Boosted Organic Traffic by 145% for a Pharma E-Store in 9 months


Our client deals with pharmaceutical products in the US. They have been serving 15 states of the country for 10 years. But, when they entered the digital world, they were not getting the same success as they were witnessing in the traditional market. Comparatively, smaller brands were making more sales. 

They also hired an SEO company earlier, but couldn’t experience any significant changes in results Then, they contacted us with the following objectives in mind:

  • Increase organic traffic.
  • Improve search engine rankings for key pharmaceutical products.
  • Boost conversion rates for online sales.


We collaborated with the pharma store in April 2022. After a thorough analysis, we figured out the following issues impeding the store’s organic growth.

1. Slow Page Load Speed: The images used for showing pharma products and medicines on the site were not compressed, and due to heavy-sized visuals, the page load speed was 8 seconds. The site could not retain users and low speed was contributing to a high bounce rate.

2. Low Backlink Profile: The store had a low backlink profile, which was impacting the site’s authority and visibility on the search engines. The DA score was recorded as 35. The site was ranking good but for less competitive keywords.

3. Local SEO Challenges: As the store was serving 15 states but hadn’t optimized GMB (Google My Business) profile for each place, and due to this, they were losing valuable traffic and conversion rate opportunities online.

Our Approach

After identifying the challenges, we were ready with our tried and tested SEO strategies. Within 8 months, we were getting favorable results and the following steps helped us in achieving so.

1. Image Optimization

We optimized the store’s images by using image optimization tools like AVADA SEO & Image Optimizer. Here are the steps that we followed:

  • We reduced the file size of images without disturbing their quality by implementing lossy image compression method. 
  • All the product page images were compressed as square shaped with dimensions- 2048*2048.
  • The right image names (with proper image descriptions) were updated for every product on the site.
  • Image sitemaps were created to help search engines discover and index store images.
  • Thumbnails of the store’s products were optimized as these catch the maximum attention of users.

2. Link Building

Building an authoritative link profile for a pharma site requires a strategic approach. In medical cases, people only believe in trustworthy and relevant websites. To make our client’s site a credible source, we took the following steps:

  • We wanted to increase the backlink count but decided to do it gradually. So, every month, increased the backlinks by 20.
  • Instead of targeting the homepage only, we diversified our link targets to different pages of the store.
  • The anchor text for every backlink was different. This helped us maintain annotations, increasing links’ relevancy to search engines.


The whole campaign lasted for 9 months. However, meanwhile, we updated our client with monthly performance reports and significant KPIs. The results, after implementing smart SEO tricks, yielded the following results:

google analytic result

  • Website Traffic Increase: 145%.
  • Sales Revenue: $2.5 Million.
  • 39 key products on the first page of Google.

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Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh
Founder & CEO

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