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With over 15 years of experience, Navneet Singh has helped B2B, DTC, and B2C businesses to Skyrocket Revenue (not) Budgets. Backed by a team of 40+ Experts, he is leading a trusted

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 that handles all your SEO, link building, and content marketing needs.

Currently (serving 50+ Global Clients) from different niches. If you are an Agency and looking for white-label seo agency for your clients, feel free to get in touch with us.

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SEO Experts Company India’s Promise as a Search Engine Optimization Company

More Leads

We drive qualified leads to your B2B site, facilitating higher interactions, established recognition and a positive return on investment (ROI) for your business..

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Higher Traffic

We bring the right traffic to your website, leading to increased engagement, meaningful conversions and strengthened online authority for your business.


More Sales

We grow organic product sales for your ecommerce brand, leading to increased revenue, improved conversions and reduced cart abandonment rate for your store.

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“Since onboarding the SEO Experts Company India team, the company has seen a steady increase in their rankings, with more and more projects getting to the 1st page. The company estimates that they will be able to see a significant increase in organic search traffic in the coming six months.”
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Yanick T.

Managing Director, Ignite ROI

Our Success Stories

With a reputation for excellence in offering SEO Services, our team of experts have helped multiple clients in achieving their SEO Goals – More Sales, Leads and Revenue Generation

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4 good reasons for choosing SEO Experts Company India

When you work with a top rated seo services company like SEO Experts Company India, you can expect high-quality custom SEO services that are capable of increasing page traffic, top search engine rankings of your business. Our team of SEO strategists, copywriters, link outreach specialists strives to offer seo services that yield long-term results for your business.


SEO Company with Proven Track Record

SEO practices are ever-evolving, and we keep pace with it. Our professionals have years of experience to grow businesses by putting in the best SEO efforts.


Only White Hat SEO Practices

Our SEO experts use data-driven and creative white hat SEO practices. With experience in various niches, you can trust our top-notch services for success.


Transparent Reporting

We always share regular SEO progress reports on weekly and monthly basis. We believe in transparency and keep our clients informed during the complete execution of SEO campaign.


Dedicated SEO Teams

We only work in SEO, and we outperform businesses offering diversified portfolios that offer poor strategy development and execution.

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Rated 5/5 Stars

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Rated 5/5 Stars

“Since collaborating with SEO Experts Company India, several of the company’s keywords are successfully ranked on the first page, increasing e-commerce stores’ conversions and revenue. The team efficiently collaborates on Basecamp, Skype, and Gmail. Moreover, they’re responsive and experts.”

Vishal Goswami

Founder & CEO, Friction Studio

SEO Services we offer (All + Standalone)

Your One-Stop-Shop for SEO Services Need

Accelerate your business growth by partnering with a company that has an experience of offering right and white hat practices SEO service. Our focus is always in attracting relevant traffic by targeting the right set of keywords, including the short, medium, and long tail around customer’s pain points.

SEO Audit

This is our first step when we start working on our client’s SEO campaign because not knowing how your web presence stands compared to the ideal standards can damage your SEO’s health. Also, you might miss out on crucial opportunities to rank higher in Google and other search engine results. Our comprehensive SEO audit will find out every nitty-gritty detail that can help you stand tall on search rankings and bring in more qualified traffic. This SEO audit service is an integral part of all our SEO services package. However, we also offer it as a standalone SEO service.
What you'll get
^ Complete technical SEO audit consisting of indexation, URL Structure, Robots.txt, XML Sitemap, etc.
^ Comprehensive backlink audit to reveal any spammy or unnatural links.
^ On-page audit to find issues in content structure, internal Linking, crawling, and user experience.
^ In-depth audits of your site’s content and suggestions to improve it.
^ Competitors’ site and traffic audit to see where you stand before them.

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Keyword Research & Analysis

Moving to the second step of our SEO campaign execution process: Intent-based and user-focused keyword research, which is critical to grow revenue of businesses online. Our team searches for key terms or phrases people type into search engines related to the products or services you offer. It helps us understand the competitive landscape and discover new possibilities for driving relevant traffic to your website through different search queries. The keyword research is included in all of our SEO service packages and can be purchased separately as well in case anyone is just looking for an experience SEO company to do keyword research for their website

What you'll get
^ The discovery of hidden keyword phrases that are hard to find via standard keyword research.
^ You get the industry’s brightest minds working for you using premium tools (Ahrefs, SemRush, Google Console, and more).
^ An unrelenting approach where we target every page that matters to your business.
^ Existing content optimization and new content creation as per findings.
^ Complete analysis reporting for your website and the websites of your rivals.

