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We Provide SEO Services for Law Firms that Generates Higher Rankings, Quality Leads for Lawyers and Attorneys


Are you looking for focused and result-oriented law firm SEO services for lawyers that bring in more clients for your practice?

Choosing us will always benefit you, and we are not suggesting this just because we want you to be our client! 

Yes, that is one of the motives.

However, the main reason is that we know how most SEO companies for lawyers just talk or make big claims but don’t produce results. 

They don’t follow and embrace Google guidelines and updates like we do. And more importantly, they don’t go about creating the SEO strategy for attorneys and lawyers, keeping your targeted audience in focus, but we do!

Boost Traffic

We harness our proficiency into a creative and well formed technique that attracts more consumers and businesses towards your law firm website.

First Page Rankings

We work in a well analyzed and calculated way that not just takes you to a higher ranking for your lawyers site, but also maintains your presence on Google Page 1.

More Clients & Cases

A higher ranking and well formulated process is sure to get you more leads . This is where you actually start your success story.


Table of Content

  1. What Is an Attorney or Law Firm’s SEO?
  2. Get to know  SEO Work For Law Firms
  3. Why Would You Need A Professional Lawyer Or Attorney SEO Services? 
  4. How do you go about keyword research?
  5. The Role Of Local SEO For A Successful Law Firm SEO Campaign
  6. Ingredients Of A Successful Strategy For Local SEO For Lawyers? 
  7. Why you should seriously consider working with a law firm SEO company 
  8. How to get in touch with us to hire us as your law firm’s SEO company 

What Is an Attorney or Law Firm’s SEO?

SEO, an abbreviation for search engine optimization, is a process by which a web page (blog page, website home page, or informational page) ranks in the organic result of the search result pages in any particular search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

By applying the same criteria, you can look at lawyer SEO as a way to get websites or GBP (Google Business Page) related to attorneys or law firms on the first page of search results pages and in the top positions for organic searches.

By appearing in the top organic results, law firms can get quality leads that can result in conversions and earn a higher number of clients.

You Must Be Thinking, “Does SEO Work For Law Firms?”

Of course, you’ll wonder if search engine optimization for lawyers and attorneys yields the desired results. 

According to data from various studies and surveys, the answer is “yes.”

A report published by  GroupM UK and Nielsen reveals that only 6% of users click on paid ads, and the rest (94%) click on organic figures. 

Another study by Backlinko reveals only 0.60% of users on Google look at the second page of SERPs, and the rest click (more than 99%) on the result appearing at the top. 

In short, appearing in the top results on the first page will bring you targeted traffic(with the help of keywords), quality leads, and phone calls.


Some More Grounds For You To Consider Hiring A Professional Law Firm SEO Company

You’ll be surprised to learn that search engines are used by more than 90% of people looking for legal services or information.

Moreover, you should know that more than 70% of these people look to hire a lawyer.

Another vital piece of information is that organic searches can produce better results than social media marketing.

Combining all the information we have covered, it is simple to see how choosing search engine optimization can change the game for any individual attorney or law firm.

However, search engine optimization can be complex and requires professional skill and experience. Thus, working with a professional SEO company that offers services to law firms is necessary.

Know How SEO Works For Law Firms and individual  lawyers 

If you are unsure how search engine optimization (SEO) works for legal professionals, you need not stress!  

Understanding SEO for lawyers is simple but tough to implement (this is why you need professionals). 

The next four points mentioned below are essential when using search engines or trying to gain clients as a lawyer.

Online Presence On Search Engines

Google, the world’s most widely used search engine, encourages companies and professionals such as lawyers to create and list their websites on it.

However, if they don’t have a website, a “Google BusinessPage(GBP)” listing is the minimum requirement for many companies and professionals, including lawyers, to appear in search results. 

But we want every client of ours to have a website. If you don’t already have one, we can design and develop one for you that will perform more effectively than you expect.

Knowing Your Target Audience 

You might believe that knowing your target audience is crucial only in marketing and promotions. But they are equally more critical in the world of SEO for lawyers. You will get clients through searchers, and those searches come from all types of people. 

Understanding how to target (via keywords) and becoming visible to specific search queries to increase client acquisition is crucial. 

