100 Stats Showing a Website Blog can Double your Organic Traffic, Leads, and Boost ROI

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Consumer today is very aware, and they want to use elaborate information to ensure that they are buying the right product. Not only do they search with long keywords, but they also want to churn through comprehensive information about what they are looking for. Maintaining a blog on your site has multiple advantages. Here are few facts that tell you why it makes perfect sense to maintaining a Weblog.

Moreover, 90% of organizations use content in their marketing efforts. This means that content marketing is an important parameter when it comes to inbound marketing practices, and it helps to make the marketing effective and widespread. However, first of all, you need to understand content marketing. Analyzing the stats can help you rethink making a highly effective content marketing strategy that helps your website hit the goals and make the right mark.

Word Press Content Management System Stats

1. WordPress powers a whopping 42.0% of all websites on the internet as their content management system of choice. (W3 Techs) 

2. On average, 70 million new posts are published on WordPress every month. (WordPress)

3. It takes nearly 3.5 hours to write a blog post (having an average blog post length of 1,151 words). (Orbit Media)

The average number of new posts on Word Press is roughly around 70 million per month. And it takes nearly 3.5 hours to write a blog with a length of 1100 words. See the number of time marketers are spending on average to get their content published.

Blogging Stats About Readers

4. On average, a reader spends 37 seconds reading a blog post. (NewsCred)

An average Google session lasts for less than a minute. A user spends 37 seconds reading a blog post. This means a user spends more than 50% of the session time reading blog posts.

5. Blog posts featuring an image every 75-100 words get doubly shared (Buzzsumo)

How to increase user time on the blog?

One can increase user time on the blog; you need to increase user engagement with your blog post. You can do this if you create engaging content with a lot of images and embedded videos. Moreover, you also need to make a lot of skimmable content to find out what they are looking for easily.

6. A BuzzSumo research involving over 1 million articles concluded that articles with an image every 75-100 words had 2X social media shares in comparison to articles with fewer images. (Buzzsumo)

SEO Statistics

7. Similarly, using images in your Facebook post will also improve its usability by 2.3 times  (Buzzsumo)

There are several results related to the fact that the images used may or may not be relevant to the topic. But, for making an effective post, you must ensure that you are using relevant images related to the subject of the text.

8. At present, there are nearly 31.7 million bloggers in the U.S. heading into 2021. (Statista)

The U.S. alone has an overwhelming number of blogs. The number of bloggers is continuing to grow. 

People maintain blogs to share their thoughts with like-minded people and to make some earning. 

9. Moreover, there are an overwhelming 77% of Internet users that regularly read blog posts. (Impact)

According to the latest trends, users are making longer queries to get the information they want. Also, they also want to get more information about what they are looking for.

10. For more usefulness, longer blogs that can be skimmed for the right information ensure that the readers get the information they are looking for. 55% of blogs have less than 1000 words, and only 20% reach up to 1500+ words. (Orbit Media)

11. When creating a blog, you need to stand out from your competitors. While here are 55 % of bloggers writing blog posts with less than 1000 words. (Orbit Media)

But, at the same time, there are bloggers that publish blog content with up to 2,250-2500 words. They get an exceptional response. A well-designed, well-skimmed content allows the users to extract information well makes a great impact on how well content performs.

12. The optimal length for a blog post should be between 2,250 and 2,500 words. (Hubspot)

Long-form content is the best way to go forward for creating good content which serves the purpose of various types of audiences. If one subdivides the long-form content appropriately, it helps in creating highly suitable posts for different types of audience requirements.

13. 44% of bloggers publish new content three to six times per month. (Impact)

This implies the bloggers need to publish excellent quality long-form content for their posts regularly. Publishing top-notch content 4-6 times a month helps in creating a well-updated blog that can cater well to the audience’s requirements.It also indicates that blogging is an important part of the marketers’ inbound marketing tactics.

14. 65% of content marketers have a documented content marketing strategy for making their efforts. (CMI and MarketingProfs)

Just about 40 % of marketers had a clearly defined content marketing strategy in 2018. At present, there are 65 % of marketers with a well-defined content marketing strategy. This is a significant jump. More and more website owners appreciate the fact that blogging can offer them value in their marketing strategy and add to their bottom line.

