How We Increased Revenue from $0 to $200,000 for a Shoe Store in 6 Months

In this case study, we will show how we achieved the following results for our client, who was running a shoe store in the U.S. We worked on their project from March 1, 2020, to August 31, 2020, and the results after 6 months work were:

  • Organic traffic from 0 to 77,963.
  • Generated revenue to $214,748.33.

Keep reading to learn how things came into reality from aspiration for a newly launched Ecommerce website.


Our client runs a footwear business in the U.S. and is earning a decent income. With an objective of getting recognition among shoe-shopping fans online and more profitability, they launched their website through the Shopify platform. Although footwear is a hot-selling product, yet they were not getting any good response digitally due to the following reasons: 

  • High-competitive niche.
  • Lack of brand awareness & credibility.
  • And most importantly, absence of an effective digital marketing strategy.

With a goal of getting organic traffic, conversions, and revenue, they hired our team, where we started our work with an audit. We figured out what is to be required. It started on March 1, 2020, and within 5 months, we delivered the aspired results, in the form of increased traffic and sales. 

If you are curious to know how a startup can make success in such a short time, that too, in a competitive niche, read this case study. As you will get to know, how creative SEO solutions for ecommerce stores from 12 years of experienced experts can drive impactful results.

Challenges Encountered

The website design was impressive, but 80%of the areas required attention and strategic planning. SEO audit made things crystal clear. We identified the following challenges that were impeding the store from ranking and overall success:

  1. The key to achieving digital success in a competitive industry like footwear is to resonate with the target audience, and that thing was missing-choice of right target keywords. These had to be relevant as well as less competitive.
  2. The second issue that we had to overcome was optimizing the on-page elements of product and collection pages. Page title, headings, image alt texts, meta descriptions all were required to be updated with the target keywords. Moreover, these had to be catchy.
  3. New content in the form of blogs and articles is to be created for the client’s store to cover informational intent (long-tail) keywords. As, it was hard to cover them on product pages.  
  4. An internal linking strategy throughout the site was needed to be implemented, smartly. 
  5. To propel the site’s pages higher in the search results, we have to secure links from relevant and reputed websites (domains) of the shoe-industry. So, backlink profile was required to be created as well.

So, we had issues in front of us and to tackle them, our SEO specialists were ready with their expertise, innovative techniques and premium set of tools.

Solutions – How We Used Our Approach

The project required on-page, off-page and content marketing, and we were ready to execute our proven strategies for our client’s website. Our whole focus was on the right implementation of techniques, and that was how we got improved results. Let’s see how our efforts yielded conversions.

1. The first step of our strategy was to identify the right target audience. Like, the store was selling luxurious shoes for all genders. So, we knew our target audience were wealthy people who wanted to create a strong impression with our client’s product. First, we segmented them into the following categories:

  • Traditional loving.
  • Fashion mongers.
  • Sybarites (who prefer comfort).
  • Eco-friendly pupil and many more (sharing limited options here).

2. Now that, we knew our target market, our next step was extensive keyword research. Based on the top trends & identified customer’s taste and what they searched online, we found transactional & informational terms with the help of SEMrush (a premium tool used for keyword research). We picked only selected ones which were matching with the categories included in the store. 

Transactional keywords included were – “buy classic footwear”, “shop vintage style sneakers”, “order lightweight runners”, “purchase casual sandals”, “get stylish loafers” and many more.

 Informational keywords that we identified were-classic footwear for casual look, “sandals that do not harm”, “good-looking and trendy loafers” etc.

3. Then, we optimized the on-page elements of important landing pages like product pages, category pages and home page with the right keywords. 

  • Our copywriters crafted catchy titles and meta descriptions, keeping SEO instructions(word-count limit) in mind. 
  • Alt-texts for images were updated with the identified keywords.

4. To establish topical relevance and build brand authority, we created content strategies keeping in mind the user intent. For this, we wrote informational blogs and articles to grab the target market attention, like:

  • 7 ways to carry classic footwear for a casual look.
  • Look stylish and classy with new launched sandals (that do not harm).
  • How to get stylish loafers at affordable pricing.

These blogs helped us gain customer engagement and also increased the conversions for the client’s shoe store.

One more benefit, that we got after writing these blogs, that we could implement an internal linking strategy throughout the site. For this, we used optimized anchor texts and smart contextual links also keeping annotation in mind.

5. The most important step was to acquire high quality backlinks for our client’s ecommerce website. These links not just helped in improving the domain authority but also helped in improving the trust factor of the website.


We knew we were on the right track as we were implementing tried and tested strategies. While, our goal was to surpass 15k traffic in six months but, we got users in excess from all the search engines.

google analytics result

And the revenue generated was $214,748.33, which was impressive for our client and also inspiring for us as we achieved remarkable results for a competitive site in a very short time. Learn more about our ecommerce seo services here

Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh
Founder & CEO

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