SEO for Bankruptcy Lawyers – Everything You Need to Know

Every year, more than 350K bankruptcies are filed in the United States (in 2021, there were 399,269 cases). Only a few thousand bankruptcy lawyers across the USA take care of these cases.

Why am I telling you these statistics? It is because these stats reveal 2 things:

  1. There are ample numbers of cases for attorneys for bankruptcy cases.
  2. Since an adequate number of lawyers and law firms are available for people, the competition is also high.

How can your law firm overcome this kind of competition to secure as many bankruptcy cases as possible? 

For bankruptcy lawyers, the solution is embracing digital marketing or internet marketing, particularly law firm SEO. So, if you have questions about search engine optimization and how it works for attorneys, keep reading.

An Introduction To Bankruptcy Law firm SEO

If you are not knowledgeable about search engine optimization for attorneys, lawyers, or law firms, don’t worry!

 It refers to a set of methods that help your website and GBP (Google Business Profile) reach the top of organic results in Google’s and other search engines’ result pages (SERPs). 

If you are in the top-ranking SERPs results for bankruptcy lawyers, you are likely to be seen by the users visiting Google and searching for attorneys and law agencies offering services for bankruptcy cases. 

What’s Different About SEO for Bankruptcy Attorneys?

As a professional attorney with a particular area of expertise, such as personal injury law, you cannot accept all types of cases but only those related to your particular area of expertise.

Similarly, search engine optimization methods differ in that they are conceived, planned, and implemented.

In plain language, a  strategy that will work for a personal injury lawyer to climb organic search rankings will essentially be different for an attorney who works on bankruptcy cases. 

Many factors play a role in it:

  1. The exact location of your law agency and the demography you want to target.
  2. The number of competitors in the area you are targeting.
  3. The present state of your content and keywords in your content. 
  4. Keywords you would want to target.
  5. The current condition of the web vitals of your website (Speed,  dead links, privacy measures, UX design, etc.)
  6. The present ranking and other demographic factors like the population at the location you are targeting.
  7. The number of queries generated for “bankruptcy lawyers and other related keywords  “ from the location you are targeting. 

The Critical Elements of Law Firm SEO for Bankruptcy Attorneys

The factors that will aid your rise to a higher position in organic searches are the same as those typically used in general lawyer search engine optimization techniques. 

However, each element’s strategy creation,  planning, execution, and a component may differ. So what are these elements? Read ahead:

1. High-Performance Websites That Please Both Search Engines and Your Visitors

The website is like your online office that shows what you know and can do for your clients. If your website cannot perform at the expected level and users do not find it user-friendly and experience sluggishness, they will leave your page. 

 Here is the information that is gathered when an SEO audit is done for bankruptcy law firm website

  1. Speed: One of the most basic requirements to rank on Google is having a functional and speedy website for your law firm. It is critical for search engine optimization since no one likes to get stuck on a web page that struggles to load quickly. 
  2. Mobile Friendly: More than 60% of your client via attorney SEO campaign will come from clients who came across your website while using their smartphones. Therefore m, it is super important that your website works flawlessly on mobile phone browsers.
  3. User-Friendly Navigation: No one wants to spend minutes finding the information they are looking for in the maze of pages. The website should be easy to navigate from the site visitors’ point of view so that they do not feel lost when they search for anything related to bankruptcy law on your site.
  4. Appealing Look: When someone advises you to keep your website’s navigation simple, it doesn’t mean you compromise in terms of the looks of your website. At the end of the day, you will want your website to look better than your rivals’; therefore, there is no harm in experimenting with visual elements such as fonts,  photos, colors, themes, and videos used on its web pages. UX design plays a vital role in it.
  1. High level of security: Since providing legal services is a serious and responsible profession, your website should adhere to and maintain the required level of privacy and security standards.
  2. Well connected internally: All pages on your website should have a hierarchy of their respective position so that users and crawlers can n understand the whole website without issue 
  3. Devoid of technical issues: Having errors in the coding, not having proper 404 pages, many dead pages, and unknowledgeable use of robot text files ( robots.txt file tells crawlers where they are allowed to crawl)  slow down SEO; therefore, you need to eliminate them.

A technical website audit will reveal vital facts about your bankruptcy law firm’s website performance, and it looks something like this:

2. Keywords That Help Boost SEO for Bankruptcy Lawyers

In any type of specialized law firm or attorney SEO, the role of the keywords is more significant than any other element. 

To be successful in search engine optimization, keywords are vital. 

If you don’t know what keywords are, you should know that they are simply the queries that users of search engines enter in the form of words, enabling the search engine to understand the queries and return results relevant to the user’s query.

