Link Building = Higher Rankings

What is Link Building?


In technical terms, link building in SEO is described as an action aimed at increasing the number of quality inbound links to a website. Link building is like word-of-mouth marketing. If your business is being talked about at the wrong place, you get the wrong customers, no one cares. One has to be careful when planning a link-building & SEO campaign.

Link building requires time and patience. One small mistake can bring down your website’s ranking. SEO Experts Company India is one of its kind link-building services in India that wires your business for success. Our work is not based on the number of links but on the quality. One well-placed link gets volumes of online traffic to your website in comparison to a thousand unplanned links.

What Does It Involve? 

Link building involves getting hyperlinks from other people’s websites to your own. A hyperlink is also a link that allows users to move from one page to another on the Internet. Search engines use links to crawl across the web. When there are links to your web pages on other sites, the search engines can crawl the links between the entire website.

Link building plays a significant role in driving organic traffic to your website through the search engine. They are beneficial for companies in competitive industries. There are several steps to build a robust technical SEO foundation. You will need to work on:  

  • On-page SEO
  • Excellent content
  • A great user experience.

Link building is Highly Effective for Driving Higher Organic Traffic.

There is a need to establish a high quality, relevance, and authenticity standards in the link-building process. It is important to note that though low-quality and spammy link-building techniques may work initially, they’ll ultimately lead to a website’s downfall and invite penalties. The right SEO strategies implying with search engine algorithm and guidelines play a role in creating an excellent strategy for an organization that helps them achieve long-term organic search success.

Link building is a necessary process. It is helpful to an insight into ways to create a link. Also, find out how the search engines see links and the way you can interpret the hyperlinks.

Start of link tag: This is an anchor tag (also called “a”). It requires that the link tag opens and tells browsers about search engines that link to various other things that you can follow.

Link referral location: The “href” is the short form of “hyperlink referral,” The text within the quotation marks refers to the URL pointed in the link. This does not need to be a web page. It may be an image address or the file you want to download. Also, you will understand the things which are not part of the webpage URL and begin with a # sign. It means that your links point out to a specific URL section.

Visible/anchor text of link: This part of the hyperlink text helps users understand what the page means and shows what users must click to open the link. This is known as the anchor text. Moreover, the anchor text is also formatted to make it stand out from the surrounding text. Typically, blue color and an underline signal the users that it is a clickable link.

Link tag closure: This is the end of the link tag in the search engines.

Ignoring Link Building – At What Cost?

If you are ignoring link building, take a bite. Even big brands like BMW, Forbes, J.C. Penney, and had to pay a penalty for misusing link-building strategies. Would you be spared if a search engine finds out that you are not following its guideline? The answer is “No”, so be careful while working on link building for your website.

Is Your SEO and Link Building Campaign Successful?

The small business owner invests considerable time, effort, and cash in setting up a website to display products. However, the efforts go in vain if they do not get any website visitors. Effective link-building SEO services help you get more traffic to your website.

SEO is something you want to master and you need to carry out experiments to start your new business or put an old one online. Just a single mistake can impact how you can utilize the time, effort, and cash you spend to create a new business website. Make sure that you take care of Google algorithm updates link-building strategies.

What Links Mean for Search Engines

Search engines use links in two essential ways.

  1. To discover new web pages for use in the search results
  2. It helps determine how nicely a page can rank in the results

As the search engines crawl the web pages, they will take care of the content of those pages by adding them into their indexes. This helps them understand if a page is of high quality and ranks well for the relevant keywords. Here’s a short video to understand the process. While deciding the same, the search engines do not take into account the page content. It also involves looking at several links pointing to the page from external websites and helps determine the crucial metrics of the external websites. Typically, high-quality websites which link back allow you to rank better in the search results.

Links are an important ranking factor that dominates Google’s search engine market even in the late 1990s. Larry Page invented PageRank that Google used to measure the page quality based on the number of links pointing to it. You can use the PageRank metric to improve the overall ranking of the algorithm. It acts as an important signal and a great way to understand page quality. You must take care to incorporate it into the algorithm. Google serves its users with more beneficial and relevant search results than its competitors.

Pagerank is also highly effective as it is based on the idea that a link is like a vote for a page. It does not serve you with links that you do not deserve to get. Pagerank is all about websites linking to another website. And it is an excellent resource for information about a page. Moreover, you can link to it in the same way whereby you do not want to send your friend to a bad restaurant.

However, SEOs also understand the right way to take care of PageRank and discover search results for your chosen keywords. Google is highly advanced than most search engines. However, it can also be manipulated as it is not as good in telling you about the differences between a high-quality link and a low-quality link. 

Google recommends that you should find the right way to discover websites that manipulate the search results as they build low-quality links. You can start rolling out important updates aimed at filtering out websites that you think should not rank due to poor links.

It also meant that Google started counting several outsource link-building techniques, which worked well for some time. For example, if you submit your website to web directories, you can get a link in return. Google recommends the same at a point, but it was highly abused and overused by SEOs. Google did not pass a lot of value from such sorts of links.

