from promotional constraints for their websites can leverage our CBD SEO services.

CBD Manufacturers & Distributors

If you are a company involved in the production and distribution of CBD products, such as oils, tinctures, topicals, and capsules, we are ready to enhance the online visibility of your site through effective SEO strategies.

CBD Retailers

With an aim to improve overall performance, we extend our CBD SEO services to online as well as brick-and-mortar retailers, who want to attract more customers, increase their website’s visibility, and improve their online presence.

CBD Dispensaries

We offer our local SEO strategies for CBD dispensaries that want to target customers in a specific geographic location. By applying SEO techniques and tactics learned over the years, we attract individuals searching for CBD products nearby.

CBD E-Commerce Websites

Online stores operating exclusively through e-commerce websites can leverage our tried- and tested SEO strategies to improve their store’s ranking, leading to increased organic traffic and potential sales for their stores.

Premium CBD SEO Services

Our CBD SEO Services Include

Depending on the intention, we offer solutions. If you want to achieve brand building, higher conversion rates, sales, or any other specific goal for your cannabis products store, we are ready with the approach. First, we look into your site’s domain authority (D.A.), current organic traffic, and domain age-like parameters and customize our SEO strategies accordingly. After applying them strategically, we promote your business so that it ranks on top searches and generates sales like never before.


To determine how well your site meets the ideal standards from SEO, website design, and conversion perspective, we perform an SEO audit by using premium analytics tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, GTmetrix, Hotjar and then provide you with organic search performance, conversion rates like metrics, to improve your CBD website’s search engine and conversion friendliness.

What you'll get
^A roadmap to increase conversions for your site.
^Identification of holes on product and category pages of your store.
^Audit for your site’s UX, content, links, and technical journey.
^Detection of issues impacting the shopping experience of your users.

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Competitive Analysis for CBD Companies

Our team gains insights into your competitor sites’ keywords that generate sales and their content marketing strategy to determine which blog topics they are covering to educate their users and other promotion tactics that your site lacks. Then, use those findings to target more audiences.

What you'll get
^Additional target keywords (missing on your site but present on rivals’).
^Analysis of conversion-optimized elements from competitors’ sites.
^Identification of gaps in your overall marketing strategy.
^Opportunity to promote your unique selling point.

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Keyword Research for CBD Brands

While conducting keyword research, we focus on mapping the customer’s journey and go deeper on the micro level to not miss any potential term. User intent with search volume is prioritized, but first, its relevancy is assessed for the target audience, which leads to an increase in the visibility of the brand in SERPs.

What you'll get
^A better understanding of your target audience.
^User-intent-driven keyword research strategy.
^High conversion(long-tail) CBD SEO keywords.
^Domination in CBD/HEMP-related search queries.
^Trending searches based on keywords for your CBD site.

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Technical SEO for CBD Sites

To make your store accessible to search engines and customers alike, we optimize page speed, website navigation, and mobile layout-like technical criteria, which results in quick loading of your product page, a smooth checkout process, and a seamless experience for your customers.

What you'll get
^Actionable recommendations on boosting page speed and user experience.
^A responsive CBD site optimized for various screen sizes, including mobile and others.
^Easy navigation for your customers, making their experience enjoyable.
^Well-structured CBD site, where locating products is easy and without any difficulty.

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On-Page SEO for CBD Products Page

To increase the user-friendliness of your CBD shop, we optimize each on-page element like meta title tags, CTAs, image alt tags, URLs, and internal links and encourage visitors to explore your site more, resulting in high click-through rates and lower bounces.

What you'll get
^Catchy title tag and meta description with high CTR for CBD products and landing pages.
^Header tag optimization to provide your customers with a better preview.
^Image optimization using advanced compression methods.
^Clear and compelling CTAs, ensuring higher conversion rates.
^Easier navigation to other product pages of the store through strategic internal linking.

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Backlink Gap Analysis

Local SEO for CBD Retailing Sites

To make your CBD business visible on local results and attract potential traffic in your area, we use our specialized local SEO services and optimize your Google Business Profile fully, leading your CBD brand’s mention in the top search engine results with an increase in conversion rates.

What you'll get
^Optimized content with local keywords.
^NAP additions with an improved Google Business Profile.
^Your site is mentioned in Local citations and dispensary listings.
^Scaled local web presence for your cannabis dispensary.

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Link Building for CBD Websites

We focus on building a healthy link profile for your brand by acquiring links from authoritative and relevant CBD blogs and websites so that your content becomes trustworthy and valuable in the eyes of search engines; plus, your site achieves better rankings, more relevant traffic, and improved domain authority.

What you'll get
^Outreach expert team specifically working for the CBD niche.
^Powerful backlinks for your Cannabis & CBD websites.
^A strong social media presence that attracts natural backlinks.
^Management of User-generated content for your site.

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Link Building

Content Marketing for CBD Brands

To build your brand online, we put your site in front of the target user base with valuable content in the form of blogs, e-books, infographics, videos with brand messaging, which are later distributed so that the target audience can engage with them and the site can gain increased website traffic and online leads.

What you'll get
^A content strategy aligned with the goals of your business.
^Well-researched, highly engaging, transparent, and accurate Cannabis content.
^Informative blog posts and articles about CBD, its usage, and benefits.
^Compelling and optimized product descriptions for CBD-related products.
^New audiences through published guest posts for your site.

