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With over 15 yeas of experience, Navneet Singh has helped many Shopify brands skyrocket their sales through SEO, content marketing and conversion rate optimization. Backed by a team of 40+ experts, we have generated over ($5M in revenue for our clients) who owns a Shopify Store selling Apparels, home decor, pet accessories, and more. If you want similar results for your shopify website, feel free to get in touch with our team for end-to-end execution of SEO campaign.

These Outcomes You Can Expect from our Shopify SEO Services

We attract optimized traffic for Shopify stores by emphasizing each SEO facet. The success of 50+ brands validates the effectiveness of our techniques. See what benefits await you if you choose us as Shopify SEO experts for your business store.
Increased Product Sales
By clearly presenting your brand’s value proposition on each landing page of your site and showcasing the details of your product as a solution to the pain point of your target market, we magnetize relevant traffic and sales for your store.
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Enhanced Access for Your Products
Mapping out your customer’s journey enables us to pick the specific keywords they use, and then we include the same terms in your product titles and meta descriptions. This increases your item’s relevancy, and Google recommends your products for related search queries.
Opportunity for Customer-Acquisition
We have the best methods to engage potential shoppers with your brand. To make this happen, we focus our efforts on writing useful content that satisfies their search intent and this way, we increase opportunities for conversions and customer acquisition for your store.
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Establish Brand Credibility
Writing informational blog posts, product guides, or something that offers value to your store visitors and linking them with reputed websites in your industry helps us gain authority and trust for your brand. This is how we establish you as a trusted source of information.
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“The team totally doubled our revenue! Their customer service, prompt responses, killer strategies, and straight-up transparent communication deserve a solid 5/5. Highly recommend them!”
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Our Success Stories

See How We’re Bringing Growth for Our Shopify SEO Clients

Here, we are highlighting a few examples of our work. The success stories of these Shopify brands can give you an idea of our proficiency in SEO. Our strategies bring effective results for each client, irrespective of niche and competition.
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Want Similar Results for Your Ecommerce Brand?

Let’s start with a free SEO audit for your site

Who Benefits

Who can Get the Benefit from Shopify SEO Services?

We extend our SEO services to all Shopify stores that find improving search performance metrics challenging. By using an effective output-oriented optimization approach, we are ready to take your site’s organic growth to the next level.
New Shopify Store Striving to Establish Itself
If you have just started a business with Shopify and have low website traffic, in that case, we optimize your store’s structure, product pages, and content. Besides, we analyze your leading competitors and assist with online reputation management, which brings out the best results for your store.
Shopify Stores Concerned for Poor Conversion Rates
If you get decent traffic but it is not converting into customers, count on us to help you. We find issues with your product presentation or factors affecting user experience by conducting an SEO audit and then fixing these with the best conversion rate optimization practices.
Shopify Stores About to Scale (expanding into new markets)
For stores that want to expand their business into an untapped geographic region or target new customers, our agency can help. We conduct market research, optimize for relevant keywords in the new market, and build backlinks from local sources to improve the store’s visibility and reach.
Shopify Store Owners Competing in Saturated Markets
Our SEO services help stores stand out from the crowd whether they are in a competitive industry. We focus on niche specialization, unique branding, and targeted marketing techniques to differentiate the brand from competitors and attract relevant customers for their business.

Premium SEO Services

Our Shopify SEO Services Include
To generate sales for Shopify brands, first of all, we address barriers to their product ranking through an SEO audit. Next, we identify conversion-focused keywords to include on product and collection pages, which help us boost click-through rate of their store. Acquiring backlinks for engaging & persuasive content from authoritative publications is also a part of our strategy, because we want to cover referral traffic as well. This is the winning strategy that has consistently delivered results for our past clients, and it’s exactly how we will optimize your store.

