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If you own a carpet cleaning business, chances are you are doing everything you can to attract as many customers as possible because the competition is fierce.

Moreover, you will also have competition from wood flooring and lemonwood flooring companies. So, what is the best way to attract the maximum number of clients for carpet cleaning companies?

Any person with even a little inclination towards technology will tell you that there is no better place to attract clients on the internet than search engines, particularly Google.

Moreover, you may not be aware, but according to statistics, the carpet cleaning industry in the United States has a market size of approximately $6 billion and about 34,122 businesses in total. So, the opportunities are immense in this field.

Using ads and SEO are two strategies you can use if you want to drive the right traffic to your website. But search engine optimization is considered the best of these two methods.

Now, the question for carpet cleaners is: 

How do they get the most out of search engines using SEO? This post will discuss most aspects related to it. Let’s begin!

What is Carpet Cleaner SEO?

Search engine optimization for a carpet cleaner business refers to techniques that help such businesses’ rankings reach the top results, preferably on the first page in the top 3 organic results.

The reason is that the top 3 organic results receive the most traffic from Google users. SEO will increase the likelihood of your target customers finding you by helping you get placed in the top results. When the users enter their queries in the search engine related to your carpet cleaning business, you can target them by using appropriate keywords in your site content

Some examples of keywords for companies offering carpet cleaning solutions are “carpet cleaning service near me,“ “rug cleaning service,” “cleaning rug service,” “carpet cleaners in New York,” etc.

You must also know that users trust organic results more than paid ads. But is it the only reason to pick SEO over paid ads? Let’s delve into this!

Reason for Picking SEO Over Paid Ads

Search engine optimization offers clear advantages over paid ads such as PPC. First, paid ads only get 15% of the total clicks from all the users searching for information on Google. 

Secondly, for paid advertising, the advertisers must pay a set amount for each click they receive. Last but not least, SEO keeps producing results even after you stop paying for it. 

Going with only advertising will increase the spending of your carpet cleaning business. However, on the other hand, organic search results generate free leads.

Even if you hire an experienced carpet cleaner SEO company to perform tasks on your behalf, the cost will likely be less than PPC, especially in the long run. 

In What Ways Do Cleaning Company SEO Experts Benefit Your Business?

As mentioned, getting the highest rank in the top results of organic searches for a business working as a carpet cleaner will likely experience an increased inflow of organic traffic and leads.

But it is not the only benefit of obtaining a high ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Here are some more advantages of SEO for your carpet cleaning business:

Higher ROI

Among all types of digital marketing efforts, SEO offers one of the highest returns on investment, provided you optimize your SEO using the right strategies and achieve ranking on the vital keywords. 

Visibility gain on Google SERPs

For carpet cleaner businesses, SEO optimization’s main advantage is that they will become more visible in Google’s search results. If Google recognizes your business as trustworthy, it will push your listings and published content up, which is good for your business’s SEO.  Therefore, search engine optimization is a boon for carpet cleaner businesses.

Gain the Trust of Your Target Audience

Once you are visible in top organic searches and attain high traffic, you start earning the trust of your clients. There are many ways to supplement this process, like posting helpful content, addressing negative reviews, and, most importantly, using feedback to improve the services and products. 

Moreover, various search engine optimization tasks, such as speed optimization of your site, increase the user-friendliness of your site, which also helps gain the trust of your potential and existing customers. 

As a carpet cleaner, your business’s increased visibility will attract the right qualified traffic, and it also helps with engagement and brand building.

However, how you manage your campaign will determine how much of an advantage you can get from your SEO campaign for carpet cleaners. 

Bring Your Advertising Budget Down

By achieving success with search engine optimization, carpet cleaner businesses can reduce their advertising budget to some extent since SEO will bring in free leads.

Here’s how it will work: If your carpet cleaner SEO outperforms advertising, it will generate a higher number of quality leads than advertising. Since your search engine optimization campaign has been performing well consistently, you do not need to rely on PPC, and the best part is that it will be way cheaper than paid ads.

