CBD store increased 175% traffic through trust-driven SEO and keyword optimization

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Our client, a CBD store specializing in capsules and pills, has been operating in the pharmaceutical business. Despite a steady flow of website traffic, the store faced challenges in achieving sales due to a lack of recognition in the market.


The SEO audit gave us a clear picture, following was the situation of the store:

  • Not many people were visiting the CBD store’s website because it wasn’t showing up much on search engines. To fix this, we need to make the site more search engine friendly.
  • The CBD store’s key products were not showing up well on major search engines, ranking below the top 50 for relevant keywords. This means that the store didn’t appear near the top of the search results when people searched for these products.

We wanted to make the store more visible online, and for that, we needed to build trust and use the right keywords.

Our Approach

After an SEO audit, we understood we have to increase the domain authority of our client’s website and also need to work on the addition of relevant keywords. 

1. Trust & Authority: To build trust and authority with the brand’s audience, we took the following steps:

  • We backed their products with reliable sources, ensuring transparency about the contents through clear product descriptions.
  • Displayed testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers with every product. Also, encouraged customers to leave reviews by adding a comment section, and responded to negative feedback professionally.
  • Built a strong social media presence for our client’s website on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We shared helpful content to engage followers and showcased products in an authentic manner.
  • Our copywriters wrote educational articles and other informative content that meet the target audience’s requirements. By, providing valuable information, we established our client’s authority in the CBD industry.
  • We added trust badges and privacy policies for the product pages of the CBD store and gave them more transparency. 

2. Inclusion of Non-branded keywords:  We conducted keyword research and optimized the store’s content using non-branded keywords, utilizing search console data. These keywords were directly related to the client’s products rather than specific brands. As a result, we observed significant improvement in our search rankings, with keywords that were previously on the 2nd page now consistently ranking on the 1st page.


This is how our CBD SEO Agency delivered impressive results through consistent SEO efforts:

google analytics screenshot for CBD client

(Google Analytics Screenshot)

  • Organic Traffic: 175%⬆️
  • Transactions: 1,672
  • Keyword ranking: 55+ keywords in Google’s top search results.


Navneet Singh Final

A young enthusiast who is passionate about SEO, Internet Marketing, and most importantly providing tremendous value to businesses every day. Connect with him on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter: @nsvisibility

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