Top tips and tactics to rank higher on Google

Though it’s a very genuine aim to achieve top position rankings, you ought to know things beyond this to get genuine outcomes like higher organic traffic, more conversions, and better revenues.  However, there are a few important ways to get on top. 

Improving On-Site SEO

Embed LSI Keywords To Your Page

Monitor Technical SEO

Match Content With Search Intent

Reduce The Bounce Rate

Find The Best Keywords to Target

Publish High-Quality Content

Build Backlinks

Monitor and Track Your Results

Improve Your Click-Through-Rate

Do Internal Linking

Step #1: Improving On-Site SEO

On-Page SEO is the easiest way to improve your Google rankings. When it is done diligently, it lets you optimize your page in a time of fewer than 5 minutes, which means that you can see an improvement in rankings within a few days. But, an important thing is finding out the best way for site optimization with appropriate keywords, whereby you need to understand something related to on-page optimization. However, you need to find the right on-page tactics you can implement in the current situation. It’s most important to ensure that your keyword is placed at the start of your title tag, which is termed as “frontloading of the keyword.” Keyword Frontloading There are several aspects related to this. Google emphasizes that you must appear in your title tag. And they don’t highlight keywords for you to see later. Average Position Also, you need to write content that is at least 1500 words. It is seen that long content may rank higher in search page results. A single keyword can be the number one rank for “Mobile SEO.” You can achieve a very competitive keyword from large authority sites such as Moz, Yoast, and Google! Everything on the page gets covered for things you can easily understand for mobile-first site optimization. However, sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to get long-form content on an eCommerce category page. It is the aptest to publish long content on the weblog. But, whenever you add long-form content, always add your keyword 2-3 times on your page. It’s related to using the best terms on a page where you tell Google everything about your page. It helps you to get the best rankings that you can improve further. It also allows you to improve the rankings for any keyword you want to target.

Step #2: Add LSI Keywords To Your Page

LSI keywords are an important part of an improved on-page SEO tactic. They work well in the present. That is why you need to understand the LSI keywords in reality, which are words and phrases closely related to your page’s topic. Here are a few examples of LSI keywords for the keyword “16 GB RAM Touchscreen Laptop”.

16 GB RAM is enough on a laptop

Which brand is the best

Best laptop in 2022

Is 16 GB enough for a good gaming experience?

HP 16 GB Laptop vs Macbook Air

Is the touch screen worth it?

The LSI keywords inform Google what your content is related to. Moreover, the key to ranking a page on the top is covering the entire topic on Google’s first page. There are various ways of using LSI keywords on a site. An important way is to check LSIGraph, which is a free SEO tool. LSI Keywords Just place the most important or primary keyword into this tool. And click on generate. You are now ready with the list of the LSI keywords you can add to your page. Keto Diet LSI Top Phrases

Step #3: Check Technical SEO

Technical SEO  isn’t much of a problem in 90% of the websites. Such issues are rare, and you get several SEO problems on your site.  Therefore, it is necessary to find out about important technical issues. Ensure that you pay attention to a few things, including: Things such as if your site is completely optimized for mobile devices. It may not be an important concern, but it proves helpful in many cases. Check your site’s mobile optimization as it is very important. You can do it by plugging your website’s URL into a mobile-friendly testing tool. Mobile Friendly Page Green is the right signal to move ahead. When this is not the case, you need to fix things in the best manner. The next thing is to check how fast a site loads. An average loading time of 2 s is an important ranking factor on Google. Page Speed is a vital ranking factor that surely makes a huge difference. Make sure that you get the right site speed tools like It is a free tool telling you all about the best ways to speed up things. Updating your account in Search Console is what you need to do next. It means going to “Index” →  and then “coverage” in your sidebar. In case Google finds a problem in indexing your site, they will tell you about it. Indexed page At other times, you will get a “Valid With Warnings” error which means there aren’t any big issues to be fixed. However, if you get a lot of reading errors, it means things have gone completely wrong at some point. Impressions Validated Impressions Use the Yoast SEO Plugin for sites running on WordPress. The right plugin can improve your rankings most aptly. WordPress is the best  SEO-friendly CMS that needs to be worked upon to make it stand out. Yoast SEO

Step #4: Match Content With the Search Intent

“Search Intent” is important in SEO.  RankBrain is a Google site where you can find out if your site meets requirements for a certain density of important keywords. Additionally, Google looks at how people interact with your website and whether it improves the site ranking? When people are able to achieve what they are trying to find from your page, your rankings can begin to improve. When this is not the case, Google begins to lower your site rankings. The most important step here is to ensure that your page has the right answers for queries a searcher is looking for. When you want to offer a particular set of services or need to rank for a particular keyword related to service, what you need to do is create content that has outstanding and awesome value for the information related to that topic on the keyword. A well-produced content can get a good number of visitors every week and every day. Organic Traffic However, when your content does not really gives your users the information which they are actually searching for. Then, you might not get the results you expected in the long run. Or you may initially get the traffic but later on, it may go down the drain.  Sometimes,  in place of long content which is not relevant to people, what they are looking for are simple things. For example, if you want to rank for the keyword ‘auto financing in Canada’, you also need to focus on:

What is a good interest rate on a car loan in Canada?

