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SEO India Agency To Scale Your Revenues With No Added Costs

We’re an SEO India agency developing & implementing strategies to generate quality traffic, increase ROI, and improve the site’s ranking on Google. A trustworthy internet marketing agency based in India lets you build the trust factor in your website.

We are your reliable SEO India company because we will help create custom SEO campaigns to increase your website’s ranking and quality organic traffic. Not only do we work on improving the visibility of a website but also its trust factor and building your brand.

Our team works to give your website a first-page ranking on Google. The best way to ensure having a website gives up top-notch SEO results while getting the maximum value for your money is by having a highly reputable SEO Company India. We’re a competent SEO agency that works to get an excellent brand image and improve your online reputation through professional search engine optimization in India.

Our SEO India Company plans services to enhance your digital presence and draw your customers so that they not only get a great user experience as they visit your site but also like to revisit your website to become loyal customers.

How We Work As Data-Driven SEO Company India 

SEO Experts Company India is a data-driven SEO India agency. We carry out thorough keyword research for your website. Our SEO Company India team does all the hard work optimizing and ranking your website in the top search results or SERPs for your target keywords.

Whether you need a local or national SEO campaign, our SEO Company India team’s marketing experts offer affordable SEO solutions and strategies to cover various online marketing aspects. Putting our heads together, the digital marketing experts of SEO Services India work to give you custom SEO services.

Our content marketing and SEO solutions cover:

  • Website audit
  • Keyword research
  • Page title optimization
  • Metadata tags development and optimization
  • Image file name and alt attribute optimization
  • Internal link building
  • Paragraph heading and text content creation and optimization.
  • Targeting the right keywords to help businesses rank higher on Google.

SEO EXPERTS COMPANY INDIA – Your trustworthy SEO Agency India


We are an SEO solutions agency specializing in creating custom SEO strategies for businesses of all sizes.

SEO Experts Company India is rated a top SEO agency in India, which delivers comprehensive value at competitive prices. The diligent work by our team has rendered us with an incredible SEO services portfolio. Several SEO case studies rank us as a top-rated seo agency India. Our quality organic work has helped our clients achieve a high volume of organic traffic. This has made us proud of our work.

Our team of experts for search engine optimization in India helps your business:

  • Leverage our 10 years+ of hands-on experience allows us to implement the latest SEO and online marketing techniques.
  • Get long-term results.
  • Get more conversions.
  • Get enhanced ROI.
  • Get affordable SEO India packages.

Best Practices Making Us Top-notch SEO Services India

Build Trust Signals

Google’s 2018 Update emphasizes building trust signals with  E-A-T, Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Our SEO Services India ensures your site is high on emitting trust signals. To this end, we do a Trust Signal audit, and recommend and implement strategies for missing trust factors such as content authorship (authoritative content), footer signals, trusted citations, and map optimization, to name a few.

Optimization for Great Page User Experience 

Google 2021 update focused on Page User Experience by improving several factors for on-page optimization. Our SEO Services India focuses on utilizing the best tools to analyze your content so that Google ranks it at the top for specific keywords users search with to find relevant and valuable content for users at various stages of the funnel. Checking parameters like page loading speed, font size and eligibility, quality content, excellent navigation, internal linking, and other accounting or user experience. This helps us generate quick wins for featuring your website for results and make a favorite for your old and new customers. Hire SEO Specialists to Let Your Business Found Online Easily With SEO Experts Company India

Quality SEO Services India With Custom SEO Solutions For More Revenues

Our dedicated SEO experts create tailored SEO strategies as per your website audit. We formulate and implement SEO recommendations. It may include content designing, link building, getting press coverage for you, running your PPC campaign, and optimizing your site for effective keywords. We also help optimize website structure and do other things to increase your revenue.

Make your business website well-optimized according to the best search engine optimization white-hat practices. Being a highly reliable SEO Company from India, SEO Experts Company India has been providing organic SEO traffic services that increase the quality of traffic to our client’s websites.

SEO Company India, Which Works To Increase Your Online Revenue

We offer seo solutions to businesses of all sizes, whether you’re a big or national company or a small or medium-sized business. Analyzing all the aspects, we do all needed to help you climb the rank.

Results-oriented Work Focused on Revenues

We use a step-by-step approach to choose relevant keywords for your business to bring you conversions and sales. We do this to increase your online visibility for different companies with several internet and digital marketing techniques to give SEO services. We are a team of SEO experts offering solutions whereby we implement ethical and white hat search engine optimization strategies.

We ensure you the correct rankings with custom SEO strategies according to the latest Google Update and Google Webmasters’ Guidelines. We will help you identify and recover from the Google Penalty that Google imposes on your website.