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Keyword Gap Analysis

Profound keyword research is essential to SEO’s success, and we go even deeper and use keyword gap analysis to improve it for our clients. By using this method, we get to know about the particular keywords on which your competitors are ranking, but you are not. It presents an opportunity to use SEO techniques to plug the holes in your keyword strategy and be one step ahead of your competition. Being a crucial element, keyword gap analysis is also a part of all our SEO services package and is also offered independently as an SEO service.
What you'll get
^ Keyword and content strategies used by competitors to generate traffic and conversions.
^ Search volume-based keywords to optimize plans for your brand’s older content.
^ Use of missing-out keywords to craft specific, niche content and convert them into clusters.
^ Keywords relevant to target specific geographic regions.

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Technical SEO

To maintain a good health score of your website, it is required to improve your website’s technical performance constantly. This involves ensuring smooth indexing by search engine crawlers and optimizing page structures to ensure that your website is easy to navigate. We focus on resolving technical errors and implementing optimization techniques to streamline search engine indexing and crawlability. While technical SEO is a core component of our SEO service packages we offer at SEO Experts Company India.You can also avail of it as a separate SEO service to effectively enhance your online presence and drive better search engine rankings.
What you'll get
^ Complete crawl error reporting, fixing, and broken link audit.
^ A systematic approach to optimize all technical aspects, such as XML sitemap submission, Metadata audit, etc.
^ Website Speed optimization for all screen sizes, Image optimization, and eradication of duplicate content.
^ Assistance with management and monitoring of Google analysis and console.
^ Complete on-page technical audit and recommendation.

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On-Page SEO

Our on-page SEO services is designed to boost your website’s visibility, relevance, and credibility in the eyes of search engines by optimizing your web pages’ content and HTML code. By employing optimization techniques, our objective is to create an engaging online experience for visitors with captivating content and seamless usability. Our SEO team pay attention to every detail, from optimizing content, meta tags, title tags to strategically placed call-to-actions (CTAs), ensuring that your web pages are primed for optimal traffic and higher conversion rates.  On-page SEO is included with all our SEO services package, but one can also obtain it individually as well.
What you'll get
^ Captivating title tags for both Search engines and users alike.
^ Informative and user-enticing meta-descriptions.
^ Seamlessly Responsive website for mobiles and tablets.
^ Navigable URLs infused with targeted keywords.
^ Image Alt text for elevating the User Experience on your website.

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Backlink Gap Analysis

Backlink Gap Analysis

Backlink gap analysis helps you refine and strengthen your backlink strategy, similar to keyword gap analysis. By using the premium tool like Ahrefs, SEMRush, our capable seo experts compare and evaluate differences in quality, relevancy and the number of backlinks pointing to your site against your competitors. It is a potent method to give momentum to your site’s SEO and invite referral traffic quickly. Backlink gap analysis is an essential aspect of our SEO service packages
What you'll get
^ Through analysis to give you a detailed picture of your website backlink health.
^ Expert services that discover quality links using the analysis stats.
^ You will get the full analysis action report in a short turnaround time.
^ Tested and proven process to find backlink opportunities to put you ahead of the competitors.
^ Professional team to plan your backlinking outreach campaign and budget to capitalize on opportunities.

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Link Building

Google views backlinks as votes, and their quantity and quality are crucial to achieving high rankings. Guest posting, broken link building, unlinked mentions. link reclamation, blogger outreach techniques, and many other methods go a long way toward securing a high quality backlink. The link building team at SEO Experts Company India employ various cutting-edge techniques and their years of experience to generate high-quality links that will propel your site’s pages higher in the SERPs. Within our SEO services, link-building services are available, but you can acquire it a solo service.
What you'll get
^ 100 % White Hat Link building with no use of paid links and PBN (Private blog network).
^ Earning targeted, high-quality backlinks by following and analyzing the competitors’ backlinks.
^ Custom content creation strategy to earn high-quality backlinks from high-authority, relevant websites.
^ Regular SEO metrics reports about important statistics such as live URL link publishing dates, DA/DR metrics, and more.
^ Link building that leads to visible ranking gains.

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Link Building

Content Development

Creating content that ranks and converts is not easy, especially given how Google pays utmost importance to quality, intent-based content, and down-ranks-thin content after their recent Google Helpful Content upate. The content team at SEO Experts Company India aim to increase your company’s revenue and SEO ranking by producing high-quality, valuable content that attracts visitors, keeps them interested, and converts them. You’ll get content development in all our premium SEO packages, but if you prefer it as a standalone service, you can purchase it separately.
What you'll get
^ 100% original, unique, and well-researched content.
^ Content optimized for keywords that bring in qualified traffic.
^ Copyscape passed 100 % plagiarism-free content.
^ Content developed as per Google’s recommended practices.
^ In-house expert content development team proficient in a wide range of writing styles.

