Organic Page Views increased by 67% in just 6 months for an Ophthalmic client


Our client provides specialized ophthalmic services in New Mexico. They aimed to gain more local visibility and establish themselves as national industry specialists for eye-related issues. With these objectives in mind, they reached out to our team.

Challenges Encountered

After conducting an SEO audit, we discovered that the client’s website had SEO issues. The following were the major ones. Let’s discuss the challenges we encountered first!

1. Unimpressive lead-generating page

The landing page failed to capture the local audience’s attention due to dull content and the absence of eye-catching visuals. Also, the web content was lengthy. So, the lead-generating page was required to be redesigned.

Out of this whole, our task was to present the web content on the landing page dynamically and engagingly.

2. Unoptimized user experience

After the technical audit, we found that the loading speed was lower for desired pages. Visitors did not bother visiting the page after clicking, impacting overall user satisfaction. We figured out that search engine performance was also weak for low page speed of the site.

Solutions – How We Used Our Approach

Here, we are sharing the solutions that we implemented to achieve the target objectives of our client.

1. Landing Page Optimization

To captivate users on their website, we asked our clients to offer free trials or likewise tactics as this will generate more leads.

Here are the on-page SEO ideas that made their landing page more persuasive:

  • We interestingly highlighted their unique selling proposition on their lead generation landing page.
  • Included real pictures of the treatment they were offering.
  • Applied only one CTA instead of multiple on the landing page.
  • Suggested them to use an exit pop-up that saved them 20% of leads.

2. User-Experience Enhancement

Our efforts were focused on making the site different from other competitors. So, we used interesting infographics and catchy headers, which increased appointments for our client’s site. 

Also, improved the site speed using Core Web Vitals optimization. It reduced bounce rate and conversions got feasible at a great rate due to this focussed effort.


After implementing smart and quick result-delivering SEO techniques, we were able to get the following results. Learn more about our professional seo services here



  • Total Revenue: US$ 1,259,391.40
  • Organic Page Views- 67% ⬆️
  • Customer Retention Rate- 35% ⬆️
  • Keyword ranking improvement- 45+ keywords in Google’s top results
Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh
Founder & CEO

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