Boosted Revenue by 3X for a Jacket-Selling Store in 9 Months

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Our client sells snowboarding jackets in the USA and operates their website through the WooCommerce platform. Their store offers high-quality products related to snowboarding. However, despite having a well-designed website for over two years, they had not received a satisfactory response from their target audience. Despite the good user interface, the website is not generating the desired traffic and conversions.

With this, they approached us for the optimization of their store in January 2022. Here is the list of objectives they wanted to achieve for their store:

  • Boost in organic traffic.
  • Improvement in Search Engine Rankings.
  • Maximize sales for the store.

Challenges Encountered

After partnering with the store, we analyzed the website was designed well, but there were slight loopholes. We discussed them with their developer, and then, after ensuring the fixation of those issues, it was our turn to detect SEO-related problems hampering the website’s growth.

1. Limited Product Visibility: Specific snowboarding jacket product pages were not discoverable on Google, which implies that they were not indexed.

2. Mobile Optimization: Images and other visual elements were not optimized for mobile users, which was the biggest mistake and, the checkout process was not simplified as well.

3. Unlocalized Content: The store lacked localization efforts for its content and that was why losing potential traffic.

Solutions-How We Used Our Approach

Now, it was our turn to address the identified challenges. Our all three teams SEO, Copywriting, and Link Building team made strategies and was ready to execute effective steps. 

We are going to discuss the solutions that helped us achieve the desired results here. Also, half a share of our success goes to the premium tools we used, which efficiently measured the SEO performance.

1. Product Page Optimization

  • Title, description, images and CTAs, all were made eye-catching that too, with keywords used by target audiences. This increased relevancy to search engines as well as users.
  • Meta descriptions for snowboarding jackets were kept brief and ensured they contained targeted keywords. 

2. Category Page Optimization

  • On category pages, structure, titles, description and filters were optimized and made target keyword-rich. 
  • The tags that we were updating were created keeping in mind the snowboarding players and warm clothing seekers.

3. Core Pages Optimization

Just like product and category pages, optimization of core pages was significant. So, we fine-tuned elements on the Homepage, About Us page, FAQs and Support pages.

4. Perfected URLs

We enhanced URLs further to make search engines understand the store’s content. Moreover, to address the duplicate content issues, we used canonical tags to specify the preferred version of a page to search engines. This made Google clear which URL should be considered the authoritative one.

5. Responsive Website

Images were optimized to give a seamless user experience across all devices, whether a desktop or a mobile. This step also contributed to the increased speed of the site.

6. Simplified Checkout Process

The number of steps involved in the checkout process was reduced. This helped the store in lowering cart abandonment rates.

7. Local SEO

To cover traffic from physical store regions, we optimized the Google My Business profile for each location. Also, utilized location-based keywords in product descriptions and meta tags.

8. Robust Content Strategy

We covered long-tail keywords through blog posts and articles. This helped us build topical authority in SERPs. Moreover, evergreen content related to snowboarding helped us generate the opportunity for improved web visibility even for the future.


After 1 year, we had phenomenal results for the site:

google analytic result

  • Organic Traffic: 57%
  • Transactions: 3,395
  • Sales Revenue: US$1,500,629

How to Work With Us

If you want us to execute the SEO campaign for your ecommerce store, learn more about working with us here. We have both standard and custom ecommerce seo services packages to cater your needs.


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