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Content Gap Analysis

Performing content gap analysis helps you close the gap between where your content stands and what your competitors are publishing. Moreover, our team of experts go one step further by analyzing how your site’s overall content compares to the customer buying journey. We accelerate your SEO growth by analyzing and then improving your site’s content strategy based on these findings. We’ve included the content gap analysis services in all SEO services package as we feel this is important for every website. However, anyone can take this service as distint.
What you'll get
^ Through analysis, you will find opportunities for new content creation or existing content modifications.
^ Mapping content to the buyer’s journey point of view irrespective of the stage of their purchasing journey.
^ Emphasis on discovering opportunities for creating informative and specific money pages to achieve maximum conversions.
^ We identify the correct competition with a similar target customer base and buying journey to close the content graph.
^ Detailed reporting on newly discovered keywords, and topic opportunities.

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Looking for an exact cost and time frame estimate for achieving measurable results?

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Frequently asked questions

These FAQs will assist you with questions about our processes or SEO.

Do you have minimum contracts?

 At SEO Experts Company India, there is no need to enter any contract. Being awarded as one of the best SEO services agencies by Clutch, our clients stay with us for years. Our work is time-tested and produces results. However, we need 30 days’ notice if you want to stop working with us.

Do you provide weekly or monthly progress reports?

Yes, we do provide comprehensive SEO reporting (weekly and monthly) that reveals the stats about many KPIs to give our clients an overall and in-depth review of their campaign progress. Every good SEO services agency provides you with these reports so that you can track the performance and direction of your SEO campaign.

Why do SEO campaigns fail?

Search engine optimization does not produce the desired results when performed the wrong way, however when SEO Experts Company India gives SEO services, it contributes to the rise of your site on top search results of Google and other search engines.

Use of black-hat SEO tactics, putting all efforts into good search results, choosing the wrong or inappropriate keywords, lack of thorough analysis (without Google Analytics), failure to stay updated with search engine algorithms, setting higher expectations than realistic ones, and pausing SEO too early.

However, collaborating with one of the most experienced, affordable, and best SEO service providers in India can increase your chances of getting better visibility and conversions.


Why is Search engine optimization important?

If the site is not visible to the target base and fails to generate qualified traffic and conversions. However, when any SEO company is executing the right and best SEO services practices, it will help you achieve ranking in top search results, traffic, conversions, and better ROI organically. So, choosing the right SEO services agency is a crucial decision to achieve all these outcomes. 

How do I know which type of SEO services I need?

Knowing which type of SEO you need is not hard if you are clear about your business goals, target market, competition, and coverage. The following are some SEO options to consider:

  1. Local SEO Services: It is ideal if you are a small business looking to serve a town, city, or a bunch of them individually.
  2. National SEO Services: This type of search engine optimization is appropriate for companies with bigger aims where they target the whole nation’s target audience than local cities.
  3. Ecommerce SEO Services: If you run an e-commerce store, you can opt for active search engine optimization to improve organic rankings for your site’s product pages.
  4. Enterprise SEO Services: If you are a large site with hundreds to thousands of pages, you need search engine optimization to improve visibility and revenue by using micro and macro-level strategies.
  5. B2B SEO Services: When your business is B2B, where you aim to generate quality leads that turn into sales through actions such as downloading white papers and signing up for newsletters, this particular type of SEO is very helpful.
  6. B2C SEO Services: For B2C companies, the main target is to get site visitors to make purchases on the website, and here this kind of SEO is effective as it can bring qualified traffic by using the right keyword.

Why should I hire an SEO Company from India?

If you are looking for a high chance of achieving success with your search engine optimization, partnering with an SEO company in India is a wise decision due to the following reasons:

  1. Affordability: Hiring SEO services from India will save you big dollars (we are talking about thousands of dollars). The best SEO company will work for you, that too, in affordable SEO packages in comparison to local companies.
  2. No barrier in Communication: India is home to the largest English-speaking population in the world. Therefore, you will not have to experience a language barrier in communication.
  3. Talented Pool: India has a reputation for producing highly talented and workaholic IT professionals (Look at the big companies CEOs -Sunder Pichai (Google), Satya Nadella(Microsoft). India’s organized educational and professional infrastructure keeps churning out high-quality IT talent year after year. Hence, an SEO company in India would be best for outsourcing SEO.
  4. Work culture: You will not face issues such as time zone or not meeting your expectations regarding professionalism. With continuous exposure to international clients, an SEO company like ours adapts and offer solutions to meet clients’ expectations.
  5. No downgrading in terms of Quality: Worry if the solutions will be up to mark? From talent pool to premium tools to efforts, everything will be superior or on par with your local SEO firms.

However, selecting a good and an experienced SEO company from India can lead to significant improvements in your site which leads to an overall growth of your biusiness.