Content Marketing Strategy

15. 71% of B2B buyers use blog content as a vital source of information during their buyer journey. (Demand Gen)

Blogging works well at all levels of the marketing funnel if it is utilized properly. This means it can work well in the end, middle, and the at any part of the sales marketing funnel. A rightly designed content marketing strategy answers critical questions for users, enhances their credibility, and also directs your prospects to go forward for selling the deals with you.

16. A weblog can enhance up to 6% of eCommerce sales. The impact will be X (up to 12%) for businesses blogging regularly for a year. (Matcha Benchmark Report)

E-commerce site owners update their blog regularly, increasing their sales to nearly 6%. It can increase for businesses by up to 12 % if they blog regularly for six months to a year. But while adding a blogging component to your e-commerce website, you must ensure that it works in tandem and perfectly with your Shopify, Woocommerce, or Squarespace blog.

17. Companies that update 16 or more blog posts per month generate a 4.5 times higher number of leads than those that publish 4 posts (or less). (HubSpot)

Think about smart blog posts and create content for them. It will help you generate a higher level of engagement. According to Hubspot, publishing 16 posts per month generates 4.5 times more leads than those obtained with publishing 4 posts per month.

The more ingenious your thinking, the better will be the content you can create.

18. Two hundred million people had installed ad blockers on their devices in 2015. The number has been growing by a whopping 40% every year. (PageFair)

Users find it disrupting when an unwanted ad obstructs their viewing time and compromises its quality. 

That’s why in place of relying on website advertisements to bring feasible content, marketers are now thinking of other alternative and better means of monetizing their blog posts. For example, they may use affiliate programs, online courses, sponsored content and selling services, and other ideas.

19. Content marketing is cost-effective-It’s 62% cheaper than traditional marketing. (Demand Metric)

20. 60% of people purchase a product after they read an original blog post about it. (Demand Metric)

21. 89% of B2B marketers consider content marketing as an essential marketing strategy. (Content Marketing Institute)

22. More than 92% of marketers think that content is a valuable asset worth their investment. (Content Marketing Institute)

23. Nearly 50% of marketers would consider content marketing to be their focus if they wanted to start with marketing all over again. (Databox)

24. 61% of Americans spend three times more time on blog content instead of email content. (Social Media Today)

If, after reading this, you think that email is not an excellent channel to reach out to your audience, you may be wrong. However, blog promotion channels and email strategy work wonders together. If you combine your email outreach strategy for your blog and make it widespread, you’ll figure as a smart blogger.   

25. 60% of people purchase a product after they read an original blog post about it. (Demand Metric)

26. 89% of B2B marketers consider content marketing as an essential marketing strategy. (Content Marketing Institute)

27. More than 92% of marketers think that content is a valuable asset worth their investment. (Content Marketing Institute)

28. Nearly 50% of marketers consider content marketing their focus if they wanted to start with marketing all over again. (Databox)

29. 61% of Americans spend three times more time on blog content instead of email content. (Social Media Today)

If, after reading this, you think that email is not an excellent channel to reach out to your audience, you may be wrong. However, blog promotion channels and email strategy work wonders together. If you combine your email outreach strategy for your blog and make it widespread, you’ll figure as a smart blogger.   

30. 60% of people purchase a product after they read an original blog post about it. (Demand Metric)

31. 89% of B2B marketers consider content marketing as an essential marketing strategy. (Content Marketing Institute)

32. More than 92% of marketers think that content is a valuable asset worth their investment. (Content Marketing Institute)

33. Nearly 50% of marketers would consider content marketing to be their focus if they wanted to start with marketing all over again. (Databox)

34. 61% of Americans spend three times more time on blog content instead of email content. (Social Media Today)

If, after reading this, you think that email is not an excellent channel to reach out to your audience, you may be wrong. However, blog promotion channels and email strategy work wonders together. If you combine your email outreach strategy for your blog and make it widespread, you’ll figure as a smart blogger. 

35. 75% of online shoppers use social media as a part of their buying process. (Social Media Today)

Data proves the fact that online shops that only use social media posting for their promotion run the risk of closing their shop prematurely. Blogging helps in handling all aspects of marketing when social media posts include important blog links-right from lead generation to the education of their prospects. Effective and helpful blog posts offer an economical way to increase your reach. Moreover, blogging will also play a key role in building meaningful relationships with your future customers. 