We carry out an exclusive work that involves covering the various aspects, including but not limited to:

  •  Keywords research

  • Competitor research
  • Social media marketing campaigns
  • Search engine ranking report
  • Analytics setup and review
  • Website audit
  • The page title and metadata tags development and optimization
  • Paragraph heading and text content creation and optimization
  • Image file name and alt attribute optimization
  • Internal link building
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay per-click management (PPC services)

Hire SEO Agency India – Drive Qualified Organic Traffic, Leads & Conversions

We have digital marketing strategies per your website’s requirements to let your business rank up in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Remember, consistent and timely action is needed to keep you ahead of your digital marketing competitors.

SEO Services India To Give You Constant Wins

It’s essential to stay updated with the latest Google algorithm changes as it is a primary requisite for the right results. We use the best SEO tools and always keep looking for the latest changes where we successfully implement the right strategy. Not only do we help our clients attain top rankings with this, but it also casts a top-class impression of the client’s websites and brands on different search engines.

We are always keeping an eye on the latest updates from Google and other search engines. SEO Experts Company India plays its part as a trustworthy Indian SEO company to implement Google algorithm updates on clients’ websites. Our SEO India team works to maintain you at the top rank while driving relevant traffic, which results in sales.

What Makes Our SEO India Team Unique?

Deep Analysis & Research: Our team of experts follows 100% safe, ethical and effective SEO  practices with a customer-oriented approach offering proven solutions to our clients. 

The team at SEO Company India has more than a decade of hands-on experience alongside technical expertise to give the right SEO solutions to our clients.

We have worked to offer revenue-generating top-notch SEO solutions to different businesses, companies, and firms for several years. We have been an offshore SEO company to other businesses to help businesses increase their visibility to the target audience. For this, we take more steps to help people get the proper outcomes while building your brand’s online reputation.

Technical Website Audit

We conduct a comprehensive SEO technical audit process to dig loopholes pushing back your website. Here’s a glimpse into our SEO process: 

  • Find Low-Quality Content from Google’s Index.

  • Check Page Load Times.

  • Determine if your website is mobile-optimized

  • Ensure that there is just one indexed version of your site.

  • Finding the Broken Links (404s)

  • Review Your Organic Traffic

  • Analyze Your Click-through Rates

  • Analyze On-Page SEO

  • Dig Content Gap Opportunities

  • Analyze Content Quality 

  • Review  Rich Snippets & Structured Data 

  • Analyze Backlinks

We Set SEO Goals 

SEO goal setting is needed to achieve the proper outcomes in an appropriate time frame. We set measurable, achievable, and intuitive goals on Analytics as per Google Webmaster’s Guidelines which lets us build your site’s trustworthiness. Our services cover:

  • Google Webmaster Setup, Correction, and Verification.

  • Bing Webmaster Setup and Verification.

  • Goal Setup.

  • XML Sitemap 

  • Image Sitemap 

  • Video Sitemap

  • HTML Sitemap 

  • KML Sitemap

  • Google Analytics Filters set up.

  • Analytics Custom Dashboard

  • Indexing Structure Strategy Formation

  • Robots.Txt Creation/Analysis

  • Check No-index & Index Tag

  • Check URL Canonicalization

  • Mapping/URL Structure Analysis

  • Check SEO-Friendly URLs

  • URL Rewriting (as per needs)

We formulate Google Guidelines-based Content for SEO Company India with a fully managed content service rendering value-based, unique, user-centric content reflecting high authority and high expertise having relevant keywords. Various kinds of SEO content we cover include:

  • Content Writing

  • Branding 

  • Blog Writing

  • Article Writing

  • PR (Press Release) Writing

  • PDF Creation

  • Video Creation

  • Banner Creation

  • PPT Creation

  • Guest Posting Writing

  • Classified Writing

  • Content Optimization and Suggestions

  • FAQ Recommendation

  • Blog Page Recommendation

  • Services page content optimization

Basic Social Media Optimization

  • Facebook & Instagram Account Setup 

  • Account Setup

  • Pinterest Account Creation 

  • Pinterest Optimization

We Focus on Link Building

Getting a backlink or a link from another site is like getting a vote of confidence. Our approach for backlink building is related to weeding out unnatural links to your site and strategizing to get more Link Juice. We work to build backlink authority. Our team at SEO Experts Company India strategizes various ways to get a better Google PageRank and higher search engine visibility for your website.

Unnatural backlinks to your site are not good for your site’s SEO value and also impact your website with Google Penalty. We analyze if the existing backlinks are aligned with Penguin Guidelines. We improve search engine rankings as we review the competitor’s backlinks to get you new chances to create high-quality and relevant backlinks using authoritative blog articles to form high-quality content.