How long does it take to get my site to rank on Page 1 of Google?

Your site may begin to appear for some keywords within the first three months to six months, and it may take even longer. It may take six months to a year or more for your site to rank at the top of search engines for a significant number of keywords.

You are not guaranteed to achieve a specific ranking within a specified time frame, but you may receive a spot guarantee (without regard to time) from your hired seo company, as we do.

Do you give SEO guarantees?

At SEO Experts Company India, after researching the current SEO status and the competition of your brand, we guarantee ranking placement with our seo and content marketing services. However, while our proven SEO process is designed to deliver results, we cannot guarantee the exact time frame within which these results will be achieved.

What is SEO, and why do you need an SEO Service?

Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is a process by which you increase the visibility of your website on organic searches to get the top ranking on the first result page of Google.

Appearing in the top organic results can help your business get page traffic without paying for advertisements. Companies looking to get the most out of their online presence on search engines like Google should hire an experienced SEO company in India (if looking for an affordable SEO service company) without delay to maximize page traffic and visibility.

How quickly will I see the benefits of SEO Optimization?

If you hire a trusted SEO company in India or from any part of the world after checking their client reviews and their own website rankings, the SEO campaign executed for your site by any of the trusted SEO company, the results may become apparent after two to three months, when you may notice your site pages improving in ranking and experiencing increased qualified organic traffic

What is the roadmap for SEO Services?

he standard roadmap of any SEO services company in or outside India should drive growth and help exceed KPIs. Here’s the path that we, as one of the best SEO services providers in India, follow:

  1. Launch. Our SEO team of experts begins your campaign with a thorough SEO audit. We adapt to your needs to understand the current state of your search engine optimization and create a solid roadmap for the entire campaign.
  2. Building a Strong Foundation. After the SEO audit, we work to turn your website into a performing entity by implementing technical and on-page SEO strategies that also create a strong base for your campaign.
  3. Content Marketing. After technical and on-page optimization, we move on to content marketing, copywriting, and link-building execution after considering and analyzing competitors, your target market, and your offerings. Content marketing has a great impact on the target audience and is considered one of the top-quality SEO services.
  4. User Experience. Your SEO can’t succeed without improving the user experience. That is why our SEO company believes in developing actionable content and improving site speed and UX to ensure your users have the best possible experience.
  5. Thorough Reporting. We provide detailed reporting on KPIs every month or after a specified time period. Via reports, you understand your site’s performance on various Search Engine Optimization parameters such as organic traffic, overall keywords, conversions, etc.

Note: This is a standard road map for the procedure by SEO Experts Company India. However, the process is not rigid but customizable. If there is a need to add or decrease steps, we are more than happy to make changes to the standard process as per the client’s Search Engine Optimization needs. But one thing is sure: With our SEO services, success is 100% achievable.

How much do SEO services cost in India?

Depending on distinct factors and situations, SEO companies in India charge differently, and there is no specific figure that can be quoted for all types of campaigns. There are different SEO packages for different campaigns.

However, the following costs will provide you with a more concrete idea of SEO packages (depending on your business size and nature, the types of solutions you want, competition, and other factors):

  1. Local SEO: The SEO packages for Local SEO will cost about $500 to $1500 per month.
  2. National SEO: The SEO packages for national SEO may cost between $500 and $2000 Monthly.
  3. Ecommerce SEO: The range of SEO packages for ecommerce SEO ranges between $1,500 to $4,000 Monthly
  4. Enterprise SEO: SEO packages for enterprise starts at $2000 per month and goes upwards from there.

How do I choose the best SEO Company?

You must exercise caution when selecting the SEO company to handle your website. The following tips will help you to select the best one out of many SEO companies in the market:

  • Choose a company that is more focused on users than search engines.
  • Go through their reviews available in the form of Google reviews, social media reviews , and on online directories, such as Clutch, to determine how good the company is.
  • Go through case studies: and their site’s content quality to measure how effective the SEO company in contention will be for your campaign.
  • Don’t hire cheap SEO services because they generally offer crap services or indulge in black-hat activities.
  • Stay away from companies claiming to produce results in a few days.
  • Conduct a one-to-one interview to get information on how the company moves your campaign, judge them and take a call.

What results can I expect to see from my SEO campaign?

There are several benefits if experts of top SEO companies like SEO Experts Company India do your site’s search engine optimization. We keep in mind your user problems at the center of all activities and execute SEO services campaign so that you can achieve all the following desired results:

  1. Gradual increase in ranking for the right keywords.
  2. Site pages appear in top positions in the organic searches.
  3. A consistent flow of qualified traffic that converts.
  4. Better performance in customer retention and new customer acquisition, and brand building.

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