Content Strategy

36. On average, CPC for Facebook content ads is 96% lower than the CPC of all non-content ads. (Matcha Benchmark Report)

37. Google shares 92.04% search engine market. Bing follows it, and then Yahoo!. (StatCounter)

Optimizing your blog on Google will be the most important so that it can reach your audience in a better way. However, other search engines also have their share of internet traffic. Therefore, you need to optimize your content well for all the search engines.

38. Lengthwise, top-ranking content on Google averages between 1,140-1285 words. (Search Metrics)

The average post length in 2014 was about 808 words. At present, there has been a 30% increase in just a few years. It also indicates how bloggers are getting more and more competitive in today’s world. They must create unique content that stands out and helps them rank well.

39. 52.2% of all website traffic in the worldwide net came from mobile devices in 2018. (Aumcore)

The mobile-generated traffic is going up year by year. In the middle of the year 2021, it has increased by about 2 % from the previous year. The use of the Word Press themes alongside smart mobile optimization of the content.

40. Having a blog on your website enhances your website’s chances of ranking higher in search by a massive 434%. (Tech Client)

A huge viewership increase by more than 400 % shows that having a weblog can give incredible benefits for increasing the organic traffic of your website.

41. Driving traffic to the website is an important priority for 54% of marketers. (State of Inbound)

The report by Hubspot points out various aspects which make marketing an important strategy. It indicates that more and more marketers are giving priority to increasing their marketing and want to leverage the several benefits.

42. An increase in traffic corresponds to the increase in publishing blog posts. If you publish 21-54 blog posts, your traffic will increase by as much as 30%. (Traffic Generation Cafe)

Research indicates that websites with a well-maintained blog generated 67% more leads. Moreover, as your Weblog gets 21-54 more posts, it increases the traffic by 54%.

43. Up to 80% of searchers do not like to go for sponsored posts and prefer organic content. (MarTech)

Nearly 70-80 % of the searchers don’t want to view paid ads; rather, they prefer seeing organic results. Even if they see ads, they prefer going for the ads for localized products and services. 

44. 95% of searchers stick to Google’s first-page search results page. (Brafton)

It makes all the sense to optimize your blog to are in the first-page results. Moreover, it is best to optimize the website for the most important keywords that you want to rank. It enhances your website’s organic traffic as you reach first page results and then slowly climb to the top. Always make aim to reach zero ranks or zero-click results as you do the search.

45. 50% of search queries comprise four or more words, which means that over half of search queries are for something specific. (Brafton)

Queries by most of the searchers comprise at least four words. As users get more and more aware, they drift towards long-tail keywords. It means that you must pay attention to optimize your blog for short-tail keywords as well as long-tail keywords. Also, some users like to ask queries in the form of questions.

46. Nearly half of all clicks on the SERPs (search engine results pages) go to the top 3 listings. (Ignite Visibility)

47. 50 % of the clicks in the SERPs get directed to the top 3 listings. (Ignite Visibility)

With blogging, you have more chance that your website content stands out for all the competitive keywords and features in the top 3 results. You need to create content that ranks high in search results. For this, your content should reflect:

1. Expertise

2. Authoritativeness

3. Trustworthiness

Again, this means that you must publish well formulated and high-quality content regularly on your website blog. This will establish you as the reliable and exports source of information in the industry.

48. The U.S. retailers expect to spend more than $6.8 billion on affiliate marketing programs in 2019. (Awin)

Affiliate marketing with blogging is highly relevant these days. Moreover, it proves that bloggers have a lot of scope for growth, even if they are just getting started today. For example, it may seem that you have outrun a lot of competition in your niche earlier, but there can still be a lot of scope for a lot of growth joining the best affiliate programs of the world.

How do headlines affect blog posts?

With the right headlines, your blog posts can convert easily. This is because headlines are an important component that will easily convert. Moreover, they can easily capture the attention of the audience, and they will also become a consideration for top raking article content on a website.

49. Evergreen content is going out of trend in B2B circles. Instead, predictive headlines ( such as “The Future of…”) are outperforming the different content types. (Buzzsumo)

You need an intelligent and updated content generation process to have an effective content marketing strategy. This means that you have to work for content with predictive headlines. It will help you to maximize viewership and make the most of the changes as you drive higher traffic. 

