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Have you ever wished to be in a world where all your web pages rank at the top and draw the most traffic? 

Wouldn’t it be great to have content on your website that hooks your visitors and makes them take the actions you want? Indeed, you do!

However, the effort alone does not always produce the desired results. Instead of seeing your website achieving dreamy results, you experience 

Competitors’ pages rank higher than your pages despite creating good content.

Visitors bounce off the pages with very little dwelling time. 

Poor click-through rates on most web pages.

Organic traffic is low in number, and whatever comes in just does not stick.

Conversions far away from the targets.

You have looked into all types of SEO strategies and related data, but you are still unable to figure out what is wrong with the SEO of your website. 

To overcome such problems, look into the SEO copywriting you use for your content creation. It will help you come out of these issues.

However, copywriting is a complex subject and can be tricky to master and implement.

But the solutions are still out there!

This blog post will reveal the 13 most innovative copywriting hacks for SEO writing that lead to definite success!

And the best part is that you don’t need to spend anything; you just need to scroll down and grasp the most treasured tip on copywriting. Let’s start. 

What is SEO Copywriting, and Why Does it Matter?

Although many definitions exist online to define copywriting, most say the same thing: 

“It is such a copy where content written with a people-first approach to keep the target audience hooked, intrigued, has appropriate tone, is written after doing deep research and concise in nature, keeps readers engaged, and motivates them to take the desired action.”

Now you must be wondering how SEO copywriting is different from regular copywriting. 

The answer is the presence of the “SEO” element. 

Writing content for search engines means optimizing keywords, doing on-page and technical SEO, and making content well structured so that Google and other search engine bots can identify the page, index it, and rank it.  

However, writing content purely for search engines doesn’t make it better for humans. The readability, flow, and, in some cases, the context of the content may go for a toss. 

Take a look at 2 examples of SEO content for the keyword “animal shelter Chicago.”

  1. Content example no-1: “Animal shelters in Chicago are great for pets and wandering animals. A place where you can keep the animals in good condition. Wondering where you can find an animal shelter in Chicago? No worries because “ABC Animal Shelter “is a great place to keep animals in a safe and healthy condition?”
  2. Content example no-2: “Animal killing is an act of cruelty that must be stopped. Animals are also creatures like humans who feel pain and need protection. Chicago is one of the places in the USA where many incidents see cruelty against animals, and every contribution towards discouraging it is noble. Do your bit and contact ABC Shelter whenever you need to find a committed animal shelter in Chicago.

Which of the two examples of the content above do you find better for humans? Most of you will choose Option 2 because the emphasis is on writing content for humans instead of keywords, as in Content Number 1.

However, keywords are important from the SEO perspective, but not at the cost of the human-first approach. Here your skills in “SEO copywriting” come into the picture.

Second, there are many reasons why you should take it seriously, including the fact that simply providing information in the content is insufficient in the modern world.

Additionally, there is already a ton of content online that addresses the questions people search for, making it challenging for new content to stand out unless it is noticeably superior to what is already there. 

However, your copywriting skills can be a differentiator and the most significant factor between your web page’s success and failure.

But how? Here are the reasons:

A good copy passes on the intended message more convincingly.

SEO content with good copywriting catches visitors’  attention early and keeps them hooked.

A convincing content copy will attract higher clicks that indirectly help with ranking.

The dwelling time of your site visitors is bound to increase, and the bounce rate will decrease if you write a good copy.

Your site’s conversion rate will increase even with a low ranking because your content will convince users to take desired actions.

So, you must be eager to discover the secrets to creating great SEO content using effective SEO copywriting tips.  Here are 13 of those that will help you:

Use the Hook in the First Few Sentences to Capture The Attention

A hook or grabber is an opening sentence or combination of a few to get the reader’s attention. It can be a line explaining the problem, a piece of data related to your topic, information about historical events, or anything you feel will catch your reader’s attention.

This blog’s opening statement adopts the hook strategy, starting with the opening line, “ Have you ever wished to be in a world where all your web pages rank at the top and draw the most traffic? “ 

Here is another example, suppose you want to write about the “best movies on Netflix for kids.”

You can start like this: There are about 17,000 movies available for streaming on Netflix, but as a responsible parent, you know that not all of them are ideal for kids.”

You can also directly hit your target audience’s main concern by emphasizing it more. For instance, “Exposure to inappropriate content on Netflix can ruin your  child’s character!”  

This way, you catch their attention. And from there, you can create further content.

Show Them The Problem and the Vision of the Solution in a Sequence

Another tip that leads to effective SEO copywriting is to use content to highlight and explain a problem. Then, you present yourself or your company as an entity that can provide an effective solution.