Now that you know how search engine optimization benefits your company, you will be curious to learn about the components of SEO.

However, before that, you should understand how Google displays results on search result pages. Let’s explore this aspect!

seo team

How does Google Display Results on a SERP?

 A typical Google search result page has 3 sections that are explained ahead:

Paid Ads

Typically, paid ads occupy the top search results for carpet cleaner queries, as demonstrated in the image below.

Carpet Cleaners Paid

Local Search Results

The results section of the Google Maps page appears similar to the screenshot below. It shows nearby results that are related and relevant to the entered queries:

Carpet Cleaners Maps

In the local map results, if your listing appears, prospective customers can see the following:

Your carpet cleaner business name.

Your business’s accurate address, geographical location on the map, and contact number.

Your business description.

Google reviews left by users.

Photos and videos related to your business uploaded by you.

Organic search result listings on Google SERPs(Search result Pages)

Organically ranked results are generally displayed below the ads and local map results.  Almost 90% of users click on organic listings appearing in the top three places of any SERP, so as a company of carpet cleaners, you will want your name in organic search results to appear in this section. Having your name at the top will lead to more clicks on your website, and you will likely gain more traffic.


Let’s now move on to the components of search engine optimization. 

There are four main components of SEO, also called the “4 pillars of SEO.” Let’s discuss them. 

4 Prime Pillars of SEO

1. Keywords

Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking to hire a company to clean their rug. You will probably go online and type:

“Carpet cleaners near me” or “rug cleaning company with low rate,” “carpet cleaners in Washington”, “carpet cleaning agency in Denver”—or even just type “carpet cleaning” in the search box. 

Now, Google’s algorithm takes this entered word and attempts to understand the query’s intent, presenting results to users in paid ads, local search results, and organic search result forms. So, using the right keyword with the right intent is important in content. 

Moreover, you need to be aware of the following aspects of keywords. 

Keywords can be of hundreds of types.

They can have multiple variations, such as “carpet cleaners in New York “New York carpet cleaning agencies. “

Keywords can be long tail, short tail, or medium tail and may even exist as a sentence or question, such as “benefit of hiring a rug cleaner. “

Now, using keywords is not the only factor; if it were, any company could simply include the keyword in their content and achieve a high ranking; however, this is not the case.

Undoubtedly, content quality, page loading speed, backlinks, and many other factors  contribute to the performance of your website. 

It is suggested that you contact a specialist agency like SEO India to discuss your needs, given that SEO is complicated. They will look into your competition and target demographics to find the keywords that can help your website’s ranking reach the top. 

Like ours, these expert SEO agencies have professionals with extensive experience who can confidently handle your campaign. 

Furthermore, they also use paid tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs, making them more competent and ideal for your search engine optimization campaign.

2. Website Performance

As a carpet cleaner, if your goal is to rank at the top of the organic results in the SERPs of Google and other search engines, you must have a functioning website for your carpet cleaning company. 

Some aspects of performing website work for businesses that are into carpet cleaning are

  1. Fast loading speed on every page.
  2. Easy-to-read content structure.
  3. Attractive but easy-to-navigate design where users feel at home while trying to find information.
  4. Having helpful content optimized with keywords along with photos and videos.
  5. No dead pages, well connected internally and having error-free code.
  6. Mobile and browser-friendly optimization so that it opens on every browser and smartphone without issue.
  7. Appropriate use of SEO tags such as title, tags, alt text, etc. 

A professional company offering SEO for carpet cleaners can identify and eliminate flaws on your site to optimize it for search engines.

3. Helpful and SEO-Optimized Content

Once you have chosen the keywords after analysis, the focus shifts to content creation. The goal here is to establish yourself as a knowledgeable, helpful, and trustworthy site in the eyes of users and Google. It is also the heart of SEO.

So, to rank high organically, you need to keep your users at the center and create amazing content that helps users and convinces Google that you are worthy of attaining top rank. 

