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Making your website usable and accessible for everyone (including the disabled people) may not only increase your reader base also makes it perfect in all aspects of SEO. Addressing Usability and accessibility of your website helps you in the long run.

What is Website Accessibility?

It refers to the comprehensive practice of removing obstructions that avoid interaction with or access to a website by people with disabilities. A website is termed ‘accessible’ if it is being designed, edited and developed for all users to have equal access to information and functionality to it.
Website Accessibility can be achieved by coding it to work with text-to-speech software, navigate through the keyboard alone, keeping clickable links and areas large and so on. However, this does not mean that your website should be accessible for every Internet user, but it must be accessible to your target audience at least.

What is Website Usability?

It is the ease of using a website. Website Usability refers to the position of different objects in a web page, its navigation, functionality, perceptiveness and layout. A usable website allows user to easily complete webpage tasks like forms, payment gateways and so on.
For example, eBay, the world’s largest online store has high Usability that a user with Class or Grade 2 knowledge level can order the products from their website.
A Usable and accessible website not only retains old customer, but attract new ones. That is why the not so popular words, usability and accessibility can play an important role in boosting your website’s search engine rankings.
The Professionals at SEO expert Company India can get your website tested and fixed for Usability and accessibility. Most of our affordable SEO packages cover website usability and accessibility correction under On Page Optimization.

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