50. 6-13 word long blog post headlines tend to drive higher traffic. (Hubspot)

Your headline must have the power to attract the users and tug their emotional strings. The best headlines are concise, compacted, and catchy forms of utilitarian keywords.

51. When it comes to numbered headlines, odd-numbered headlines perform better than their even-numbered counterparts. (Content Marketing Institute)

Data indicates that odd-numbered headlines get more numbers of shares than even the number of headlines.

52. Emotional headlines attract more attention and get a higher number of shares than other types of headlines. (OkDork)

Headlines that can touch the emotional cords of the readers perform better than the others. Readers would want to visit your website to find out all you have to offer. You need to think about the user intent and incorporate that into your website.

53. Blog posts get 3.5 X more social media shares than the email subscriber option. (RYROB)

Blogging statistics are likely to get 3.5 times more shares. To meet your goal of blogging smart this year, you will need to take into account creating a blog that meets the criterion of what people like to read.

54. Blogging increases your chances of achieving ROI by 13 times (Hubspot, VentureBeat)

SEO stats for content marketing reveal that marketers that put blogging on their priorities list have 13 times more chances of getting a higher return on their investment than website owners who do not take to blogging.

55. 47% of buyers consume five pieces of Weblog content before they want to make a business decision. (Demand Gen Report)

Consumers read three to five blog posts on a company website and place an order or get in touch only if it convinces them. Your weblog should build customer trust.

56. Custom content builds trust in your business in 82% of consumers. (Demand Metric)

Consumers like to consume blogs written on their favorite brands’ websites. Active blogs also foster customer relations and improve your brand’s image. It is a proven fact that blogging generates leads and enhances profits.

57. Organic traffic gets increased by 111% if you regularly upgrade and publish existing blog posts with unique and creative content and images. (SEMRush)

If you update a blog regularly, it will help you to make things better for your existing blog. It enhances the SEO traffic by 111%. You should delete irrelevant posts and tweak the content with the best and trending keywords.

58. Companies’ blogs provide nearly 97% more links to the websites. (Demand Metric)

Backlinks lead to a better ranking on Google. Publishing compelling content on your blog will help you to get score backlinks. A Weblog fetches nearly 97% more indexed links.

59. Companies with blogs get 434% more indexed pages in comparison to the ones that don’t have a blog. (Demand Metric)

Page indexing is an important factor in SEO. The more the number of indexed pages on your website, the better will be the visibility and the rank. Blogging enhances the number of indexed pages on your website.

60. B2B marketing Websites get 67% more leads than sites that don’t blog. (Demand Metric)

Blog content creation in B2B sites helps generate leads. Also, businesses that publish blogs achieve a better Google rank and achieve a higher engagement. This exposes your business to a higher number of people. 

General Stats

61. 79% of online shoppers spend half of their shopping time researching products online. (HubSpot)

Research is the most important part of online shopping for customers. That’s why people take a lot of time to do thorough research to find out which product will be the most suitable for them. Only when research convinces them fully about the utility of a product, they choose to get a product or a service.

62. Nearly 77% of Internet users are regular blog readers. (The West Program)

Users like to read blogs of their favorite bloggers. Also, they want to get regular updates on the products and the services they want to choose. Data indicates that as much as 77% of internet readers want to read blogs.

63. 60% of marketers revealed that blog content creation is a top inbound marketing priority for them. (HubSpot,

64. 346 million people read blogs across the internet. Adding a blog attracts many readers to your website.  (The Future Buzz)

65. 61% of U.S. online consumers purchase a product if they get recommendations from a blog. (FactBrowser)

The blog readers rely heavily on the recommendations of the bloggers. It means that they are highly likely to purchase based on blog recommendations. 

Why Do People Blog?

66. 1.7 million Americans stated that making money is a primary reason why they blog. (ImpactPlus

Blogging brings a lot of monetary benefits to bloggers. And it also offers channels whereby bloggers can express their opinions well.  

Channels for Content

Other Facts

67. In 2016, as many 89% of companies acknowledged that blogs would be more important in the coming five years. (ImpactPlus)

A major percentage of bloggers like to create content that will prove useful for people for a long time to come. If someone reads the blog, it will prove useful for them for a long at least 5-10 years to come. Writing evergreen content is the best way to do this. 

