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Our client has a CBD online store specializing in premium organic CBD-infused skincare and wellness products. Their site had low website traffic and minimal online visibility. After analyzing their site, we came to know that SEO issues were getting in the way of their progress. 

In this case study, we will show you how our CBD SEO Services increased the organic traffic for their store by 180% with effective SEO techniques.


We kicked off in May 2021, and even though the website looked good and was easy to use, but there were fewer sales. After digging in, we found out why:

1. Target Keywords: The keyword selection wasn’t optimal. For example, they aimed for the “CBD pain relief” keyword for their lotion products but faced challenges in ranking. Major advertising platforms have strict restrictions on such phrases, preventing effective visibility. They had 80 similar keywords, and only 35 were ranking due to these limitations.

2. Low Backlink Profile: There were fewer backlinks for their CBD website. We found only 45 links from other domains, which were not sufficient for building authority in SERPs.  

3. Absence of Blog Page: The blog content page was missing, causing the site to miss out on valuable opportunities. Organic traffic and audience engagement were lower as a result.

Our Approach

We have identified the causes, and it was time to fix them. Our SEO team was ready with their CBD SEO strategy to take the business to the next level.  It took us a few months, but finally, we achieved what we wanted from the beginning, and the following steps helped us a lot. 

1. For keyword optimization, we relied on comprehensive intent-driven keyword research, including different types of keywords–short-tail, long-tail, and semantically related keyword phrases. Additionally, we explored creative ways to promote their CBD products, like content marketing to improve online visibility.

2.We used Google Search Operators to find relevant CBD targets. Then, we created personalized outreach email templates for CBD industry prospects and implemented a follow-up strategy. This helped us with a 55% increase in reply rate and an 80% open rate for CBD guest posting. This way, we established authority for the CBD brand.

3. We established a dedicated blog page where we consistently publish high-quality and helpful content, posting a minimum of 10 articles per month, each optimized for SEO. To enhance user engagement, we have incorporated a comment section and compelling calls-to-action (CTAs), resulting in improved traffic. Blogging enabled us to create content that resonates with the CBD community.


increased revenue results for cbd client(Google Analytics Screenshot)

We regularly updated our client with monthly SEO, online visibility, and keyword ranking reports, and after 9 months of implementing smart SEO tactics, our efforts started yielding results in the form of conversions. 

  • Website Traffic: 118,198 (⬆️180%)
  • Transactions: 3344
  • Sales Revenue: US $629,695.74


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