What credit score is needed for a car in Canada?

Which bank has the best car loan rates?

Canada’s Most Secure Online Auto Loan Approval Service

So, when you make an article covering all these aspects of a car loan in Canada, you get an article that is going to get a lot of visitors. You can create content with Canada Car Loans: An complete guide to understanding different aspects. Conversion Rate Optimization These kinds of articles are generally in the form of a huge beginner’s guide. If you do not have such content, you need to create it from scratch. Also, optimize it well with the right keywords, and then you can get the right results from it. When a page matches customers’ search intent, it’s not unusual to see it getting 4X organic traffic stats earlier. Google ranking improves when Google finds that the right people are searching for a website and visiting it. When this happens, Google likes to send more and more people to your site. This happens when creating a good SEO strategy.

Step #5: Reduce Bounce Rate

It’s necessary to lower the Bounce Rate of your site as it makes a difference in various ways. A high bounce rate means that people are leaving your site without finding anything meaningful. It also indicates that people aren’t happy with your site. It surely has a bad impact on your rankings. That’s why it’s important to have content that is aligned with your search Intent. It is the right way to improve your bounce rate. This happens when you give your searchers the things they’re looking for.  Apart from Search Intent, you also have many things you can do to improve a site’s bounce rate. It’s also necessary to look at your site in its  “Above The Fold” section. People are going to see this thing as most important when they first land on your page. It is seen that people decide to bounce from sites on the basis of what they find here.  Moving the content up above the fold is one of the best things to do. It helps Google’s searchers find the things they are looking for. Backlinko Guide Also, you can structure your content in such a way that people can easily find what they are looking for right at the top of a page. This helps people to navigate to topics they are really interested in directly. Also, add visuals, videos, charts, screenshots, or other forms of visual content to your page. It helps to make your content compelling and easily comprehensible, and these factors are helpful in lowering your bounce rate.  You can add so many posts in a series to your single post. The more people feel engaged, the more likely they are to remain on your website. 

Step #6: You Need To Have The Best Keywords to Target

This is what helps in improving your site’s ranking on Google.  Then, it brings you higher traffic to your site. The right way to do this is: 

Using Different Keywords for Page Optimization

Initially, go to Google’s Search Console on the button “Performance on Search results”. Search Console Now, scan the queries you want to rank for. The results for this can help you to optimize for the keywords you are already optimized for. You can come across a keyword once in a while that you have not been optimized for. If you’re ranking for the same by chance, you can easily rank for things if you do the things in the proper way.  For example, you may be ranking for a keyword you have not optimized your page for. Now, you discover that people are searching for that keyword but you haven’t the page optimized around the keyword. So, it is best to optimize the page for a particular keyword. You can also create a new page from scratch for this very keyword. And this will work either way. 

Step #7: Publish High-Quality Content

When you want to get a high ranking, you also need to publish high-quality content. Though this is easy to understand, it’s hard to take action on the same.  What does high-quality content mean? -It means that you need to publish high-quality stuff on your website. But, you need this content to be of high quality. High-quality content also gets a lot of backlinks. Google’s algorithm is strongly dependent on backlinks. A site with a higher number of backlinks gets a higher rank and also higher authority. It’s necessary to understand the best way to earn backlinks for your site.  It is related to publishing content that people want to link with. There are few types of content or few ways to do it.

Get The Right Data Source

It is related to publishing things that people like to mention or cite in their blogs. Bloggers and journalists generally love to go for cite in their blogs-data, stats, and figures. When you prepare such kind of content, nearly 10% of all outreach emails are going to get a response. Bloggers and journalists would fondly cite the stat as evidence in turn it ensures that your outreach does not fail.

Focus on Long-Form Content

As mentioned, another benefit of writing longer benefits is that it gets many links, especially when it has valuable content. There’s no limit on word count for blog posts. Content having more than 3000 words ranks the best to allow for link building. Here are items you can use in your content:






Visual content is important for earning links. Earlier on, things appeared as an infographic on a blog. Asa value content-based infographic appears in front of the right people; they would like to embed the same onto their blog.

Step #8: Build Backlinks to Your Site

It’s surely amazing to publish great content. But, your content needs to get back the links, and it can happen if people actually see it. You cannot just pay people to come to your site for just linking back to it. Your content will be like a drop in the ocean of videos, blog posts, and Instagram stories or Facebook posts that come up every day. There appear 70 million new posts every month on WordPress. It means that if you want people to link to your site, you need to promote your content actively. Here are the best ways to build links.