Backlinks improve your website’s domain authority. But, you need to get quality backlinks or inbound links with authority backlinks. This is done with the help of:

  • Authoritative articles for content-based links

  • Guest Blogging

  • Reviews & Comparisons

  • Business Web 2.0 Creation

  • Local Business listings

  • Branding Backlinks

  • PR (Press Release) Submission

  • Video Submission

  • Resource Links

  • Forum Links

  • Infographics’ Links

  • Competitors’ Backlinks

  • Top Directory Links

  • Images Backlinks

Google’s Page Experience Analysis

User experience for Google Update 2021 is a major parameter for website evaluation and Google ranking. It also has certain parameters for

Website Security Enhancement including:

  • Basic Q/A for the website to cover security loopholes.

  • Captcha implementations to avoid spam.

  • SSL Certificate Recommendations & Implementation.

  • Site lock Suggestion (M).

  • Backup Suggestion (M).

Speed Optimization & Compatibility Check

  • Speed Optimization Check (Desktop/Mobile)

  • Mobile-Friendly Test

  • Google Page Speed Test & Optimization Report

Comprehensive Reporting with Logical Analysis

Ultimately, you get a complete SEO report showing project progress for things that need to be worked upon. You can fix the lacunae connected to different aspects and much more with logical analysis. In the end, the final reporting and analysis by the SEO India team will have other parameters such as:

  • SEO Data Report for SEO efforts and SEO traffic.

  • Detailed sales channel track.

  • Getting fruitful outcomes to improve your sales

  • Search Engine Rank Report

  • SEO Progress Reports

  • Google Analytics Traffic & Lead Report

This gives you lead generation with a lower cost per lead, maximizing the opportunities for improving the conversion rate.

Ethical SEO and Work Practices

Our client’s trust is the most important thing for us. That’s why we carry out our clients’ clear and straightforward communication. For us, our client’s success is most valuable. We offer comprehensive and cost-effective SEO solutions and strategies to give outcomes matching or exceeding expectations. We offer you unparalleled flexibility to scale up or down the services. Also, you can cancel your contract with the company if you find our service below par and not meeting your expectations. But, surely, we expect you to give us a few months before you find the desired results.

Effective Support

We consider it the most important to keep you well-informed about the progress of the project. You can get in touch with us with a call, online chat, or send us an email whenever you need answers. We make a point to answer all your queries across the project work with a top-notch communication system. Your suggestions and feedback are most important to us. Choose your medium to connect with us:
1. Chat Support
2. Skype Support (Prefer PPH)
3. WhatsApp Support (Prefer PPH)
4. Call Support (Prefer PPH)

Get a Great Return on your Investment and Time

SEO Experts Company India provides its clients with quality SEO services. We’re a leading SEO service provider and a top agency for SEO experts. With our work, we let businesses get higher online visibility. This means we’re offering businesses the best seo services to give your website higher visibility on different search engines with higher revenue and page one results.

Our work is focused on ranking your website’s keywords. To this end, the digital marketing experts at SEO Experts Company India strategize to rank your website in Top Google Searches. SEO Experts Company India – We’re your trustworthy and reliable SEO company partnering to give you comprehensive and quality SEO services.

SEO Services India With Solutions To Bring You On Top Google Search Results

Achieve your business goals with us! We build your online reputation with white-hat and long-term strategies for long-term outcomes. Good SEO is not a 24 hours fix.

Make Your Business Growth 10X with SEO Experts Company India

Boost Traffic

A higher amount of relevant traffic is key to more leads and conversions. We create an SEO strategy to improve search traffic, leading to highly qualified website traffic, more conversions, and a higher ROI.

Earn Higher Rankings

A diligent and effective on-page, SEO strategy requires understanding the users’ search intent. For this, our SEO Agency India team carves a success strategy to let your website achieve higher Google rankings through relevant target keywords for your site.

Drive Sales & Leads

SEO Company India team does technical monitoring for SEO to carve out a refined SEO strategy to bring more qualified traffic which translates to leads and gets you higher conversions, which in turn means greater revenue generation.


A Top Rated SEO Company

Work with a company offering SEO services, PPC advertising, site design, and digital marketing experts. SEO Experts Company India is a reputable firm that helps you advertise your website and convert website traffic into qualified leads or customers.

644.19% 𝗢𝗿𝗴𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗰 Traffic 𝗶𝗻 𝟵 𝗠𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗵𝘀 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗣𝗲𝗿𝗳𝘂𝗺𝗲 𝗦𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗦𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗲


That’s right, SEO Experts Company India team implemented customized E-commerce SEO strategies for perfume selling store and achieved the results.

