Twitter dos and don’ts: How to Avoid Common Mistakes and Grow Your Audience

Twitter is a massive social media platform, and with Elon Musk taking over, it has constantly been in the news. However, between all the noise of the Twitter takeover, one can’t deny that the platform is impressive and offers certain advantages over others. 

Especially when it comes to showing your own personality, staying connected to influential personalities, and giving opinions about politics or any important topic, there is no parallel to it. Moreover, businesses can use Twitter to build their brands, attract audiences, and even supplement other marketing activities.

However, there are certain rules and invisible boundaries under which Twitter’s users get to use this social media platform, and there are certain Twitter dos and don’ts that one should be aware of. 

Whether you are a “Twitter blue” subscriber enjoying a character limit of 4000 characters or a non-blue subscriber using it under the character limit of 280, these dos and don’ts will help you get the most out of it while staying within the guidelines and policies. Let’s discuss them. 

Twitter Dos

1. Review the Rules and Policies

One of the first steps, whether you are a new user or not, is to review Twitter’s rules and policies. It is likely that some parts of the information that you will read may already be known to you. However, there could be some pointers that you are not aware of. Going through all the information available in the different sections—privacy, security, authenticity, and third-party advertising in video content—you may come across something you don’t know about. It will help you stay within the guidelines, and you will not face any action for violating any particular policy or guideline.

It is also crucial because various governments’ vigilance departments have scrutinized social media platforms, which has put companies like Twitter, Facebook, and other social media players under pressure to be extra watchful to ensure their users are not indulging in unwanted behavior. So, being extra careful is recommended.

2. Go through Twitter’s Help Center

You could be an old user or a new entrant to the world of Twitter, but there can always be some confusion regarding the platform’s functionality, or you may not know the methods to tweet faster, and more clearly. Here, Twitter’s “Help Center” is of great help. 

Users will find all the answers in the “Help Center” to questions about how to use Twitter, manage their accounts, follow privacy and security guidelines, and many other things. The keyboard section here is especially excellent, where lots of shortcuts are mentioned that will save you time. 

3. Give Professional Treatment to Your Bio

Your Twitter bio is the first thing other users will notice about you. There are specific activities and characteristics indispensable to building a good bio on Twitter, such as:

Have a good-quality photo representing you.

Your bio should accurately contain information about you or your business or profession.

Make your bio exciting and eye-catching by elaborating on what you love, hate, or accomplished. In short, be creative.

Make your bio that appeals to the users you want to communicate or connect with.

By following these suggestions, you will be on your way to building an attractive bio.

4. Follow the People Who Help You Achieve Your Twitter Goals

Following accounts on Twitter because they belong to individuals or entities that are famous, trending, or endorsed by anyone else is a wrong approach. You may ask, “But why?”

It is because, on Twitter, you will want to build a community or become part of some communities. 

Moreover, you will have specific goals, even if you use Twitter for leisure or to stay updated, and the people you follow must align with those goals. So, ensure you follow the other Twitter users who can help you stay aligned with your set targets. 

In short, don’t become part of the crowd but show a certain taste, even if you follow someone on Twitter. It is especially important for businesses on Twitter that hope to attract certain types of customers. 

5. Don’t Forget to Spread the Word About Your Existence

Users looking to get the most mileage out of Twitter must spread the word in their networks that they exist on it. It is even more important if the account happens to be that of a corporate or business entity. Spreading the word about your existence will help you promote engagement and raise the visibility of your account. 

So, don’t feel awkward, and spread the word among your connections using other social media channels. Mention on your website and even when conversing with others that you have a Twitter account and will be happy if people connect with you there. 

It’s crucial to have a concrete plan that outlines your objectives, the kinds of posts you’ll publish, the accounts you’ll follow, and identifies your target market and overall goals. 

Without a well-thought-out plan, your Twitter account will remain directionless, and your activities will be disorganized. So, one of the first steps you should take is to do research and create a plan to set your goals and put your activity into motion with discipline. 

7. Have a Concrete Plan

Regular tweeting is necessary to build engagement on Twitter. Moreover, put thought into your tweets to increase your account’s visibility and help it reach the next level. Make sure that whatever you are putting out adds value to your account.

Be creative, original, and even funny if you feel it will help you attract more users and increase engagement. However, be open to criticism and do not show rude behavior or lose control over your communication, even if you see some users making fun of you. It would be best to understand that trolling is inseparable from social media platforms; do not let it affect your mindset.

Twitter Don’ts

1. Don’t Overuse Hashtags

Hashtags were introduced on Twitter in 2007 and are meant to help users find and filter conversations. They help you attract traffic and build engagement. However, you should use them sparingly.

Especially if you are a brand that aims to build engagement, it is recommended that you add 3 to 5 hashtags to your tweet. Individual accounts may target more hashtags. But even for such accounts, using more than 10 hashtags is not recommended.

2. Don’t Use Grammatically Incorrect English

It is not a big deal if you use Twitter lingo and a little broken language that people use casually if you are running an individual personal account. However, suppose the account belongs to a commercial entity. In that case, you mustn’t compromise on the quality of writing and grammar unless you feel it adds a creative angle to your post. Your Twitter account shows your personality, and using improper language with grammatical mistakes appears unprofessional and will harm your online image. 

3. Don’t Use Automation to Send DM

Many Twitter account users use automation to send direct messages to increase visibility and engagement. However, this strategy can backfire, especially since automated messages are not personalized. To many users, they are nothing less than spam. 

Therefore, unless you are going to send hundreds and thousands of messages to various Twitter accounts, which is highly unlikely, it is always a better strategy to send personalized, manually written, and edited direct messages.

4. Don’t Try to be Controversial with the Aim of Going Viral

As an individual or brand, you may be tempted to tweet about controversial issues or post something sensational so that your post can go viral. It is a big no unless you feel the topic you want to convey information about is highly important to you.

In the pursuit of going viral, you also risk being banned from Twitter, and unless you have a Donald Trump-like personality and stature, getting your account back online on Twitter can be difficult. Therefore, stay away from such an approach. 

5. Don’t Use Too Many Links and Over-Promotion

This particular tip is for accounts looking to promote their businesses and products using Twitter. In the pursuit of maximum traffic, such Twitter users tend to attach links to every post and publish too many posts for promotion, which is the wrong approach.

Maintaining balance and keeping a schedule with your Twitter activities is always a good idea. This way, you do not come across as someone desperate and can present yourself as a prominent entity equipped with a professional plan and strategy.


This post aims to educate the users on the activities they should pursue or avoid to get the most out of their presence on Twitter. These suggestions related to the Twitter dos and don’ts will help both individual and business account holders. 

Moreover, the shared information will be helpful to anyone looking to make their Twitter activities more resourceful and result-oriented, resulting in increased visibility and engagement. By following these suggestions, they will likely reach their targets slowly but surely. Ultimately, the key to success on Twitter is to stay true to who you are, use Twitter more creatively and actively, and respect your audience. 

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Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh
Founder & CEO

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