Shopify SEO Audit

To determine how well your site and its design meet the ideal SEO standards, we perform an SEO audit. Industry-leading tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, GTmetrix, Hotjar, Google Analytics, and Search Console help us get accurate results, and that is how we evaluate the home page, category page, product pages, and other important pages of your Shopify site.
What you'll get
^Identification of Technical and On-page SEO issues.
^Suggestions to improve low-quality content.
^Evaluation of your store’s Backlink profile.
^A perfectly customized Shopify SEO strategy.

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Keyword Research for Shopify Stores

Our team of SEO analysts identifies key terms that your target audiences use while looking for your store’s products, and then, after getting the list, we include those words in titles, meta descriptions, and content. This helps us bring the right customers to your site and stay updated with the trend.
What you'll get
^Comprehensive keyword analysis tailored to your target audience.
^Keyword suggestions for meta content, and title of your store’s products, ensuring ranking.
^Long-tail and semantic keywords to cover informational intent users.
^Competitor keyword analysis to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

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Shopify Technical SEO

Our proficient technical SEO specialists devote their full attention to ensuring your users have a seamless experience while interacting with your site. Issues that are holding crawling, indexing, and rankings are corrected, also the site is made secure using years-perfected optimization techniques. Optimizing your site architecture allows us to help crawlers and customers understand the layout without any complication.
What you'll get
^Duplicate product pages removed through canonicalization tags.
^Clean URLs, ensuring efficient site structure of your Shopify website.
^Boosted speed for each product page, facilitating superior user experience.
^A responsive Shopify website, working flawlessly on all devices.
^Broken link optimization, ensuring low bounce rates.

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On-Page SEO for Shopify Stores

We optimize the on-page elements of significant pages of your store so that your brand can rank higher in the SERPs. When we include target keywords in your site’s content, its relevance gets increased. Your site becomes visible whenever there is a related search query. Besides, image optimization and internal linking are done to ensure connectivity and good UX for your brand.
What you'll get
^Inclusion of target keywords in descriptions, headings & tags of your store’s products.
^Image optimization as per advanced compression methods.
^Target keyword-rich, clickable anchor texts for links, making navigation intuitive and clear.
^Updated schema with product information.

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Link-Building Strategies for Shopify Sites

To strengthen your site’s authority and cover topical relevance, we attract natural and high-value links from authoritative domains. It helps us connect your brand with the interested target audience and establish authority for it. Our specialty in building links is that we always comply with the white-hat SEO practices and that is the way, we acquire links for your store.
What you'll get
^Backlink opportunities for your Shopify brand.
^Leading competitor’s backlink strategy analysis.
^Result-oriented link-building solutions for your Shopify store.
^Regular reports, including live link URL publishing date, DA/DR metrics score.

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Backlink Gap Analysis

Shopify Speed Optimization

We have proven speed optimization strategies that help us load your store’s pages rapidly. Our objective is to make each visitor’s interaction smoothened as much as possible. When we increase the page speed through effective tactics, your overall SEO is positively impacted, and generation of more conversion opportunities take place. In addition, you can witness a fall in cart abandonment rate for your store.
What you'll get
^A good layout and clear font choices for your Shopify site.
^Extra tags deleted from your site.
^Optimized graphics, ensuring fast page load time.
^Reduction of bounce rate and increased reach of your store’s products.

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Content Clustering for Shopify Stores

When we grow top-of-the-funnel traffic through content clustering, there arises authority establishment opportunities for your brand & strategic content plan helps us in achieving so. With topic-based content, we help you enhance user experience and be a comprehensive resource both for visitors and search engines.
What you'll get
^Content clusters around specific product categories.
^Category and subcategory page optimization to serve as pillar content within the clusters.
^Implementation of an internal linking strategy to interconnect content within clusters.
^In-depth informative and optimized articles, blog posts, or guides for each cluster type.

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Link Building
Backlink Gap Analysis

Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization

To maximize the percentage of visitors taking action, i.e., getting converted, we test and update elements of your site. With our battle-tested CRO services, you can positively increase product conversions. From layout to content, every aspect is fine-tuned so that it can resonate with the target audience and drive results for your Shopify website.
What you'll get
^Streamlined checkout process for your Shopify website.
^Conversion-centric Call-to-action (CTA) buttons.
^Mobile-responsive website, ensuring the working of the site on all devices (including mobile, and tablets).
^Enhanced site speed using caching and other related methods.