Untitled design 37 1

Some of Our SEO Clients

Our successful clients from startups to fortune enterprises

SEO for Educational Website
SEO for Content Service Providers
SEO for Ecommerce Website
SEO for Recruiting Company
SEO for Locks Selling Company
SEO for Pet Selling Shop
SEO for Real Estate Company
SEO for CBD Company
SEO for Construction Service Providers
SEO for Moving Company
SEO for Surgery Clinic
SEO for Events Tickets Selling Company
SEO for Vehicle Selling Website
SEO for Scooter Rental Services
SEO for Cleaning Services

Our Customized Digital Marketing Services for Businesses

Since we are a market pioneer, we have been collaborating closely with our clients from the beginning. Several small and established businesses have trusted us and our excellent digital strategies to connect with their target audiences across industries and regions. 

Full SEO Services

SEO Consultancy

Technical SEO

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Social Media Marketing

Ecommerce SEO

Content Marketing Services

Reputation Management Services

Google Ads Management

Google Shopping Ads

Facebook Ads Management 

Web Development Services

Client TestimonialsWhat Our Client’s Say


Kevin Rack

"It’s been good going with the team at SEO India. They consistently delivered excellent results. Great planning and execution! We have seen a strong return on our investment with them. Thanks to their SEO team. Keep up the good work."


"These guys are brilliant. They have increased our traffic, keywords, and conversions. Plus, they kept us well-informed all through and addressed our concerns without fail. They become our outsourcing partner for web-based marketing. Great experience!"


Climb the Rank Ladder on Major Search Engines with Your SEO Agency India!

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Make Your Website Easily Accessible Online with Top SEO Services

Here’s a quick look into the search engine optimization process our SEO Agency India uses for improving the SEO ranking of online projects and also our own SEO Experts Company India in-house website. We can weave the magic to give the best outcomes to you. Our Company India team has ranked our client’s website on Google Page#1 rankings for quality work to drive organic traffic to their website.

yoga 09

Website SEO Audit

The most important and elaborate step in the search engine optimization process is a website scan from that Search Engine Perspective to find out the course of the bespoke SEO process for website optimization and driving organic traffic.

yoga 12

Competitor Research

We identify, validate, and analyze your competitor’s digital strategy to create an effective SEO strategy for your site. We create a roadmap to improve your search rankings for a better user experience. This research analysis lets us dig into the competitor’s SEO keywords, backlinks, and vital parameters.

yoga 13

Off-Page SEO Optimization & Link


Off-page SEO means taking care of page ranking factors that are present outside a website. The most important thing is to give top SEO results to drive your business to more relevant traffic, leads, and revenue. It involves creating authority backlinks and getting references from reputed sites creating top-quality content.

yoga 11

Keywords Research

It is another significant phase to dig out the SEO keywords to make your business be found online. This process involves the research of primary keywords (generally short tail), secondary keywords, geo-targeted keywords, and key phrases, and choosing them correctly.

yoga 08

On-Page SEO Optimization

The next step our SEO marketing India team takes is getting a better website on-page optimization as we make it more search engine-friendly to help it rank higher. It may need you to optimize your meta descriptions and your title tags for content optimization or other things which are based on your website audit to do on-page SEO.

yoga 10

Search Engine Ranking Reporting

for tracking Progress

Last but not the least, this phase helps you find your rhythm of success and carry out improvisations to keep a track of all of your keyword rankings. We carry out research on Google search console and Google analytics to gauge the complete seo metrics. The first SEO Report also includes a market competition analysis.

Work with SEO Experts Company India – Quality SEO India Services Provider

Higher Rankings. Relevant Visitors. More Customers


Being a Google-certified partner, we strategize highly effective SEO techniques which comply with the newest Google algorithm updates and Google Webmaster guidelines to grow your business online.

Joining hands with a Google partner lets you achieve a huge difference to make you stand out in a competitive scenario. Check the success stories of the clients at’s and understand the methodologies having a great impact on your website’s search engine ranking.

SEO Experts Company India Featuring the List of Best SEO Companies in India 2022

Here’s What We Offer Website Owners as a Top SEO India Company. All Included in Our SEO India Packages to Rank You Higher in Search Results.

Attributes Optimization

Search Engine Optimization requires using the right keywords in title tags, meta tags, page copy, page title, alt text, and anchor text. We embed the approved keywords in the website titles, meta descriptions, page content, and also in the image name and alt attributes. This lets you get an improvement in your keywords ranking straightaway.

URL Structure Optimization

The URL structure must be SEO-friendly allowing Google’s search engine crawlers to easily find out what your website is all about. So, it needs to include keywords according to Google Webmaster’s Guidelines.