For example, a user looking for a bankruptcy lawyer may enter the following  keywords:

“Bankruptcy lawyer in Dallas,”

“ Attorneys for bankruptcy cases near me,“ or

“Cheap lawyers for bankruptcy cases “

Cheap Lawyers

Or they search for information related to your specialization, such as

Is bankruptcy a good  option”

“What exactly is bankruptcy, and  how damaging is it to your overall credit score?”

“What do bankruptcy lawyers charge?”

In summary, there are thousands of different types and variations of keywords.

However, this does not prevent you from determining which keywords to target. There are many tools by which you can get an idea about the top listed competitors’ keywords, and you can look for opportunities for yourself. Moreover, you can find useful keywords that still need to be targeted. 

Some of the most useful tools for carrying out keyword analysis are:

  1. Google Keyword planner
  2. SEMRush
  3. Ahrefs 
  4. Google Trends 
  5. UberSuggest

3. Content That is Helpful for Users and Helps Your Law Firm’s SEO  Campaign

Optimized content is the most important pillar of your search engine optimization campaign for your law firm. Your website should ideally be like a knowledge hub.

Consider the website of a bankruptcy attorney as an example. Online users visit Google to find answers to various questions about bankruptcy attorneys, including:

“What are Chapters 7 and  13 in bankruptcy, and which is suitable for me?”

“Will I lose my car or other vehicles if I file a bankruptcy case in my state in the USA?”

“Bankruptcy sounds bad! “Are there any pros if I go bankrupt?”

“Will I have to pay anything to my creditors after my bankruptcy?”

These may seem like basic queries. But the truth is that these queries present opportunities to improve your SEO

You can create content around these questions to help your law firm gain visibility among your target audience and on search engines.

Aside from being relevant, another important quality of ideal content is that it is useful and actionable. 

Google wants you to produce helpful and actionable content, so every piece of content you produce must be created with 100% effort.

Your content should offer solutions and show first-hand experience of using the product or service you write about. 

If you simply take content from various sources on the internet and juggle it to create average content high on SEO ingredients (keywords), it is likely; it will not work for you.

Because of this, you need qualified writers who have experience creating content for bankruptcy law firms.

4. Reputable Backlinks to Improve SEO for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Backlinks from other websites that point toward your site are necessary to boost your search engine optimization strategy. 

According to Google, backlinks are critical because their presence is one of the key ranking factors. At the same time, it has made it clear that anyone who generates spammy links or links using blackhat techniques may get punished.

Search engine optimization is full of labor-intensive tasks, and earning quality backlinks is one of them.

 To earn a quality backlink from a reputable website, you may have to contact them, write a piece of content, and publish it. Additionally, you must analyze your own backlinks and those of your competitors. 

Every SEO campaign prioritizes backlinks because each earned backlink acts as a vote for your site. They tell Google that your site is worthy of getting top organic search rankings.

What is Local SEO for Bankruptcy Lawyers?

Lawyers should pay particular attention to local SEO, one type of search engine optimization.

Google allows businesses and professionals to create GBPs (Google business profiles); these listings appear at the top of Google Maps results and serve as business cards. 

Your office address, operating times, phone number, service descriptions, images, and video are all displayed. Additionally, users can leave reviews and star ratings for businesses (here, your law firm ) that appear in Google business profiles. 

Google typically displays results within a radius of 3 to 5 miles of the user’s current location. 

As an attorney or law firm offering bankruptcy services to clients looking to hire you, you already know that most of your clients will be from nearby areas. And if you don’t have an optimized local GBP listing, forget about beating your competitors.

So what is required to optimize your GBP listing? Here are a few tips to help you:

Have accurate information about your address, contact number, and email id.

Check if  GBP displays the correct geographical location on Google maps.

Add elaborative and convincing descriptions of your services and solutions; if possible, use keywords. 

Use attractive photos and videos to increase your trustworthiness

This one is important – you need to get as many reviews as possible. reviews are critical for your bankruptcy law firm to get leads and calls. So, be upfront with your existing clients that you want them to leave reviews.

Put on information in the description of your GBP about the events, discounts, offers,  etc., or any important piece of information that can help you win the trust of your prospective, existing, and past clients.

The Function of Citations and Review Sites for Local SEO for Bankruptcy Lawyers

Citations are crucial for a law firm looking to establish credibility and visibility for local SEO on Google.  Let us first define citations before discussing why they are so important.

There are a ton of websites for yellow pages and local directories present on the internet. If your company does not appear on those websites, people looking to hire a bankruptcy attorney will have difficulty finding you.

In addition, if your rivals have more listings than you do, this is another aspect of SEO that you can control but aren’t concentrating on. 

The activities of uploading or entering your business’s name, address, and contact details (including email ) are called citations in search engine optimization on online directories and yellow pages services. 

You should place your name in online directories all over the internet so that Google can recognize your law firm as credible.

In addition to the citation, bankruptcy attorneys should concentrate on review websites like Yelp, Avvo, Martindale-Hubbell, etc. 