Google has actively penalized websites that ranked in the front and those that attempted to overuse such techniques, which are referred to as over-optimization in link building. It helped to gear up your SEO campaign in 2012, taking to various updates known as Penguin. The updates get targeted for specific link-building techniques, which will surely change link building in the future. You have to focus on low-quality link-building techniques, which are just a waste of time. However, these techniques also severely damage a website’s ability to rank better in organic search results. So, you must understand deeply the Google Webmaster Guidelines and craft strategies that will prove successful.

Google uses an entire algorithm to determine the search results. Moreover, recent studies about the SEO community show that links have a significant role in the algorithm.

In general, you will find that various factors affecting you are not equal. The different factors help you acquire a good volume, and top-quality links point to a page and make a massive difference in a website’s rankings.

Without getting high-quality links to your website, you cannot rank better or get more traffic. Our SEO Link Building Services focus on increasing quality as Google becomes more sophisticated for filtering the low-quality links. It directly impacts SEOs, and you need to ensure that your chosen link-building techniques focus on quality.

General Link Building Statistics

  1. Studies reveal that 94% of the content on the internet does not have any external links. (Backlinko)
  2. Only 2.2% of published online content has the ability to acquire multiple backlinks. (Backlinko)
  3. 41% of the big companies accept link building as a challenging SEO practice. (Conductor)
  4. 13% of SEO experts tell you that link building is an important tactic offering you a high value.  (Conductor)
  5. Out of 100,000 random blogs, nearly 75% did not have any external links. (Moz)
  6. The SEO complexities point out that 36% of businesses require experts to work to help them in their link-building efforts. (SocialMediaToday)
  7. 42% of SEO specialists spend a significant amount of time in acquiring external and internal links. (SocialMediaToday)
  8. 90% of marketers use content pieces as a prt of their strategy to acquire backlinks. (userp)
  9. 65% of marketers point out that domain authority is a significant metric to determine the backlink quality. (userp)

Benefits of Link Building in SEO


  1. 92% of marketers consider link building is teh most important ranking factor in the upcoming five years. (Aira)
  2.  52% of digital marketers consider brand mentions and link building to directly impact organic search rankings (Aira)
  3. The first ranking site on Google’s SERPs can get 3.8 times more backlinks in comparison to positions 2-10. (userp)
  4. 43.7% of top-ranking pages also offer reciprocal links. It means that the sites mentioning a business name in their content also link back to them. (Ahrefs)

Various Types of Content that are Useful in Link Building? 

  1. Long-form content (3,000 – 10,000 words) gets a nearly 77.2% higher number of links as compared to shorter articles (0 – 1,000 words). (Backlinko)
  2. Infographics can attract backlinks and they can consolidate complex information. About 53% of SEO specialists have teh proficiency to help you earn backlinks. (Content Marketing Institute)
  3. Out of all content forms, list the type-articles rendering you an average of referring domains. (Moz)
  4. The various types of posts you need are “Why” posts, “what” posts, and infographics. They help you get 25% more links in comparison to “how-to” posts and videos. (SocialMediaToday)

The Cost of Link Building 

  1. 46% of marketers spend nearly $10 000 annually to build links. (Aira)
  2. Research exhibits that low-quality backlink costs about $150. On the flip side, a high-quality backlink is priced at around $1,000. (Siege Media)
  3. Clients working with digital marketing agencies may be spending about 25% of the SEO budget just on link building. (seotribunal)
  4. 61% of marketers use nearly 0-10% of their total marketing budget on link building. (SocialMediaToday)
  5. With more and more businesses entering the picture, 41% of marketers predict that the cost of link building will rise in the coming years. (userp)

Stats About Common Link Building Strategies and Practices? 

  1. 69% of marketers think that buying links improves a site’s search rankings. (Aira)
  2. Brands with a Weblog generate 97% more inbound links in comparison to 53% more visitors that do not. (neilpatel)
  3. 50% of Google search queries comprise four words or more than that. Long-tail keywords make you miss out on just a few conversion opportunities. (seotribunal)
  4. Optimize the website for several devices keeping in mind that nearly 69% of digital media time gets spent on mobile devices. (seotribunal)
  5. Also, update all the old blog posts which can increase your organic search traffic by up to 113%. (seotribunal)
  6. 51% of SEO professionals tell that bloggers must include 2-3 internal links in their blog post. (SocialMediaToday)
  7. Guest blogging gets traction being a highly effective link-building practice. Statistics reveal that 60% of blog owners use 1-5 guest posts every month. (Spiralytics)
  8. Manual Outreach Link Building Services approach people with emails and personalize the subject line. It will improve your response rate by 33%. (userp)

Start Building Links with SECI!

Never postpone working on creating backlinks. You can make the most of several opportunities for business marketing. You will be surprised to know that you can partner with your competitors to stay a step ahead. It enhances your online presence, which is a part of your daily goals.