Navigation Structure Optimization

The website’s navigation structure needs to be optimized and also must be kept simple from SEO perspective and a user perspective. We recommend suggestions following website navigation best practices for increasing the website’s conversion rate and reducing the bounce rate.

Duplicate Copy Check

Duplicate content check is important for SEO Agency India. The diligent team at SEO Experts Company India uses the right duplicate content checker to track copied content on the different pages (internal duplicate content). We also check if any other sites are stealing your content. When this is so, we’ll fix this in the fastest way.

Backlink Review

Backlinks and content are highly important factors to make your website on the top of search engine result pages. SEO Experts Company India team checks the pages which link back to you and ensures that your links are highly active. It means that sites linking to you must not engage in dubious activities.

Proven – SEO Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic

for All Businesses

Ask us about the search engine optimization process we use to rank business websites on Google Page#1 rankings driving quality organic traffic to them.

Untitled design 39

With SEO Experts Company India, the only way for revenue increase is Up!

Have a Question? Contact us

?+91 (987) 292-7797 (Phone & WhatsApp) ? [email protected]

Few SEO Case Studies from SEO Experts Company India – Awarded as one of the Top India SEO Agencies


Vapor Source

Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer



Sell Shaving Products


An Indian Affair

Restaurant in Langley

How Can You Grow With Us?

SEO Experts Company India Live, Think, & Breathe Digital. Our digital marketing solutions are designed around some important key elements, which are the “building blocks” for any digital business plan. We evaluate every aspect of our client’s business and tailor solutions, keeping your business objectives, current digital status and market competition in mind.

Our creative and result-oriented marketing approach will let you experience business success in different ways like:

Get More Leads
Make More Sales
Brand Brand Awareness
Increase Search Friendliness

Hire SEO Experts Company India – The SEO Services in

India for Generating SEO Results and Organic Traffic


High-performing SEO doesn’t happen by chance. We cover all that matters to ensure your brand stands out (and gets more revenues)

Keyword Research 

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

Strategy for higher CTR

Creation of Original Topics

Creative and Smart Copywriting

Building Protected Content

User Engaging Techniques

Content Writing

Quality Link Building

Domain Authority Enhancement

Content Promotion


Increased On-Site Time Strategy

Omnichannel Content Distribution

IP Identification

High-Converting Popups

Meaningful Data & Analytics

Editorial Calendar Strategies

Cutting Down Bounce Rate 

Internal Linking Improvement

Conversion Rate Optimization

First-Party Data Implementation

Custom Graphic Design

Thorough editing

 SEO Experts Company India – Professional SEO Services Giving You High ROI 


Get an insight with a deep knowledge of creativity and smart digital marketing strategies to unlock top-notch outcomes for the clients. We do the work being your partners. At all times, the focus is on better communication for a well-structured process and top-notch solutions, making us your competent and robust SEO firm India.

Customized SEO Strategy to Increase Traffic

At SEO Experts Company India, our team has achieved strong analytical skills to define the process cycle, which leads to getting a series of results. Our experts will monitor every phase of SEO through continuous brainstorming sessions while being updated on the latest techniques.

Nothing Hidden 

With good communication, daily status updates, and a transparent process, we ensure that nothing remains hidden from our clients. We want to partner with our clients who are involved in this process for their opinions and feedback to run tailored SEO campaigns. With a masterstroke, we go for perfect communication.

Why You Need Best SEO Company India Like SEO Experts Company India


SEO is an evolving industry. Companies must focus on managing local, national, or eCommerce SEO campaigns for their in-house work. At such times, it is essential to prevent the wastage of marketing dollars. As SEO Experts Company India’s core business offers SEO-focused ecommerce marketing services, we want to get expert resources that are updated with the latest SEO trends.

SEO Experts Company India is not just an expert SEO agency from India but also the number one SEO Services India for responsive (mobile-friendly) website design. We have web design and development projects right from the time we started, and with this, we will be in the proper position to make the most of the best SEO opportunities to generate more traffic and leads.

We’ll let you stay ahead of your competition in the SEO marketing world with a search engine optimization campaign to get an edge over your competition. We utilize every new and essential SEO development for better local and national search engine visibility.

Local Search Optimization

Local SEO helps you get found in your vicinity by people searching online for services or products you offer. Using the correct categorization with NAP (name, address, and phone number) is required for local SEO. We will implement a complete local SEO strategy to drive traffic and deliver results.

feature img 1 2
feature img 2 2

National SEO Optimization

National SEO is for the business owners that want to target the audience at the national or country level. We focus on ranking your website at zero in the questions for the users or featured snippets.