To optimize the content, you must use h1, h2, and h3 tags and keywords in the text’s headings, subheadings, and body. You should also ensure that the information you convey is actionable and adds to the reader’s knowledge. 

There are other factors, too, like you cannot afford to use plagiarized content or opt for keyword stuffing. 

Moreover, the content on your carpet cleaner business site should also be current and trendy. On Google, people come to find solutions for various types of problems. You can look at those queries and create your content strategies according to them.

For instance, some users may be coming onto Google to find answers to queries such as, 

“Are DIY methods suitable for carpet cleaning?”


“How to wash and clean my sofa at home,”


“I would like to clean my sofa at home, but I’m unsure which detergent to use.”

If you prepare your content around these questions and people read it, they may contact you to ask about your carpet cleaning services.

4. Backlinks from the Authority Site

One of the toughest aspects of search engine optimization for carpet cleaning companies is earning backlinks from other authority sites. These backlinks you earn pointing to your website’s pages tell the Google search engine that other sites recognize and give importance to your site and that you are trustworthy.

Now you may be wondering how one goes about earning quality backlinks. Here, the professionals come into the picture, using multiple strategies to earn backlinks for your website.

Some strategies include writing guest posts, publishing in-depth guides that people love to share, or using innovative approaches such as creating new pieces of content better than the ones on competitors’ sites after analyzing their backlinks, contacting the companies where these backlinks originate from, and requesting that they use your content instead of your competitors. 

As highlighted earlier in this post, earning quality backlinks is one of the most challenging aspects of SEO for carpet cleaner businesses. It is not only challenging but also laborious in nature. Therefore, it is advisable for a professional agency to perform this task for you.

Now that you know the main components of SEO, you must have some additional information about local SEO, but why? Let’s learn!

Why Should Carpet Cleaning Companies Prioritize Local SEO?

Because of the nature of the carpet cleaning industry, most of its customers will come from nearby areas. Therefore, focusing heavily on this can lead to better results. When you look to increase the local visibility of your online business, your GMB (Google Business Profile) is the center around which your strategy revolves. You must optimize it to get a higher ranking on Google map results. But how do you pursue this aim? Let’s learn!

Strategies to improve local SEO for the carpet cleaner industry

Your prospective customers can be attracted with the help of Google Business Profile (GBP) listings because it displays your location, Google reviews, a description of your business, and other important information. Therefore, you should be very specific and careful while creating it.

 Here are some tips for creating an effective GMB:

  1. Your carpet cleaner’s business address, phone number, and email ID should be accurate, as any error can be grave for your local SEO.
  2. If you have more than one location for your rug washing and cleaning,  you should ensure that every location shows the accurate geographical position.
  3. The description of your carpet cleaner business’s  Google business profile (GBP) shall be created while keeping it precise, engaging, and optimized with keywords.
  4. Use images and videos in the Google Business Profile to give it an edge over competitors.
  5. Post helpful content in your GMB description and put content to update customers on discounts, offers, and events. 

Apart from these, a few more crucial factors require special attention when you want to increase your business’s local visibility. Let’s talk about those. 

Role of Google Reviews in Local SEO for Carpet Cleaners

Your local listing’s Google reviews can significantly impact your ability to increase traffic and improve conversion rates.  Every carpet cleaning service should try to earn as many reviews as possible. To achieve this, they can be upfront with customers and ask them for reviews directly or indirectly.

For example, carpet cleaner businesses’ websites can include buttons at the appropriate location where users can click to leave reviews. Moreover, they can send customers emails or texts stating that they would love to hear how the customers feel about the services offered to them.

Moreover, addressing negative feedback is also important. It is possible that some reviews will not favor you or have a low rating, but that’s okay. By accepting criticism and improving your services, you signal to your target customer base that you are a responsible company. Slowly but surely, it helps with local SEO and your overall optimization strategy.

Importance of Other Platforms’ Reviews and Citations

Google Business Profile is not the only place users can drop their reviews. Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, clutch, and many other review sites are on the internet, where you need to list your carpet cleaner company and focus on the reviews on these platforms.