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Looking for an exact cost and time frame estimate for achieving measurable results?

Pricing & Packages

Check Our Shopify SEO Packages and Pricing

You can get a customized SEO plan for your Shopify site at cost-effective pricing from us, and in return, empowering your store with outstanding organic growth will be our responsibility. Providing SEO services within the client’s budget and driving success for their business store makes us the number 1 choice among the ecommerce brands that want to thrive.

Earning our client’s trust and ensuring that their money is invested in the right place with tangible results is our top priority and a fundamental aspect of our business philosophy.


Why Choose Us as Your Shopify SEO Company

We assist each of our clients with a unique optimization strategy. When you choose to work with us, you can expect a custom-tailored, innovative SEO plan for your store made by certified professionals who intend to seize all the possible organic marketing opportunities, ensuring higher rankings and profits for your store.
Expertise & Experience
We have boosted engagement & ranked multiple products of different Shopify brands on the 1st page of Google for over a decade with our successful SEO & content marketing approach.
Transparent & Ethical Process
We believe in keeping our clients informed about the store’s performance at every step, and ethical SEO practices are preferred, ensuring no penalties from search engines.
Team of Qualified Professionals
We are a team of 35 experienced Shopify SEO experts, who are good at adapting to modern trends, and technologies, co-ordinating with new stores, with growth-oriented ideas.
Cutting-Edge Tools & Technologies
Our expertise with advanced tools’ usage helps stores increase conversions and outshine competitors. By tracking real-time performance, we ensure long-term revenue growth of Shopify stores.
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Rated 5/5 Stars

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Rated 5/5 Stars

“Wow, impressive results! We’re now at the top spot on Google and getting sales like never before. It’s only been 8 months, and we’ve become the talk of the town in the electronics world. A big shoutout to you all—we proudly acknowledge your SEO efforts for our store.”

Ed Johnson

Our Process

We Have a Streamlined Process to Minimize Guesses and Maximize Results

At our Shopify SEO agency, we prioritize clear communication, transparency & attentiveness to individual needs at every stage of the project. Let’s walk you through the actual process to give you a detailed understanding!


Introductory Call & Strategy Discussion

Through this initial call, we understand your store’s objectives and then get ourselves ready to create a customized SEO strategy tailored to your needs.


Onboarding Call

After the contract signing, this call serves to address any questions you may have and refine the strategy further based on your input.


Strategy Call

Then, we present the finalized plan to you. It’s crucial as it provides transparency and allows you to understand the approach to be executed for your store.


Team Allocation Call

Assigning the right team with expertise is vital for executing the strategy effectively, and that’s what we do in this step.


Monthly/Biweekly Catch-Up Call

Catch-up calls provide opportunities to discuss progress, make adjustments if needed, and maintain a collaborative relationship with you. So, it can be monthly/biweekly as per your choice.


Regular Updates and Reporting

Providing detailed reports on the progress of the SEO campaign is essential for transparency and accountability, and we ensure this through detailed progress reports.


Happy Clients


Completed Projects


Generated Revenue




Frequently asked questions

Here, we’ve tried to answer all possible doubts that might arise in your mind while accessing a good Shopify SEO company. In case we miss any of your concerns, feel free to reach us at

What ongoing support and maintenance do you provide after implementing initial SEO optimizations?

After implementing initial SEO, we proceed with the following actions for your store:

  • Strategy refinement if there is a change in the industry trends and algorithms.
  • Monitor your website performance & search engine rankings regularly.
  • Periodic SEO audits to identify areas of improvement.
  • Identification & resolution of issues impacting the SEO of your store.
  • Continuous optimization of on-page and technical elements of your store.
  • Inclusion of updates in your store, to keep it fresh and relevant.
  • Progress Overview Calls (Biweekly or monthly).