We also carry out work to rank for broad keyword terms through a response to a massive number of searches to respond to queries of the national audience. Executing both on-page SEO and Off-page SEO is different for this audience. We suggest this for b2b companies and anyone wanting to sell the services and products to other people of the nation.

Ecommerce SEO Optimization

The only promotion strategy you can follow to make your online shopping store a great success is by driving more customers to it. SEO Experts Company India is a leading name for implementing effective SEO tactics.

Our SEO Services India proved helpful in thousands of global businesses to get higher organic search results and higher revenue ratios. We recommend Ecommerce SEO services for online store owners.

SEO Team

Why Choose Us Over Other Leading SEO 

Companies in India

Hands-on Experience of 11+ Years

SEO Experts Company India team has a power-packed experience and a strong foundation of more than 11 years. Having earned and created so many success stories during this time, we are climbing up the knowledge ladder to give the best results to online businesses.

Dedicated SEO Account Managers

Every project has a dedicated manager for each account, ensuring a close watch on all aspects of the SEO process. Every team member knows thoroughly about the latest digital marketing trends. They offer a high level of proficiency in digging out the keywords to make your online store rank higher and offer you the right solutions for the problems you face.

Only White-Hat SEO Practices

At SEO Experts Company India team follows ethical and proven SEO practices while following the correct code and a cost-effective promotion strategy. We like a clear and transparent SEO strategy whereby we don’t keep anything hidden from you. It ensures that we deliver quality optimization services per Google search engine guidelines.

Performance Tracking

Staying updated with the project progress is vital to keep track of the entire work we carry out to analyze the outcomes. Our monthly SEO reports are created for each project to study the trends through rigorous analysis; we plan the upcoming steps.

Crystal Clear SEO Pricing Policy

We create a competitive and transparent pricing policy harnessing our skills to carve your success story. We are your leading SEO Company India, having a client-oriented approach to get your entire process involving creating a fortune for them. Your account manager will keep you updated, and you can choose to upscale or downscale the project at any time.


No SEO Contracts

We don’t bind our clients in contracts. Instead, we offer the complete freedom for upgrading, downgrading, or also canceling your SEO services with us in case of finding any negligence from our side. We suggest our clients keep patience for a few months to get the results.

For any consultation regarding Search Engine Optimization Services by SEO Experts Company India

Get More Sales, Real Customer, First Page Rankings and Organic Traffic with Affordable SEO Services Packages from Top India’s SEO Company – SEO Experts Company India


At SEO Experts Company India, search optimization cost is highly affordable. Our search engine optimization consultants have thoughtfully curated SEO Company India packages that include work with strategies to give you desired keywords on top rankings and drive quality traffic and leads.

Our team’s SEO expertise renders long-term outcomes through our cost-effective SEO services packages. We customize our SEO packages as per your business needs and competition. These SEO packages are done with white-hat SEO practices for on-page and off-page optimization. These search engine optimization packages give your shoppers the complete value for their investment in SEO services India.

Our SEO Services

  • In-depth website analysis 
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keywords research (direct and long-tail keywords)
  • Broken links check
  • Content duplicity check
  • Complete backlink analysis
  • Title and meta tags optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Internal linking optimization
  • Heading tags optimization
  • Canonicalization
  • Implementation of 301 redirects
  • Robots.txt creation and optimization
  • XML sitemap creation and optimization
  • HTML sitemap creation and optimization
  • Google webmasters tool setup
  • Google Analytics setup and integration
  • Hyperlink optimization
  • Images optimization
  • 404 error setup and optimization
  • Page load time optimization
  • Bing webmasters tool setup
  • Search engine submissions

Content optimization for improved user-engagement by SEO Company India’s team of brilliant writers, designers, and developers. We churn out clever and creative content.

  • Blog content creation 
  • Content marketing
  • Business listings 
  • Article content creation and optimization
  • Web 2.0 Properties creation
  • PR (press release) submissions
  • Guest blogging links
  • Blogger outreach
  • Forum postings
  • Blog commenting
  • Infographic creations
  • Profile creation and sharing 
  • Online Reputation Management,
  • Creating additional web pages (example product landing pages )

Image optimization

  • Image sharing
  • Video promotions

Managing Social Media and My Business Page

  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • Creating and managing a Facebook business page
  • Creating and managing Google My Business page
  • Creating and managing the company’s Twitter account
  • Creating and managing a Linkedin business page
  • Creating and managing a YouTube account.

 This is What our SEO India Team Does To Scale Your Business

Local SEO

Local SEO optimization is an important aspect of your website’s Optimization. We make sure all aspects of local SEO get covered.