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Our Success Stories

See How We’re Bringing Growth for Our
Marijuana and CBD Clients with SEO

Here, we have showcased a few examples of our successful clients. Explore how we helped them attain their revenue goals and delivered impactful results for their CBD stores with our search engine marketing techniques.

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As a results-focused CBD SEO agency, we understand what works when talking about a CBD business’s organic traffic growth. Our dedicated team of SEO experts promoted cannabis-infused products for different global clients by employing SEO practices that work for online CBD stores.

Combining industry expertise with innovative digital marketing strategies ensures your CBD brand stands out in the competitive market and reaches the right audience ready to buy quality CBD products.


Why Choose Us as SEO Partner for Your CBD Brand

We focus 100% on increasing your store’s revenue and market share. We always aspire to better ranking, but the primary goal is to increase the organic sales for our clients.


Track Record of Success

We have attained an average ROI of 517% for various CBD clients and will take this number higher by adapting ourselves to the market evolution.


Unmatchable Niche Expertise

We have invested years learning every facet of the cannabis industry and user behavior. So, you can expect faster and long-term results for your business.


CBD SEO Experts Team

We have a team of 35 experienced SEO professionals who will work solely on your CBD SEO strategy goals around the clock.


Transparent Reporting

We share reports for CBD SEO performance weekly or monthly without manipulation. Contact us through Skype, Zoom, Slack, or WhatsApp to discuss project details.

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Rated 5/5 Stars


“We generated $300k revenue over a span of 90 days through organic traffic after hiring SEO Experts Company. They proved themselves an excellent choice to promote our CBD products.”


Sophia Garcia

CBD Brand Owner

Our Process

We have a streamlined process to minimise guesses and maximise results

Here is a glimpse into how we operate to achieve your marketing goals. Check out our typical client onboarding and engagement process.


Introductory Call & Strategy Discussion

Kickstart your CBD SEO journey with an initial call to align on goals, challenges, and strategy, followed by a tailored plan and proposal.


Onboarding Call

Dive deep into specifics with our onboarding call to fine-tune your marketing strategy, covering products, objectives, and success metrics.


Strategy Call

Post onboarding, we conduct thorough market research and present a refined, strategic execution plan to meet your specific CBD SEO needs.


Team Allocation Call

Selecting the ideal team to execute your CBD SEO campaign, we detail the roles and expertise of each member dedicated to your success.


Monthly/Biweekly Catch-Up Call

Choose monthly or biweekly calls to discuss your campaign’s progress, address any concerns, and ensure seamless communication with our team.


Regular Updates and Reporting

Receive consistent updates and detailed SEO reports from your dedicated account manager, highlighting organic growth and future investment areas.


Happy CBD Clients


Completed CBD Projects


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Frequently asked questions

These FAQs will assist you with questions about our processes or SEO.

Why is SEO Important for CBD Businesses?

CBD is a highly competitive and growing niche. But, due to restrictions on CBD products, one can find challenges with paid advertising; in such cases, only organic SEO and content marketing can help.

What are CBD SEO Services?

CBD websites can gain online visibility through SEO, popularly called CBD SEO services. Keyword optimization, content creation, technical website improvements, and all these are implemented while adhering to the legal guidelines specific to the CBD industry.

What should I look for in a CBD SEO service provider?

You should consider the expertise, a track record of successful SEO campaigns, knowledge of SEO trends, and flexibility while choosing a CBD SEO service provider company.


How do CBD SEO Services navigate legal restrictions?

By staying up-to-date with the latest industry regulations, using the permitted search terms, and adhering to legal guidelines, our SEO services will help navigate legal restrictions.

Are CBD SEO Services different from Regular SEO Services?

Unlike traditional SEO, one may encounter various challenges when engaging in CBD SEO due to regulatory constraints, restricted keywords, and difficulties in link-building. Only established SEO strategies can effectively navigate legal complexities and market-specific challenges to achieve organic visibility for a CBD business.

How to optimize CBD websites for SEO?

We use various techniques, including targeting Non-Competitive Keywords and optimizing them for user experience and conversions. This means we optimize website speed, ensure your content is useful for EAT, create attractive value-based content, create authority backlinks, and work to build the right internal link between relevant web pages by doing a Technical SEO Audit.

How to improve SEO for CBD Companies?

At SEO Experts Company, we do an SEO audit to determine the issues hampering the website’s growth. First, we correct issues related to user experience and then conduct internal linking between various pages and other improvements on the page. Then, build authoritative and high-quality links for your site and get effective results.

What types of content are effective in CBD SEO?

Educational blog posts, product reviews, informative articles on CBD product benefits, user guides, and FAQ sections can be effective for CBD SEO.

Can CBD SEO services improve online sales?

SEO services give online visibility and earn the trust for a CBD website. This attracts a targeted audience, leading to conversions and sales for the store.

Can small businesses benefit from SEO services?

CBD SEO is beneficial for each business type, regardless of size. Small businesses can reach a wider audience if they invest money in SEO services.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from CBD SEO?

SEO results for a CBD website vary, but noticeable changes take several months to a year owing to competition, site optimization efforts, and Google algorithm updates.

How do I drive traffic to my CBD website?

You can follow the best SEO practices to drive traffic to your CBD website. However, collaborating with an agency that promotes CBD, cannabis, or dispensary-related businesses can bring more effective results.

How do you measure the success of a CBD SEO Campaign?

We help you track the results of our SEO work by measuring KPIs such as search rankings, visibility, links, organic CTR, branded traffic, bounce rate, and average session duration.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. It is known to support the body and mind in several ways.

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