These websites are significant from a lawyer’s SEO perspective because Google users frequently visit them. and leave reviews. 

Once more, it is not a good strategy not to have a professional listing on a review site when your rivals do.

How Important Are Professional SEO Services for Bankruptcy Law Firms?

If you arrived here while reading, you would have some idea that search engine optimization depends on finishing several time-consuming and research-intensive tasks.  

And you will need professional SEO experts, website designers and developers, graphic designers, content writers, and more to complete such tasks.

Additionally, SEO experts ideally should have experience with and keep up with changes to the Google algorithm and newly released updates all the time. 

Moreover, it is not possible for lawyers to keep their focus on search engine optimization all the time since their areas of expertise demand a focus on serving clients.

Thus, if you, as a law firm, make SEO your prime focus, you may lose focus on the most important aspect of your profession, i.e., serving clients.

Therefore, hiring a law firm SEO agency is always a step in the right direction. 

Why Do Bankruptcy Lawyers Need a Professional Law Firm SEO Company?

A professional search engine optimization service will focus on all the elements we have discussed earlier in this post, which include:

Review your website so that it performs well in terms of speed, UX design, and mobile phone optimization.

Improve your local SEO by optimizing your GBP, citations, and review site listings.

Creating and improving content for your website increases the authority and credibility of your law firm in the eyes of search engines and potential clients.

Analysis of your competitors, especially their keywords, and create a strategy to attract high-quality leads for your bankruptcy law firm

Find ways to increase the number of reviews on your GBP and review site.

Loo at Googler trends to find new opportunities for SEO in the targeted demography. 

Make sure that GBP is filled with attractive images and videos, and never miss out on the opportunity to let the target users know if you are offering any discount or conducting a session for your clients.

Find ways to increase reviews on your Google Business page and review sites. 

The above-explained activities provide an overview of the actions that an SEO service for lawyers generally carries out.

 You can expect a high ranking on Google SERPs and a steady flow of leads via organic traffic if done correctly.

How Does SEO Experts Company India Go About SEO for Bankruptcy Lawyers?

Our approach to developing a successful SEO campaign for lawyers heavily relies on analysis and research. We have experts who are pioneers in their respective fields and don’t compromise with the procedures. 

In short,  as a responsible SEO agency for bankruptcy lawyers, we don’t believe in the shortcut approach or blackhat techniques.

Furthermore, we trust our processes to create a step-by-step approach for your law, and each client’s strategy is unique. Furthermore, we do not cut corners on quality and use paid tools for analysis and SEO strategy creation and implementation.

Additionally, we ensure that the client’s ideas and suggestions are always considered, and they can always get 24-hour support for their respective law firm’s SEO campaign. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO a  better option for bankruptcy lawyers than PPC?

Deciding between PPC and SEO or using both depends on your lead generation goals and short- and long-term objectives. If you are a new law firm looking to get clients immediately and your financial resources are sound, then PPC can be a viable option.

But a successful SEO campaign is always a better option in the long run than PPC since 90% of people visiting don’t click on ads ( as per many surveys). And moreover, you can employ a  hybrid approach of PPC and search engine optimization for your 

Are reviews important for search engine optimization?

Google reviews given by your clients or other internet users are particularly important from a local SEO point of view. Moreover, users’ reviews on different sites are equally important.

Can your SEO service for bankruptcy lawyers produce overnight results?

Search engine optimization takes time to produce results; if we claim to produce overnight results, we will not be honest with you. Since it takes lots of labor hours, research, analysis, and efforts to create engaging and unique content, the results usually take time to become visible. 

Shall I give up on PPC once I start search engine optimization for my bankruptcy law firm?

No, it depends on many factors, such as your business’s current state, budget, and goals. Giving up on PPC is not advisable for every law firm because it has its own advantages. You can also use both methods to increase the number of clients for your law agency.  

If you need a consultation regarding your law business, we advise you to give us a call or drop us an email. 

How long does it take for SEO for a bankruptcy attorney to produce results?

No definite timeline can be set that tells if an SEO campaign will start producing consistent results after “x” number of days, weeks, or months.

You need to be patient and generally wait at least 2 to 3 months to see initial signs that it is working as per your expectations. A good SEO strategy, if it is good, will start producing desired results after 6 months, and some might even take up to 1 year as well.

But all this patience is worth it because the results will be long-lasting, and you don’t need to pay for leads to Google as it happens in PPC.

What fees must we pay to retain you as our bankruptcy attorney SEO service?

There isn’t a set budget that we offer to clients with legal backgrounds for our SEO services. As a bankruptcy lawyer, you can contact us, and we will get back to you with a comprehensive outline for the search engine optimization for your law firm, and we assure you that we offer the most competitive rates, 

Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh
Founder & CEO

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