How do you handle changes in the store's offerings, such as new products or promotions?

We understand your requirements can evolve over time. You may add new products or replace any existing item. Don’t worry; we are ready to assist in each circumstance. We proceed with the following course of action in this case:

  • Keep an eye on what people are searching online related to your products, and accordingly adjust the item’s description.
  • Organize your site so that new products are easy to find and explore.
  • In case a product is replaced, we will use the relevant redirect to its alternative.
  • Analyze your competitors and try every possible way to make your product always stand out.

How do you approach communication and collaboration with clients throughout the SEO process?

We believe in involving our clients at each step of the process. There is a full provision of regular check-ins to discuss your store’s progress and address any concerns related to the site’s performance. 

What is the typical timeline for seeing results from your SEO efforts for a Shopify store?

SEO is a long process and demands consistent efforts. After onboarding you, we will analyze the competition in your niche, how long you have been established, and your site’s current status. Then, after evaluating, we will implement the right optimization techniques.

This way, you will start noticing improvement in keywords for your products and organic traffic growth from the third month onwards. 

How do you stay ahead of changes, and how will you adapt strategies accordingly?

The SEO experts going to work for your store continuously follow industry publications, authoritative blogs, Search Engine Journal and Google’s Webmaster Blog to stay updated on latest algorithm changes and recommendations.

How do you ensure that SEO efforts align with my overall marketing strategy and business goals?

Our approach to SEO is holistic, and we know how to integrate it better with any store’s overall marketing strategy. While working with you, we will understand your objectives and develop SEO initiatives accordingly. We will implement the best optimization methods that support your marketing and drive maximum organic traffic for your store’s products.

How can you put me in search engine results above my competitors?

When we conduct competitor analysis, we get to know where your store is lagging, and then after identification, we work on the loopholes. Fixing issues and implementing the best SEO practices help us lead you above your rivals and position your brand in the top SERPs.

Can you make me rank for specific keywords for my niche?

At our Shopify SEO company, we prefer targeting keywords that can yield benefits to our client’s website. High search volume and low-competition are the major things that we consider while choosing a target keyword.

How do you measure the success of your SEO efforts for Shopify stores?

We track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track the success of your store, and it includes monitoring the following:

  • Keyword Rankings
  • Organic Traffic
  • Conversion Rate
  • Revenue generated
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Average Order Value
  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Abandonment rate

If selling products at multiple places is the goal, which practice will you consider implementing for the Shopify website?

You can go with our local SEO services if you want to cover selected but multiple regions. It will help you get visibility for the selected places and there will be online mention of your store in the targeted regions’ top search results. Updating your GMB profile and building local citations are the major strategies that we rely on to promote a business with online local visibility needs.

Do you use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) for the optimization of Shopify sites?

Yes, along with powerful SEO tools, we integrate the use of A.I. while optimizing Shopify stores because of the following benefits:

  • Help us learn in-depth about target audiences.
  • Analyze large datasets and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Streamlines A/B testing (we see what’s working better with its help).

How much do your SEO services for Shopify stores cost?

It all depends on the services you choose. If promoting your business globally is your objective, we can help you with that. In case, you want conversions from specific regions, we can provide assistance with that. So, it all depends on the plan you are interested in and your requirements.

Do you provide any trial plan to test your SEO services for my Shopify site?

Yes, we provide one-time paid services for sites operating through Shopify platform to determine if we can meet their SEO needs and achieve their goals. Taking the benefit of a free trial plan will let you experience top-quality optimization strategies. We have included Paid SEO audit and keyword research services as a part of this trial campaign, and its cost varies from $150- $850 (depending on your store’s size).

Do you sign any commitment for SEO Contracts for Shopify stores?

We don’t believe in bounding our client in any contract. However, we always recommend stores seeking growth to take our plan for at least 6 months to showcase our expertise.

Have another question we can help you with?

Get in touch with our team of experts and we’ll get back to you.