What we optimize your site for

  • Voice search
  • Google My Business Account
  • Google Maps set up
  • Ask your customers for reviews
  • Create Content Based on Local News Stories or Events
  • Mobile-friendly design and content
  • Use of Local Keywords
  • Google Maps attached to each location page
  • Use of Location-Specific Pages 
  • Listing and references from Online Business Directories on Yelp, Foursquare, MapQuest, and YellowPages to name a few. 
  • Get High-Quality Backlinks
  • Engage with local influencers on social media
  • Optimizing About Us Page with Sitemap

National SEO

This process involves optimization of the site for national users. In other words, when people across the nation search for products and services related to your niche, yoru website will be visible to them. The process of national SEO involves:

  • Advanced keyword research
  • Keyword mapping & focus strategy
  • On-site content & SEO optimization
  • URL structure optimization
  • SSL certificate check
  • Blogger outreach
  • Guest posting
  • Fixing broken links
  • Custom SEO strategy  
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Site speed optimization
  • Page Experience Evaluation 

E-commerce SEO

If your business is selling products and services, not only do you require a well designed website, but also a website users can navigate easily. Importantly, all practices that help search engines find your products and services and show them to the users need to be optimized. Few of these SEO parameters include: 

  • Competitor research
  • On-page optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Site speed optimization
  • Page Experience Evaluation 
  • SSL certificate check      
  • Fixing Lazy loading
  • Mobile-first indexing
  • Pagination
  • Duplicate content Check
  • URL structure optimization
  • Anchor text optimization
  • Fixing broken links

High Quality Link Building

Getting high quality backlinks for your website helps it get a higher authority and rank well. We focus on link building from your niche-based high domain authority websites to increase the trustworthiness, expertise and authority of your website. The SEO Company India team link building process involves:

  • Business Web 2.0 Creation
  • Branding Backlinks
  • Competitor’s Backlinks
  • Directory Links
  • Forum Links
  • Image Backlinks
  • Infographics Links
  • Guest Blogging on high DA websites
  • Local Business listings
  • PR (Press Release) 
  • Reviews & Comparisons
  • Video Submission

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Top SEO Agency India - SEO Experts Company India

How can SEO help my business?

SEO can help you get better visibility and improve your rankings making your website perform better. Online businesses can reach out to more customers and grow their businesses. All this with cost-effective SEO and ethical practices from a bunch of experts.

How will you give my website a good search ranking?

Having a good website ranking is essential for small businesses. We work to ensure that your investment in SEO yields good returns. Our digital marketing experts formulate a custom SEO strategy to achieve exceptional results in the coming time.

Will SEO need technical changes to my website? Will it change how my website looks?

We carry out an SEO audit to monitor technical SEO aspects. We check your website’s loading speed, mobile-friendliness, internal links optimization, installing SSL certificates to your website, and more. We will implement all the changes to enhance the overall appearance of your website.

How long will it take to show the SEO results? 

We suggest you allow us at least 3-4 months to start seeing SEO results. Generally, it might take 4-6 months before you start seeing desirable outcomes, which grow over time. It means that the results you get in the upcoming six months can be much better than things you get in the initial six months.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, you don’t need to sign any contract with us. We have a simple process to let clients choose an SEO package. You can stop using our services at any time if there are any lacunae in our services. Though this is a rare situation, expect. Moreover, our project managers are always available to answer your queries anytime.

Would you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

Yes. We are highly cautious to protect your rights and confidential information. So, every team member involved in your project signs an NDA to ensure that all your data we collect is used to enhance marketing and is safe. Or SEO Services India encompasses that your information is not disclosed to a third party unless you want it.

How will you communicate with me and tell me about the progress?

We welcome your suggestions and feedback and offer multiple channels for open communication. You can reach out to us via phone, chat, email, skype, or any other channel.

In what ways will you optimize content? 

We carry out the website audit whereby the SEO India team plans an effective SEO campaign involving the use and the generation of valuable content like blogs, articles, web copies, infographics, and more. Our writers are proficient in creating reader-friendly and valuable content.

Which keywords will you be targeting?

Doing keyword research helps us know how your potential customers think as you research your services and products. We study your niche and find foundation keywords and phrases for short-tail and long-tail keywords using the best search intent after figuring out the search intent.

Have you worked in my industry?

We have worked to improve SEO for your clients in different industries for more than 11 years. So, there are a lot of chances that we have already worked on SEO projects in your industry. But, we also know how to do thorough research for rare niches. Count on our team of diligent and hardworking individuals to give the best results for your project.

Can you help me with the local ranking?

Yes, we are local SEO experts carrying out research for the right target keywords while understanding your audience and how they search. Using due diligence helps us find out ways to get you leads for your local business listings, work on Google maps, and different parameters according to Google webmaster guidelines.