In SEO, these queries are termed “keywords.” To simplify things, a few natural queries a Google user might search for are

  1. Best lawyer near me 
  2. Expert lawyers near me 
  3. Affordable lawyer in —— (city)
  4. Expert attorney near me 
  5. The best attorney for finance case
  6. A family lawyer with the best pricing: 

There can be hundreds of keywords on Google, but with deep analysis and using keyword analysis by using Google Keyword Planner or a paid tool like Aherfs, you can find out which ones can be great for you in terms of winning clients. 

Top Position In The Search Results.

It is the most crucial part of SEO, and the whole search engine optimization process focuses on two aims:

  1.  Being highly ranked in search engine results 
  2. Bringing in lead-generating, high-quality traffic. 

 As stated before, keywords play a huge role in achieving a high ranking. And as an expert law firm SEO agency, we use optimized content with the right keywords.

However, adding the keyword alone won’t improve your position in Google or other search engines. Websites need high-quality content and, as online entities, must convince the search engine’s algorithm that they benefit its users. 

But how to convince Google?

Google has outlined several Google Webmaster Guidelines and regularly disseminates information via various channels to let individuals, businesses, and digital marketers know what is expected of them.

 By choosing an experienced law firm SEO service, you can take advantage of their knowledge and develop a plan to hasten your progress toward a top Google ranking.


Bringing In Leads – In The Form Of Enquiring Clients 

You want to have a large client base as a legal professional or firm. But winning new clients is not always easy, especially for lawyers, where your next client could come from anywhere, and competition is always intense. 

So, how do you find that client?  Most importantly, your prospective client should know that you exist and are trustworthy. 

It is possible via the creation and implementation of an effective SEO strategy by an experienced law firm SEO agency. 

Search engine optimization strategies for attorneys increase your visibility in organic and local search results before people looking to hire attorneys or lawyers by visiting Google.


Why Would You Need A Professional Lawyer Or Attorney SEO Services? 


Law Firm SEO Brings Free Organic Traffic.

According to numerous studies and surveys, only 15% to 20% of users click on paid advertisement results; the remaining users prefer to go to web pages with organic results.

Organic traffic can be a boon for your business since you don’t have to pay anything for it compared to advertisements.

Google users prefer web page results that appear in organic SERPs, so organic traffic has a definite advantage over PPC (pay per click) ads and other forms of paid ads. 

SEO Services For Lawyers Elevate Engagement.

As a lawyer or law agency, building engagement increases trust and authority in the users’ eyes. It builds trust in your offered solutions and services and increases quality traffic, translating into more client acquisitions. 

Therefore, how do you create an effective SEO campaign for lawyers? The answer lies in creating “People First Content” rather than “Algorithm First Content,” which we will discuss ahead.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

SEO for lawyers’ campaigns shares the same goal as all other advertising campaigns: to put clients ahead of their rivals. 

By analyzing competitors, websites, content, and other elements, you can forge a strategy for you to get ahead and sustain your lead over them. 


Reduce Your Advertising Budget With law firm SEO  services.

Once your SEO campaign starts to generate the desired results of generating quality leads, you’ll probably start cutting back on your ad spending.

Another plus point is that, unlike paid ads that stop producing leads once you put them on pause, SEO campaigns can still produce consistent and continuous leads even if you put them on pause.



How To Pick A Top Law Firm SEO Company?

 As we’ve been saying, choosing an SEO company that provides services to lawyers and attorneys will help you outrank your rivals and rank highly in Google search engine result pages.  

Naturally, you will be thinking about how to find and select a particular SEO company for your law firm that is just right for you.

Researching your options and identifying your requirements are advised before selecting an SEO firm.

Additionally, it will allow you to assess how the chosen agency will assist you, which is important because it’s a choice that will significantly impact your company’s success.

Some other questions you can analyze are as follows. 

  • Which geography location do you want the target?  
  • The state of your current website and  GBP 
  • Specialization of  professionals working in your law firm
  • Do you want to focus preliminarily on local SEO?
  • What is your budget for SEO, and how many branches does your law firm currently have?
  • Will you focus only on organic searches, on will you be blending paid ad campaigns as well?
  • Your goals are long-term or short-term.
  • And More 

All of the aforementioned factors need to be taken under consideration when choosing which SEO company to work with for your campaign. 

