When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), outsourcing SEO services makes more sense than having an in-house team of SEO analysts. Of course, having an in-house team is beneficial, but it can cost you a fortune to find an in-house team which is dedicated to constant SEO growth. 

And, even if you manage to find one, it won’t match the expertise of a professional SEO outsourcing services provider. The truth is there are several benefits to hiring an SEO outsourcing partner. 

Whether you want to build potential traffic to your website or improve the conversions, an outsourcing SEO company can help. A professional SEO partner always experiments with different SEO tactics to identify the ones that deliver expected results. 

It means that hiring an SEO outsourcing partner will definitely improve the performance of your website in SERP. To make it much easier, we have compiled a detailed guide to help you understand everything you need to know about outsourcing SEO services. 

Can You Survive Without SEO Outsourcing and Perform SEO Yourself?

Before we jump into the guide, let’s first answer one of the most common questions every business owner has as soon as he decides to perform SEO. 

Can I Perform SEO on my own?

The answer is YES!

Of course, you can perform SEO all by yourself. But, being a business owner, it is not a wise option to handle the SEO process, unless you have too much time to spare. 

It is important to understand that SEO is a time-consuming and complex process. 

If you don’t have the required expertise, you won’t be able to move your website one spot above, let alone rank it in the top positions of Google search results. 

This is when outsourcing SEO service company comes into the play. Whether you are a startup, medium-sized business, or a well-established enterprise, hiring an SEO outsource company will save both your time as well as money. 

In fact, the majority of small to medium-sized businesses benefit from outsourcing SEO companies. Even large enterprises rely on an outside SEO consultant, especially when they are looking to sustain a significant online presence for a longer time period. 

Now, that you know why you need an outsourcing SEO service provider, let’s dive into the SEO outsourcing guide.

Let’s Start With Different SEO Packages First

SEO companies usually offer a wide range of SEO costing packages. These packages are tailored to meet specific business objectives. 

While looking for an SEO outsourcing company, it is always a wise strategy to look for companies that offer varied SEO packages so that you can easily pick the one that suits your requirements and packages. 

Here are the most common packages offered by SEO outsourcing companies. 

Hourly SEO

In the hourly model, as the name suggests, SEOs have a specific hourly rate. The final amount is calculated by compiling the total number of hours they have worked on the project. 

An hourly model is a suitable option for small businesses as well as people who are looking to perform a specific SEO task, on-page SEO, for instance. 

Monthly SEO Package

Monthly package is the most common SEO outsourcing model, which is preferred by both SEO service providers as well as business owners. 

In this model, you’ll have to pay a specific amount every month for as long as you continue working with your SEO outsourcing partner. 

Project-Based SEO

Project-based SEO is a suitable option for businesses who are looking for long-term investment in SEO. Large businesses prefer this model as they have plenty of budgets to spend and are also in a position to take risks. Such packages can last for anywhere between 3-6 months. 

How Much Does SEO Outsourcing Cost

SEO outsourcing services can cost anywhere between $250-$500. However, these prices can vary from company to company. 

In general, the affordable SEO service providers charge $250/month for a single project. In this case, however, the company only target 10-12 keywords. As the number of keywords increase, the price will increase as well. 

It is also important to understand that different service providers are likely to offer varied services under a specific price point. So, make sure to discuss the costing in detail with the SEO service provider you hire. 

Things You Should Avoid While Hiring SEO Outsourcing Companies

While the market is stacked with professional SEO service providers, there are a lot of SEO spammers who only want your money by making bogus promises. 

Here are a couple of scenarios when the outsourcing company that you’re talking to is a spammer and should not be hired at any cost. 

When They Promise #1 Position in SERP

We have a team of SEO experts who have experience of 10+ years working in the industry. One thing that we have learnt in all these years is that no one can promise #1 position in Google search results. 

This is because Google is the most unpredictable search engine in the market. It constantly updates it’s search algorithms to provide users with highly accurate search results. So, if anyone claims they can rank your website at #1 position, pack your bags and run in the opposite direction. 

Promising Results Without Analyzing Your Market or Website

While it’s true that SEO is beneficial for several business niches, it isn’t the right marketing strategy for every industry. In case an SEO outsourcing service provider makes promises without even analyzing your website, it is not worth hiring. 

A professional SEO agency always starts with conducting a detailed website audit before making any promises. The team gathers as much information about competitors, potential keywords, target audience, as they can before they promise any results. 

So, make sure to avoid outsourcing SEO companies that quickly promise the end-results. 

Guaranteed Rankings

Like we mentioned earlier, Google is extremely unpredictable. So, no one can guarantee specific rankings in Google search results. In case they do, they are most likely to be using unethical SEO practices which may deliver temporary results, but are a threat to website performance in the long run. 

How to Select the Best SEO Outsourcing Company or SEO Resellers

By this point, you already know that finding a reliable SEO company is not an easy task. So, here are some guidelines that you must follow to hire the best SEO outsourcing company. 

Understand The Process They Follow to Improve Rankings

Every SEO professional can talk technical, but if they can’t explain what they’re talking in common language, they don’t know the first thing about performing SEO. 

A professional SEO Expert should be able to make you understand what practices they’ll follow to improve the rankings for your website. Whether it’s content optimization, link building, image optimization, the team should willingly discuss their methodologies without any hesitation. 

Find a White Label SEO Company that Communicate Regularly

When it comes to hiring an SEO company, the last thing that you’d want is a team that doesn’t communicate. Communication is the key to maintaining a healthy client relationship. 

Basically, the company should provide you with every single detail they’re working on. Usually, the SEO experts send detailed improvement reports every month. 

Ask Them About the SEO Tools they Use

A professional SEO company will always rely on dedicated tools to handle different SEO tasks. In fact, one of the best ways to identify if an outsource SEO company is worth hiring or not is to take a look at the SEO tools they use. 

Here are some of the best and most common SEO tools

The reason why tools matter is that they ease out different SEO tasks. So, if a company isn’t using any SEO tool, it is not worth hiring. 

How Long Will it Take for the Results to Appear through White Label SEO Partners or Resellers

One thing that you should always remember about SEO is that it is a slow process. Unlike paid marketing, it can take a solid time before the expected results start to appear. 

While it can take anywhere between 3-6 months for an average project, it mainly depends on the type of the project. For instance, a website with highly competitive keywords will take more time than a regular website with less-competitive keywords. 


Even though it is extremely important to hire an outsourcing SEO company, it is not a wise option to jump into a random conclusion. The SEO firm that you hire will decide the future of your website. So, make sure to do your research and find the best outsourcing SEO service provider for your business.