50+ Best CBD Keywords with Search Intent and Search Volume

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CBD keywords are specific terms and phrases related to cannabidiol (CBD) that are crucial for optimizing online content and improving search engine visibility. The right CBD keywords can help your business attract the right audience within the rapidly growing CBD market.

So, if you want to effectively promote your CBD products, it’s crucial to grasp and use CBD keyword research. As experts in SEO services tailored for CBD product marketing, we recognize how strategic keyword usage can significantly boost your online visibility and help you outrank your competitors.

This article covers the top-ranking “CBD SEO Keywords” that will assist your CBD business in growing visibility and aligning content with user intent.

Understanding CBD Keywords

CBD keywords are specific terms and phrases related to CBD that users commonly search for on search engines. Conducting efficient CBD keyword research involves understanding the search intent of your target audience and aligning the content around those specific keywords. This ensures your content resonates with what users are seeking, making it more likely to be discovered and appreciated.

Tools like Google Autocomplete and SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool are valuable aids in this process. Beyond that, analyzing competitors, keeping an eye on keyword trends, and tracking outcomes contribute to refining your strategies.

To help you in your endeavor, we have created a list of the most popular CBD keywords that you can inculcate in your SEO strategy. Along with the keywords, we have also included insights like the search volume, search intent and keyword difficulty to help you choose the best ones as per your business.

Search Volume: Keyword Search Volume refers to the average number of times the keyword is searched for within a given time period.

Search Intent: Search intent reveals the intention and purpose behind the search query of the user. Search intent can mainly be categorized into 4 types:

  1. Informational
  2. Commercial
  3. Navigational
  4. Transactional

Keyword Difficulty: Keyword difficulty measures how difficult it would be to rank for a particular keyword on the first page of Google.

Best Longtail CBD Keywords


Search Volume

Search Intent

Keyword Difficulty

What is cbd 49,500 Informational 100
blue vibe cbd gummies review 33,100 Commercial 29

cbd vs thc


Informational, Commercial 


thc vs cbd


Informational, Commercial 

cbd gummies for pain 18,100

Informational, Commercial 

cbd gummies for men 18,100


cbd for sleep 14,800

Informational, Commercial 

cbd oil for dogs 12,100


what does cbd do 12,100


cbd for anxiety 9,900


choice cbd gummies 9,900


What does cbd stand for 8,100


cbd gummies for sex 8,100


How long does cbd stay in your system 8,100


purekana cbd gummies reviews 8,100


Benefits of cbd 6,600

Informational, Commercial 

cbd for pain 6,600


does cbd get you high 6,600


cbd oil side effects 6,600

Informational, Transactional 

is cbd addictive 3,600


cbd oil for pain  2,900


best cbd gummies for anxiety  2,900


cbd oil for cats  2,900

Informational, Transactional 

Does cbd show up on a drug test 2,900

Informational, Transactional 

Where can I buy cbd gummies for pain 




Best Short tail CBD Keywords

Keyword Search Volume Search Intent Keyword Difficulty 
cbd gummies 246,000 Commercial 100
cbd 201,000 Informational 100
cbd oil 90,500 Informational 100
cbd store 33,100 Commercial 85
cbd vape 27,100 Commercial 51
cbd for dogs 27,100 Commercial 51
cbd vape pen 14,800 Commercial 51
cbd cream 14,800 Transactional  45
cbd products 14,800 Commercial  95
cbd shop 14,800 Commercial  69
cbd flower 12,100 Commercial 44
best cbd gummies 12,100 Commercial 65
cbd cigarettes  12,100 Commercial  47
cbd tincture 12,100


cbd for cats  12,100 Commercial 34
cbd benefits 9,900 Informational  100
cbd drinks 9,900 Commercial 49
cbd oil benefits  9,900 Informational  100
dog cbd 9,900 Commercial 49
power cbd gummies 9,900 Commercial 12
cbd lube 3,600 Commercial 49
cbd massage oil 3,600 Commercial 21
cbd tea 3,600 Informational, Transactional  46
cbd pills 2,900 Informational, Commercial  59
cbd coffee 2,900 Commercial 30
buy cbd online 2,400 Transactional 61
cbd honey 1,300 Commercial 20

Best Local CBD Keywords

Keyword Search Volume Search Intent Keyword Difficulty 
cannabis dispensary near me  74,000 Transactional  88
cbd near me 49,500 Transactional  51
cbd store near me 14,800 Transactional  58
cbd gummies near me 9,900 Transactional 51
cbd stores near me 6,600 Transactional 59
cbd oil near me 6,600 Transactional  56
cbd oil near me 6,600 Transactional 56
cbd flower near me 5,400 Transactional 38
cbd shop near me 5,400 Transactional 52
cbd near by me 1,600 Commercial 58


Need More Help with Your CBD SEO Services?

Targeting the right CBD keywords is essential if you want to reach the desired audience. However, the journey from identifying high-performing CBD keywords to seamlessly integrating them into your content can be a daunting task.

Don’t worry! We got your back.

With a proven track record of 12+ years, we understand the depth of the CBD SEO services and the pivotal role that well-researched keywords play in boosting online visibility.  Our team works tirelessly to keep an eye on evolving trends and adapt your keywords accordingly.

Contact us at the earliest to help effectively market your CBD business.

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