I want to get faster results with SEO. Can you help?

Few SEO campaigns can get faster outcomes, while others may show results slowly. Therefore, it's not possible to get SEO results before putting in 4-6 months of well-planned work for SEO. We work on trust signal issues and implement a custom SEO strategy to fix problems fast for results that come fast. However, patience for three months at the least is necessary.

What's included in your SEO strategy? Do you support existing SEO campaigns?

We have proven strategies to bring outstanding SEO results. But, we create a custom SEO strategy for your website as we conduct a website audit. Typically, we work to improve your site’s visibility, trustworthiness, and authority. Yes, we support existing SEO campaigns.

Can you help websites recover from Google Penalties?

It can take a long time to recover from penalties. But, we have developed a method to spot and recover various penalties Google is likely to apply to a website. Using the latest information and maintaining brand messaging in your content is necessary.

What are your charges and payment terms?

We follow ethical practices for SEO to ensure long-term outcomes with a tailored custom strategy. We follow Webmaster’s best practices to implement the right changes to your website in a highly cost-effective manner with upfront packages with no hidden costs to give you the best value for your investment.

Do you offer any Discounts?

Our partner companies which grow to $20,000 worth of their business with us, offer a free platinum package which means a direct 5% discount against the total amount spent. We also reward early payments with a discount. Talk to your Project Manager for more details to discover your chances of saving your money in these ways.

Will there be extra fees for work not in the marketing plan?

We begin your SEO campaign by posting a website audit and carving a well-thought-out SEO marketing plan. So, you can expect a holistic package of SEO services for your work. However, appropriate charges may apply if you require additional work. We strive to make things affordable and value-oriented for you at all steps.

Do you offer any kind of SEO guarantee?

Unfortunately, SEO does not come with any kind of guarantee. But, surely, with the right approach and consistent SEO efforts, you can see more quality traffic, better conversion rate, and higher ROI showing up, which is evident in 4 to 7 months in an SEO campaign.

What is included in an SEO campaign?

An SEO campaign involves a long-term strategy with many variable aspects such as keyword research, SEO analysis, link building, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization, among other considerations.

Do you have content writers that can write the content for our website?

We have a versatile team of digital marketing experts, including content writers, content editors, and content developers, who ensure you get valuable and optimized website content. Moreover, we love to get clues from you to turn your ideas into valuable opportunities.

Who will implement the recommendations on my site?

Every project gets a dedicated account manager for a website’s SEO campaign to keep a close eye on your project’s progress and give the right instructions for implementing SEO recommendations on your website. 

Are you doing white hat or black hat seo?

SEO Experts Company India is your white label SEO services outsourcing partner.  Following scientifically tested SEO techniques, we ensure the most ethical SEO practices complying with Google Webmaster’s Guidelines to make your website more user-friendly and visible to the search engine. 

How long does it take to achieve Top Rankings on Google?

SEO Experts Company India is a white label SEO services outsourcing partner. We follow scientifically tested and proven SEO techniques with the most ethical SEO practices which comply with Google Webmaster’s Guidelines. We focus on making your website more user-friendly and lovable for the search engine.

How will I know if the SEO strategies are working?

We send weekly and monthly SEO reports of your project’s SEO campaign to let you track progress. We have a dedicated account manager to keep you updated with a detailed account of how your project is going. Our team also analyzes how things improve further to give you higher visibility and ranking.

Why do my competitors rank higher than me on Google? What does it take to get to the top?

There may be various reasons your competitors can be ahead of you in Google rankings. For example, if they are already a well-established business and have a long-time running website. Or if your website has more relevant information for addressing users' queries with a well-optimized website and high-quality backlinks. It can also occur if they have worked hard to get on Yelp, have social media pages, and feature in business directories. 

We conduct competitor analysis and curate an effective SEO campaign to give you an edge over your competitors. Your website needs to be high on trustworthiness, authority, expertise signals, and user-friendly.

Collaborate with Dedicated Experts SEO Experts Company India (Best SEO

Company India)

Our SEO Services India team specializes in building customized campaigns that help you achieve results by implementing and executing a well-planned, strategized, and cost-effective SEO campaign. Our SEO Company India team comprises diverse specialists, including:

Copywriters and editors for producing optimized content for SEO campaigns and website projects.

Web designers with expertise in mobile-friendly design, CRO (conversion rate optimization), and UX (user experience as per most recent Google updates).

Ultimately, we help you build the brand identity and make SEO-critical site updates for better results.

During the first FREE consultation, we will extensively review your website and check its online presence in a competitive landscape to develop the most accurate solutions per your business requirements. Contact us today at [email protected] to get more traffic and sales.

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