This strategy is also known as “Broken Link Building”. You need to use the CheckMyLinks Chrome extension for this. It helps you to scan your page for broken links.  As you find it, email the person running the page. In other words, reach out to the website’s master and dig out the right version of this email script: Hi [First Name], Here is a broken link I found on your page: [title]. The link to this [website] is giving a 404 error. Here is my recently published post on this [topic]. I think you may use it as a replacement for your dead link. I hope that helps!

Guest Posting

Guest posting is having a controversial reputation in SEO, and for different reasons, the main reason being guest posting can turn out to be spammy. Google states that large-scale campaigns do not require the use of “keyword-rich” anchor text links. Guest posting should not be an important link-building strategy. You must avoid using keyword-rich anchor text in the backlinks. These posts help you set your strategy right. A large-scale guest blogging requires a link back to a site that doesn’t get many keywords. This guest post is considered right for Google.

Create Resource Pages

Resource pages involve the right approach in link building. It is because resource pages are the best ones that have been formed due to linking to highly awesome stuff on any topic. For example, if there is a resource page that helps people to learn SEO fast. This page helps to give you the best content related to keyword research, content, and other aspects. An outstanding resource about SEO lets you add the same page to your page.

Step #9: Track and Monitor Your Results

It is best to see your site rank higher than what it used to be on Google. However, you also need to find out if these rankings are connected to you. There are many ways to understand the way the SEO results affect you manually. You do not need to check your rankings every hour. Rather, just comprehend the right way to track your results like a professional.

Google Analytics “Organic Traffic”

Google Analytics helps you in achieving top rankings. However, what you must understand is that you also have to find out the right way to gauge the SEO marketing results. Organic traffic is very important in giving you the right results, and it needs to come from search engines. A top ranking can be highly deceiving many times. An industry study shows that the number 1 rank in Google is not something you need to aim for. As per Ahrefs, ranking #1 on the search engine is sometimes overrated. A  top-ranking page in Google won’t necessarily bring you a lot of traffic. It may be done directly through organic CTR you need to check for in the next step. Sometimes, a #2 result in Google can also, at times, bring you a higher number of clicks than top results. When you get an increase in organic click-through rate, it means that it just increased your traffic from the same keyword. A single page may rank for several different keywords. If you rank at the top for a particular keyword and your competitor ranks below you for the same term but also ranks for keywords B, C, and D. As they rank for more keywords, they’ll probably get more Google traffic than your website. You need to top Google rankings, but SEO’s gold standard is going for organic traffic.

Google Search Console “Impressions” and “Clicks”

Impressions and Clicks are the right way to complement Google Analytics organic traffic reports. This report in the Search Console shows you that many people in Search Console have seen your site. There would be many people who click your site. You may expect the number of people who have seen and clicked on your site from Google and it would only get better and better.

Leads and Sales

You get a traffic influx which truly adds to your bottom line. People really want to glorify the way you get sales and a big ROI from your SEO. You also need to understand if your new visitors can turn into your customers. There are so many ways to track this. However, the best part is the Goals feature in Google Analytics, where one can see the right pages generating the maximum number of email subscribers.

Work To Enhance Your Click-Through-Rate

Google uses the right click-through rate in your algorithm. You have different studies where you find the best correlation between Google rankings and “Expected CTR”. You need to get a high organic CTR to rank higher than what you will rank otherwise. It’s because the high CTR informs Google that searchers can find what they are looking for on your page. It helps to improve your page rankings and lets you find more people. You find a few simple ways to get a higher number of clicks. Using Emotional Title Tags helps you stand out.

Use Short and Descriptive URLs: In general SEO, descriptive URLs help your SEO in general. They help the Google searchers to understand your page as the correct match for your search.

Rich Snippets: Rich Snippets are truly helpful to let your site stand out in the SERP results.

Compelling Meta Descriptions: Your meta description requires you to “sell” your page.

Step #10: Don’t Forget Internal Linking

Internal linking is the right step for enhancing your SEO to one level up. It allows you to link one page to another one on a site and helps to navigate to another on a site. Apart from backlinks, you can use the exact-match anchor text for your internal links. You may not like to go for your first page for the term “Google Search Console”. When you find out the number of people that search for this keyword every month, you can move one spot higher, and this can make a great difference. You get higher chances to increase your page rank as you get internal links to your pages as you write down about the Google Search Console. Repeat the process for all your social media pages.


In this way, you can a step-by-step approach to rank higher on Google. Begin with internal linking, and this helps you to improve your organic CTR.  Then, you can proceed with building links on high DA sites to get the best outcomes.

Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh
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