68. In 2016, 36% of Fortune 500 companies had a Weblog. (Statista)

Statista projected that nearly 36% of the Fortune 500 companies had their public blog in 2016.

69. 60% of companies believe that a company blog is beneficial to business. (ImpactPlus

Back in 2016, 60 % of companies acknowledged that company blogs are highly useful for their business. 

70. In 2016, 15% of blogs were corporate. (ImpactPlus)

Out of the total number of blogging sites, 15 % of blogs belong to corporate companies.

71. 72% of self-employed bloggers want to attract new clients. (ImpactPlus)

Small or micro business owners who are also doing blogging want to get more clients. A large percentage of clients fall into this category.

72. 71% of bloggers maintain blogs for a business report to increase their visibility within their industries using the blogs. (ImpactPlus)

73. 56% of bloggers use their business blogs to help their companies establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry. (ImpactPlus)

74. 51% of blog readers shop online. (ImpactPlus)

More than half of the blog readers take to online shopping. So, if your blog can provide them with affiliate links to services and products, it will further boost your reach.

75. Nearly 25% of marketers are aware that company blogs are critical for businesses. (ImpactPlus)

They consider blogs resourceful for enhancing their outreach to their customers.

76. 81% of businesses said that company blogs are important for website traffic and business. (ImpactPlus)

More than marketers, business owners recognize the importance of blogs on their websites. But, they may or may not have employed blogs for the same.

77. The average company that blogs generate 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages. (ImpactPlus)

Blogging offers several advantages to the bloggers, including:

  1. Higher organic traffic.
  2. More number of inbound links.
  3. More number of indexed pages.

78. 69% of businesses acknowledge that blogging makes way for a successful lead generation process. (ImpactPlus)

A majority of businesses attribute their lead generation success to blogging.

79. Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing. (ImpactPlus)

Blogging is a vital part of inbound marketing and a much more cost-effective way of marketing than outbound marketing.

Increase Your Website Traffic

80. With 52 or more blog posts, traffic generation through blogs increases by up to 77%.  (TrafficGenerationCafe)

Median Monthly Leads

81. Small business websites maintaining a blog get 126% higher lead growth than those without a blog. (ImpactPlus)

82. A compounding blog post will create much more traffic than the one with six irrelevant posts. (ImpactPlus)

Blogging increases the number of web pages. Data indicated that business websites having 

83. 401-1000 web pages achieve a six times higher number of leads than websites with 51-100 pages. (HubSpot

84. On average, a company that maintains a blog gets 97% more inbound links.  (HubSpot)

85. Companies with blogs get 97 % more links. (ImpactPlus)

86. B2B companies that update a blog more than 4 times a week get a greater increase in traffic and leads. (PWB Marketing Communications)

87. A website that has more than 300 indexed pages experience a higher traffic generation increase of more than 236%. Blogs will increase the number of indexed pages a site has.  (Sigma Web Marketing)

88. On average, every person watches 182 online videos per month. Therefore, it makes a difference to include video content in your blog. It can help you attract a lot of website traffic. (Digital Buzz Blog)

 Lead Quality and Sales Statistics

89. 57% of companies with a blog are able to acquire at least one customer from their blog. (HubSpot)

90. Also, 92% of companies blogging multiple times per day get greater chances of getting a customer from their blog. (HubSpot)

91. 70% of marketers blog at least once weekly. (ImpactPlus)

Most marketers will blog at least once weekly.

92. B2C companies with a blog generate an 88% higher number of leads per month than those that do not. (Rick’s Tips)

93. Blogging is responsible for higher success in lead generation for nearly 69% of businesses. (HubSpot)  

94. 79% of online shoppers spend half of their shopping time finding the right products online.(ImpactPlus)

95. Companies blogging 20 or more times per month get the maximum return on investment through higher traffic and leads.  (HubSpot)

 Blog Reader Behavioral Statistics To Improve Reader Response 

96. 79% of blog readers are more likely to read in the morning. (ImpactPlus)

97. That’s why bloggers are “morning people” – The key is to blog early and often. (ImpactPlus)

98. You’ll find the maximum number of readers on your blog at around 10 am. (ImpactPlus)

99. Readers like to share the links with other people around 7 am. (ImpactPlus)

100. Blog commenting peaks around 8 am. (ImpactPlus)


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