SEO Experts Company India attended the D2C Insider Global Selling Summit held in Bengaluru

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SEO Experts Company India, a leading search engine optimization company, is thrilled to share the news of its recent participation in the D2C Insider Global Selling Summit held in Bangalore on 22nd September 2023. The event brought together over 200 industry leaders and esteemed entrepreneurs to discuss the latest trends, strategies, and brilliant ideas.


Some Glimpses from the D2C Insider Global Selling Summit

Learning from some of the treasured industry experts at the summit was an absolute honor. As a powerful player in the ecommerce marketing industry, SEO Experts Company India actively participated in insightful discussions and shared its vision with fellow great minds.

The event commenced with a heartwarming welcome followed by an insightful workshop that covered diverse D2C business related topics. Besides the workshops, the event featured panel discussions and inspiring speeches from esteemed Ecommerce industry experts.

The summit provided the privilege to interact with the industry visionaries and gain valuable insights into the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) latest trends. It proved to be a great learning experience that will undoubtedly enhance SEO Experts Company India’s ability to provide innovative solutions to its clients.

The CEO of the Company, Navneet Singh, remarked “Being a part of the D2C Insider Global Selling Summit was a fruitful and inspiring experience. The event gave an opportunity to connect with innovative minds and brilliant individuals. From covering topics like the latest e-commerce trends, innovative marketing strategies, and customer experience, the summit proved to be a great source of knowledge and motivation.”

About D2C Insider

D2C Insider in an extensive network of carefully selected founders and CXOs from the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) world. Started in 2019 as a WhatsApp group to share ideas and help each other grow, the community has grown over the years, comprising 3000 brand founders, 500+ enabler founders, and 500+ investors. 

The D2C community offers a space for everyone to share their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge with like-minded people and helps each D2C brand accelerate its career growth.


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