Need and way to get a license for CBD in the various states of the US- part 2

Continuing our discussion of requirements and conditions to get a license for CBD in different states of the USA, let’s cover the remaining states.

State License for CBD in Nevada

You can sell cannabidiol products but not use CBD-infused food. Nevada legalized CBD a long time back in 2015 for research and pilot programs. But, later on, it was legal to grow CBD products. It meant that you needed the state hemp license and the local business license.

Sate License for CBD in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has the same legal status for CBD as Nevada, where any people can grow and use all kinds of CBD unless it is present in food. There is no clear-cut law related to the use of hemp. That’s why there aren’t any limits placed on how many and way quantity of hemp-derived substances you can keep with yourself. You require an appropriate medical card to use products with a high CBD or THC content. 

State License for CBD in New Jersey

You can use enough cannabidiol products in New Jersey state. Rather, New Jersey was one of the pioneer states allowing the approval of hemp cultivation by the USDA. It’s necessary to sign the Growers Licensing application before buying or keeping hemp seeds with you. 

State License for CBD in New Mexico

Companies and individuals can sell all kinds of CBD items in New Mexico. And the best part is you don’t need any license to sell pre-packaged CBD and hemp items in New Mexico. The New Mexico Plant Protection Act needs. 

State License for CBD in New York

The New York state lets you sell and use cannabidiol products. On December 9th, 2019, CBD cultivation became legal in New York State. But, there is no proper legislation when it comes to CBD edibles. You can get a proper license via the New York State Cannabinoid Hemp Program.

State License for CBD in North Carolina

You may use any CBD product in this state except for smokable hemp. Moreover, there’s no need for a license to grow hemp and start your CBD business in North Carolina. However, you require a license to sell living hemp plants. 

State License for CBD in North Dakota

In North Dakota, you can use or sell CBD if you’re registered with a cannabis company that sells less than 0.3% THC products. Cannabidiol is included in the controlled substances list. Moreover, one also needs a license to buy the plant propagation material (like hemp seeds) to grow the plants yourself. 

Sate License for CBD in Ohio

Also, hemp CBD products have no strict legal impositions in Ohio, which doesn’t allow the growth of strains with more than 0.3% CBD. If you happen to grow such plants on your property, the law needs you to destroy them. As a result, the state farmers are unwilling to begin with, hemp growth.

State License for CBD in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has complex cannabis laws. The state requires proper labeling of cannabis products as a company. You need to offer a lot of data connected to CBD. Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry governs the laws related to the plant. 

State License for CBD in Oregon

Oregon is an important cannabis producer. People need to have a license for its production. The plant will be a top-class agricultural commodity in the coming years as you get hemp is highly popular in the state. CBD items also require testing in designated Oregon labs.

State License for CBD in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania lets patients use hemp products. Also, it is a bit complex to use cannabis or cannabidiol items that regulatory bodies need to process. But, framers can get better options. From 2021, hemp processors and growers can get a license to grow and process the plant.

State License for CBD in Rhode Island

Industrial production and hemp processing became legal in Rhode Island on January 1st, 2017. It means that one could sell or use CBD products with a low THC percentage whenever needed. High THC content products are sold in cannabis dispensaries. One also needs to pay the right application fee to start a dispensary. Hemp entrepreneurs also enter into a lottery which either allows or prevents them from doing your business. 

State License for CBD in South Carolina

CBD products became legal in 2017. But, there aren’t any great laws to cover the use of raw hemp alongside its byproducts. You require doing certain things:

Giving them proof of residency

Pay for the application and permit fee

Pass through a criminal check.

State License for CBD in South Dakota

In South Dakota, it was illegal to deal in all kinds of cannabidiol items and cannabis-derived products. But, the state legalized the plant at the end of 2021. Businesses need to get a license from the authorized state body to grow, distribute, and sell hemp products. 

State License for CBD in Tennessee

You can sell products with less than 0.9% THC in Tennessee. from 2015, the state has lets you use medical cannabis. Moreover, one may also use the Cannabis plant for different industrial purposes, such as making:



and construction materials.

State License for CBD in Texas

There are several laws regulating the cannabidiol market in Texas. The state does not allow the idea of hemp crops and products not having proper labeling. You can sell and purchase high CBD content products through dispensaries. But, the products should not have any THC in them.

State License for CBD in Utah

You could grow and buy medical Cannabis in Utah from 2018. Also, there is a need for an appropriate license from the Utah Department of Agriculture to cultivate the plant. A consumer needs to be educated about the various products as the laws can vary depending on the method they use to create the products comprising hemp substance. 

State License for CBD in Vermont

Moreover, you need to grow and buy medical Cannabis. The law in Vermont states that hemp is a top agricultural product that you can cultivate in the form of a crop for possessing, producing, and trading commercially on the state borders.

State License for CBD in Virginia

Again, you can sell CBD products in Virginia. But, you should not use them as a food substance. The law states pre-rolls, cigarettes, and oils but does not cover the edibles. It has led to a lot of ambiguity amongst the consumers.

State License for CBD in Washington

Washington authorities allow the selling and use of medical marijuana but d not allow cannabidiol in food. Washington is amongst the first states permitting sales of hemp and marijuana together.

State License for CBD in West Virginia

The state allows the use of CBD. The government is making an effort to improve the medical marijuana market within the state. The best thing about West Virginia is that common retail stores may sell hemp without using a license if the product has THC content below 0.3% THC. 

State License for CBD in Wisconsin

Stae requires growers to have a proper license and annual registration payment as required by DATCP. Moreover, patients in this state may also use CBD oil using an appropriate medical card and medical certificate. 

State License for CBD in Wyoming

You can grow, buy, sell, and possess hemp and hemp products person. The first hemp law got enacted in 2020. Since then, the state has been making great strides to empower the local hemp market. 

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There are surely few differences in the different state laws. However, CBD is generally legal, and one can use and employ it for controlled use.

Few states are highly restricted in the use of cannabis-infused food.

In any case, there’s no consensus on permitting the growth and sale of medical marijuana.

We can expect to see amendments and improvements in the laws with time. Most probably, we will witness a highly integral and wholesome CBD market.

Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh
Founder & CEO

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