We’ll create a clear link-building process that will take care of your agency’s digital marketing efforts. Our white label link-building services have a significant impact on your site’s visibility. Investment to create the best link-building services campaign enables you to rank for the target keywords and drive quality traffic to a page.

However, the SEO landscape is a bit hard to navigate when it comes to beginners. But, the good part is that you don’t require doing everything by yourself. When digital marketing is not your company’s core competency, it makes sense to align with a trustworthy agency. SECI provides you with tailor-fit solutions to outsource link-building services. It is highly advantageous to use cost-saving and performance-enhancing advantages.

SEO Expert Company India Understands Your Needs and is an Expert in Google

 Proof Link Building Strategies

Successful link building needs good knowledge and accurate technique, or else you do not get any result, no matter how much time and energy you spend building up links for your website. Graphing an effective link-building campaign includes many factors like optimizing your website, having commendable content to link to, discovering the right quality backlinks, making the right sort of hype about your website on the web, and keeping up with the guidelines from Google.

The important ingredient that decides how your website ranks up in search engine results is the quality links leading to the website. However, quality link building is one of the most laborious and time-consuming sides to market online.

 A professional company offering quality link-building services can enhance the quality and quantity of backlinks to promote your website. This, in turn, makes the search engines value your website more and results in higher rankings in search results.

SEO Expert Company India is the Answer to Your Link Building Campaign Needs


Our SEO Experts Company India team is a group of creative and skilled professionals who have successfully run many Link Building Campaigns.

We, at SEO Expert Company India, analyze your current backlinks for quality. Our professional link-building services help you get rid of the bad backlinks, and we also analyze your competitors’ links to identify relevant websites that offer the chance to create quality backlinks.

The backlink portfolio is top-notch and goes a long way in ensuring your website ranks high up in the search results utilizing your selected keywords.

Reasons to Choose Us as Your Reliable Link Building Agency

  • Transparency in communication.
  • Clear goal-setting.
  • Effective collaboration.

Our link-building experts offer you genuine and professional advice and consultation.

1. Transparency in Communication

SECI values transparency the most. We will share data and strategies about our service only with you or wherever you want to use them. We’ll adhere to all terms and conditions of the contract while helping you to achieve your goals. SECI ensures instant responses and smooth communication for all your queries. 

2. We’ll Explain To You Why It Takes Time.

The best link-building strategies take time to reach a predefined target. Moreover, link building requires effort and using continuous trial and error methods to determine the right track. We work consistently, but we do not promise you instant success. We want our clients to understand that getting a top-ranking spot in a week or month is unrealistic. If someone promises you that, avoid them like quarantining a patient. SECI provides you with an upfront and realistic scenario where you can expect a high level of dedication for successful link building.

3. We’ll Set and Share Clear And Realistic Goals With You.

We always set the standards for link building, designing an effective strategy for link building. We’ll define a path to achieve goals realistically. 

  1. We Value Your Suggestions

We welcome your suggestions, understand your concerns and the knowledge you have in being a business owner. We are industry experts in link building. Our team will logically use the suggestions to create a highly effective SEO strategy. We’ll share with you honest Feedback to uphold the benefits you can get in the most useful manner. Whenever required, we’ll tweak the process to make it most effective for you.

  1. We’ll Share With You The Progress and Seek Your Feedback.

We’ll work for a successful partnership and carry out a combined effort to help you achieve important milestones. Our SEO and link-building service consider sharing insights with you important for your active collaboration with a service. We’ll share a monthly report on the progress of the project with all the details you need. We will change the strategies according to your needs. 

  1. Our Link Building Campaigns Focus on Quality And Not Just Quantity!

 The websites selected for Link building Campaigns depend on whether the content on it is relevant to your page and after the quality and authority of the domain are verified. We also check the design and maturity of the website and the number and nature of external sites associated with it via backlinks.

Features & Benefits of Our Effective Link Building Services 

Our link-building service is genuine and transparent – no link farms or networks!

  • We build links that are highly website-specific.
  • The Links built are permanent, legal and Google approved.
  • We create high-quality user-specific content and promotion.
  • Brand name and keyword anchoring eliminate the chance of Google Penalty.
  • We create varied link text that is beneficial for the deep link ratio.
  • Enhance the authority of the domain as well as create a natural link graph.
  • Our Company also provides custom and theme-based Natural Link Building Services.
  • Improve your internal linking and page structure to give noticeable quality for more phrases.


Our Link Building Portfolio

SEO Experts at our organization are in tune with the market changes and SEO policies. Our link-building ninjas keep pace with Google quality guidelines and search algorithms to improve their link-building techniques accordingly. That is why, like our successful on-page optimization techniques, we also end up creating successful, inventive, and continued link-building campaigns.

Our SEO Experts can create powerful link-building strategies that benefit your business in the long run. Get in touch with our link-building consultants to know more about the quality link-building services we provide.