Affordable Monthly SEO Packages

We also offer Custom SEO Packages Monthly in case our Standard Packages don’t suit.

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Search Engine optimization India has become very popular globally. Many business owners still continue to follow the primitive marketing methods and refrain from going digital. Well, they have their own reasons, but one reason behind this is that they think that an in house SEO would cost them a lot on maintenance. This reason can easily be void by outsourcing the SEO services and taking a budget-friendly SEO package monthly if you have an idea of how much does seo cost. A good SEO company has custom seo cost to provide quality SEO services from low to high costs. So, there is no need to stay away from much required search engine optimisation and outsource all your SEO related work to best SEO company India.

In recent times, the SEO companies in India have secured a good position in the world’s digital marketing. Many firms from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. frequently outsource their digital marketing needs to the SEO company in India as outsourcing gives them many benefits such as affordability, great optimisation, best SEO services, reliability, and custom made SEO monthly packages, plans and pricing.

SEO Experts Company India is an offshore SEO firm in India that has expertise in technical, link building, relevant keyword analysis, onsite SEO and many more important strategies. Our team is hyper-creative in analyzing and determining the required SEO strategies. We have successfully delivered all of our SEO projects and this is the core strength that makes us adapt to the Google Algorithm Updates and keep our clients safe.

We have monthly SEO packages suit the needs of all the businesses and made in a way to provide best SEO services. All the low and high cost packages ensure quality with productivity.


Dr. Rangana Chaudhary

Business Owner

"With their most affordable and budget friendly SEO packages I have saved a lot of my time, money and resources"


James Holloman


"As far as SEO pricing and plans are concerned, SEO Experts Company India has the best packages with suitable pricing"

Monthly SEO Packages by SEO Experts Company India

These monthly search engine optimization packages are pre designed to give our customers a look into the type of services they require with the  monthly SEO plans and packages that suit them the best. We aim at keeping everything transparent with our clients especially the money matters, so you know where and why you are paying.

Our SEO Services Pricing Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

In how much time can I see the results coming?

The actual time can not be depicted prior any analysis. We first need to carry out a thorough analysis on your website to evaluate the weak areas. After this, we shall be able to share an estimate on time with you.

How will I know my progress?

After initial analysis, we will share an estimated time and the relevant keywords in focus. We will also share the weekly and monthly reports with you to keep you in touch. You may ask for even more frequent reports if you want.

What if we part ways?

We strive hard to provide success to all of our clients and boost their business. Still, if in any case you plan to withdraw, you will still have access to all the accounts that we created for you.

Will SEO help to boost my business?

Yes! SEO is a planned strategy that finds out the most optimal keywords searched by your target customers and works on them. A SEO will help you rank higher and be found over the search engines.

Do you have a NDA for the Projects?

As a SEO partner, we understand your brand value and importance of keeping the confidential data hidden from the prey eyes. Signing a NDA is a part and parcel of our project acquisition. We ensure that the confidential data is always secure.

Will you promote my business on social media?

Social media marketing is not majorly a part of SEO. You can take a customized package to include social media marketing in your SEO campaign.