 An analysis of these actors can assist you in selecting the top SEO agency for lawyers offering your law firm’s SEO solutions.

You must remember that not every SEO company working for lawyers can help you with your endeavors.  And since you want to get the maximum number of leads from your SEO campaign, you should consider an agency’s experience, skill, budget, and other discussed factors before selecting it.


The Role Of Local SEO For A Successful Law Firm SEO Campaign

Local SEO is the combination of methods by which a business or professional appears in the top map results on Google SERPs. It is important not to neglect this aspect of search engine optimization from a law firm or attorney’s point of view.

Users rely on the local map (local pack) search results to find businesses nearby and contact them immediately. Therefore, with the success of the campaign of local SEO for law firms, you can expect a higher number of phone calls for your practice.

Additionally, GMB results include your contact details, office hours, reviews, and service descriptions to make it easier for customers to get in touch with you and learn more about your company. Additionally, local SEO is significant in terms of increasing engagement. Additionally, local SEO is significant in terms of increasing engagement. 


What Are The Ingredients Of A Successful Strategy For Local SEO For Lawyers? 

A successful local search engine optimization strategy for any profession demands deep analysis, research, and dedicated efforts. 

GBP(Google Business Profile) Creation:

The most crucial element of local SEO and a solid foundation is Google Business Profile, also known as Google My Business. 

 Your GBP listing helps you appear in the top map results on Google. It works as your business card, showing your firm name, address, location on the map, and contact number. 

However, there is more to just putting the information together while creating a winning GBP profile. As a professional law firm SEO agency, we deliver on this through our experienced professionals. 

Consistency Across The Internet

Since your information is published across various platforms, including your website, social media pages, GMB, classified ads, etc.

You must therefore keep your name, phone number, address, and email address current and consistent everywhere you publish them on the net. 

Optimize Your Landing Pages And Website

To build credibility and authority, all content created on your behalf should ideally be created with a “People First Approach.” 

However, at the same time, one needs to focus on the keywords related to your field, especially the long-tail ones, so that high-volume organic traffic can bring quality leads.

Our decade of experience handling various types of attorneys’ and lawyers’ SEO puts us in good stead to manage your website and GBP SEO.

Reviews Management 

The high number of positive reviews helps boost your ranking as an attorney or lawyer in the local pack results. Undoubtedly, customer reviews influence customers’ or clients’ choices to buy a good or service.

Encouraging users to leave reviews, responding to negative reviews, and creating an online experience that leads to earning a high number of positive reviews can increase your visibility and ranking in local search engine optimization.

Schemas Markup 

Taking advantage of Schema Markup can help improve click-through rotation and generate more leads. Not sure what Schema Markupor or structure data is in local search engine optimization? No worries! 

 It refers to adding microdata or semantic vocabulary to tags that aid search engines in better comprehending the content of your page.

Additionally, it helps Google understand the content on any web page better and present that web page to users in the form of snippets on the search engine result pages. 

Taking help from expert law firm SEO services can help you with Schema Markup optimization. 

Leverage All Your Media And Organic Mentions.

To position yourself as a leading lawyer or attorney, you must be active on social media, garner natural mentions, and engage in online local communities. 

It helps with local search visibility and unquestionably increases engagement. 

Keywords Research That Brings In Quality Traffic And Leads 

Any campaign to increase your website’s search visibility or Google Business Profile ranking without in-depth keyword research is likely to fail.  But with us, your SEO campaign for attorneys and lawyers is in safe hands. 

It would be best to use implicit and explicit keywords to personalize your campaign and increase your visibility before search engineers.

Finding and Using implicit and explicit keywords depends on factors such as search volume, keyword difficulty, competition level, etc. 

The most crucial thing to watch out for is selecting the right keywords. 

You can rely on a professional law firm’s SEO services to identify the keywords that strike the ideal balance between producing high-quality leads and improving user experience.

Eliminating All Technical Issues On Your Website To Increase Ranking 

Your website is the central point of the whole campaign, and if it is not optimized, the whole campaign for any law firm’s SEO is likely to fail.