Also, hundreds of online directories and yellow pages exist on the internet, and you better have listings on those. Why? You may ask! It is because of the citation.

Citations refer to the process of adding business listings to various online directories, such as the Yellow Pages. You must ensure that the information you put on these directories is accurate and correct.

Again, as a carpet cleaner looking to gain from SEO, you will need the help of experts who can find out about the maximum number of yellow pages websites and directories relevant to your niche, manage your reviews, and conduct a competitor analysis to determine the best way forward for you.

Why Hire a Professional SEO Agency if You Are a Carpet Cleaner?

It is clear from the information provided in this post that search engine optimization can prove to be a difficult task. Especially given that thousands of carpet cleaner businesses want to rank highly on search engine result pages. 

From website analysis to keyword finding to content creation and backlink strategy planning, every step is critical and demands expert knowledge. 

On top of this, every successful campaign demands a high number of labor hours and professionals from multiple niches, such as

  1. SEO experts
  2. Website designers
  3. Website developers
  4. Content writers
  5. Graphic designers
  6. Digital marketing managers
  7. And more

In light of all these factors, hiring an agency offering expert SEO solutions makes sense.

Our Methodical and Effective Approach for Carpet Cleaner SEO

This article aims to accomplish a few objectives. First, we want carpet cleaning and washing companies to thoroughly understand SEO and how it can help them win clients.

The second reason is to make them aware that search engine optimization is a challenging task where companies should always be on their toes.

Additionally, because SEO is dynamic and Google frequently tweaks its algorithm to make its platform more user-friendly, an SEO strategy must be adaptable to satisfy Google’s requirements.

For all of these requirements and responsibilities, we can help because we have years of experience planning and managing SEO campaigns for carpet cleaner companies worldwide. 

Our professionals are motivated and updated with Google algorithm changes and offer a custom approach to meet the particular challenges of each of our clients. 

They collaborate while taking a methodical, step-by-step approach to overhauling your website for SEO, resulting in a high organic placement on Google’s first page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to see the results of the search engine optimization for a business in the carpet cleaner niche?

It is very challenging to predict whether your company will be able to achieve the desired goals after a certain number of days in any SEO campaign. Search engine optimization campaigns can take up to six months to show results, depending on how the implemented strategy affects traffic and rankings. However, most businesses in the carpet cleaner domain that have outsourced their SEO should wait at least 6–9 months to see visible gains.

Is your company already familiar with the niche of carpet cleaner SEO and how to implement a well-researched strategy for it?

Considering that you want an experienced company to work on your campaign, we can understand your concern. However, you can trust “SEO Experts Company India” since we have experience spanning almost 12 years. We have already assisted several carpet cleaners’ businesses like yours with custom SEO.

Do you charge flat rates for carpet cleaning SEO?

We do not charge our clients flat rates because we understand that each SEO campaign is unique and every search engine optimization campaign demands different planning and strategy. 

We suggest that you contact us by phone or email so that we can review your needs, let you know about costs, and provide you with a report on the best course of action for your carpet cleaner business‘s search engine optimization.

Do you have a team of professionals to handle the various tasks for my carpet cleaner SEO campaign?

You won’t need to worry about finding professionals with the right skills because we will handle everything. Our teams include professional SEO experts, website designers, developers, graphic designers, content writers, and digital marketing managers with extensive experience and the right skills. 

Which particular paid tools do you use for SEO? Can I request that you use a particular tool?

Strictly from an SEO point of view, we use Ahrefs, and if you ask about other tools, there are many. For instance, the graphics team uses Adobe Photoshop, while the content team uses Grammarly, Copyscape, and other tools. Moreover, your request to use a specific paid tool can also be considered. 

Navneet Singh Final

A young enthusiast who is passionate about SEO, Internet Marketing, and most importantly providing tremendous value to businesses every day. Connect with him on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter: @nsvisibility

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