You put a lot of effort into making sure you don’t overlook anything about your website, including the following elements:

  • Website speed
  • UX Design 
  • Meta title and descriptions 
  • Linking structure of web pages
  • Images and tags related to them
  • Mobile-friendliness 
  • Spammy links removal 
  • And More 

Create People Friendly Content That Helps You Win New Clients Consistently:

Any successful SEO campaign that increases your website’s visibility in search engines relies heavily on content. 

If you consider Google, one thing is clear; it wants web pages to have “people-friendly and actionable content.” 

“People-Friendly and actionable content,” Google desires content to solve people’s issues and answer queries.

For example, a user may search,

“What is the cost of a 1-hour phone consultation with a personal injury lawyer ?”


“I have been involved in an accident and hospitalized, but my insurance company refuses to pay out the accident claim money. What are my legal options? “

For such queries, if a lawyer or attorney puts out relevant, fresh, and engaging posts or content pieces, it will likely bring in more clients. 

Such high-quality content creation requires knowledge, analysis, and experience. Therefore, hiring a professional law firm SEO company is always a wise decision. 

Some of the practices needed to create content that ranks on Google and at the same time engaging for users are:

  1. Optimum use of keywords 
  2. Focus on People-friendly content and accuracy of the content 
  3. Create content only after doing deep research
  4. Presenting the content that talks about you and your approach toward the law and how it helps the clients
  5. Use of the call to action button to increase leads 
  6. Put forward facts related to your past achievements and testimonials 
  7. Keep ourselves updated with the latest developments regarding Google-released updates and SEO trends. 
  8. Only experienced content and copywriter work on projects.

EAT ( Expertise, Authoritativeness, And Trustworthiness.)

Google tends to rank websites only if they demonstrate their prowess in EAT, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

So, how do you show Google that you are meeting its expectations in terms of EAT? The answer lies in the combined honest effort we have discussed until now.

To meet the requirements of EAT, everything from checking websites for technical issues to building quality backlinks to developing engaging, actionable content is helpful.  

Deep Analysis  And Always Look Out For Unexplored Possibilities In Our Law Firm SEO Services

The world of creating campaigns to increase your law firm’s SEO ranking is not static. There are always opportunities and scope for analysis. Looking out for unexplored opportunities and keeping up with SEO trends for law firms can do wonders.  


How Do We Focus On Local SEO Services For Lawyers To Put You Ahead Of The Local Competition?

Since the majority of leads for lawyers only come from the local market, they need to focus more on it.

We understand your needs regarding local client acquisition and will weave our strategy as per the above-discussed point about local SEO methods for lawyers to get as many leads as possible from local clients.

Since we have a long experience working with law firms and digital marketing for attorneys and lawyers in the USA, we know how to create a path to put you as someone that both your prospective clients and Google can count on to provide solutions.


Which Lawyers May Contact Us For SEO Services For Law Firm?

People tend to seek an expert lawyer when searching for different types of lawyers and attorneys. Focusing on being a mere attorney or lawyer will probably not help you. You must present yourself as an expert in a particular field of law before your prospective clients. 

 The following categories of lawyers can get in touch with us for our law firm SEO services: 

Corporate Law Attorneys 

  • Personal Injury 
  • Real Estate Lawyer 
  • Tax Law Lawyers 
  • Divorce Cases experts 
  • Criminal Law
  • Employment Law
  • Family and Juvenile
  • Intellectual property law 
  • Family matter Law 
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • DUI Law
  • Insurance Law



Top Reasons You Will Love Us As Your Chosen Law Firm SEO Agency

Decade Of Experience:
We are a bankable option because of our SEO Experts have more than 10 years of experience providing dependable SEO services to law firms and individuals.

Custom Solutions: Our law firm SEO solutions are tailored to meet your specialization, location, and target audience requirements.

Acquire New Clients: The main priorities are always to acquire new clients and generate more leads. 

Best ROI Guaranteed: Best results are guaranteed on every penny you spend on your campaign. 

Fantastic Project Management: We are responsible, answerable, and provide transparent reporting on your SEO campaign’s progress.