In the first few paragraphs, this same technique is used. Observe the screenshot below about the same to understand it:

When used effectively, this technique catches the reader’s attention, increases curiosity, and elevates the seriousness of the problem you are explaining in their subconscious minds.

Make Them See an Ideal World, Then Bring Them Back to Reality

It is a mix of the earlier two explained tips but can be more effective. According to this tip, you begin your content by discussing an ideal world where everything is great for your target users.

For example, if you are writing about the topic “7 proven ways to make your YouTube channel flourish,” you can write the opening in the following way:

“Wouldn’t you love it if you had 5 million followers on your YouTube channel and earned six figures per month?” “You live like a celebrity, and you get big endorsements.”

But the reality is different and:

You have a few thousand subscribers on your channel.

The channel is not getting new subscribers.

Your earnings are only a few dollars despite posting good content.

But it is not the end of the road for you! This post will inform you about the 7 proven  ways to make your YouTube channel flourish.”

See the following screenshot, where the initial lines discuss a situation where the target user (the YouTuber) is successful.

But then talk about the realities to hit on the pain point, and at the end, the blog introduces itself as a solution as it will share the 7 proven ways to make a Youtube channel successful. See the screenshot: 

This strategy works well because you affect the site visitor psychologically. You show them a view of where they see themselves as successful. However, you bring them back to reality in the next few lines.

 Every copywriter should use this strategy every now and then to build curiosity and increase engagement. 

Writer in the Active Voice to Make Copy Easy to Understand

This is not a content creation strategy, but it is one of the tips for improving the readability of your content. And the tip is to write most of your copy in an active voice. Why is it important? 

Because using the active voice in your sentences makes your content sound more natural and clear, requiring fewer words.

See the following sentences:

Active Voice: James established a photo editing company.

Passive Voice: A photo editing company was established by James.

Which one will you prefer? It is easy—the “active voice” one. Remember that you don’t have to eliminate every passive sentence, but try to keep passive voice sentences to a minimum. 

Pro Tip: If you are struggling to determine if your content has an optimal quantity of passive voice sentences or even if you struggle to identify passive sentences in your content, you can use the “Hemingway” editor. 

Simply paste the content into the editor, and the passive sentence will be highlighted in green, as shown in the screenshot below:

Use Headings and Subheadings to Increase Click-Through  Rate and Engagement

There is no doubt that most netizens skim the content and have a short attention span. So, how do you ensure that your web pages get the most clicks and that readers spend more time on your page and take the desired action?

The solution lies in using creativity in headings and subheadings. Think of it this way: Your headlines convince users to click on your web page, and such headings and subheadings hold them like glue to stay on the page longer. 

There are two types of headings

Longer Headings/Subheadings

Such headings and subheadings consist of “ Power Words”  and focus on touching the reader psychologically. Moreover, they are longer sizewise. 

In such headlines, you motivate, excite, or try to touch on the psychological side of your reader to gain attention. They may have surprise elements and use of power words like  exclusive, expiring, biggest giveaway, limited Jackpot, etc.

Examples of such headlines /Subheadings are

Exclusive Services for Customers to Give Them Pleasure They Only Dreamed of

The Exclusive Jackpot Offers This Christmas for the First 100 Customers

Concise, Relevant, and to-the-Point Headlines

In such headlines, you don’t emphasize power words; instead, try to keep the headlines as short as possible while introducing the information the reader will find ahead.

For example:

Services We Offer 

Christmas Offer for First 100 Customers 

You can use either depending on how you write your entire content, its tone, your topic (product or service you are writing about), and your target audience.

Add Power Words to Your Content to Give it a Competitive Advantage

Read this heading 

“5  Eye-Opening and Incredible  Methods For Growing Your Ecommerce Business like never Before “

And this one:

“ 5 methods to grow your e-commerce business”

Are you able to distinguish between these two headlines? The difference is the use of ‘power words” (incredible, eye-opening, etc.). You can also make out that the first headline is naturally more impactful. 

It has a better chance of attracting the user. It is mainly because of the use of powerful words. Such words have the quality to catch the attention of internet users, make an impact on the subconscious mind, and keep them engaged.

If you’re wondering where you can find a comprehensive list of power words, here is the link to “Sumo 400 Power Words.” The best part of visiting this page is that you can download the whole list as a PDF for free. 

Add ‘The APP Method’ to Your SEO Copywriting Repertoire

It is one of the most recent methods proposed by Brian Dean (Founder of Backlinko) to create effective SEO content copies that rank higher and increase your click-through rates.  

In the “App” method, “A” stands for agreeing, “P” stands for the promise, and the third letter, “P,” stands for preview.

Now, how do you use this copywriting strategy? It is simple! You divide the content into three sections:

  1. ‘Agree’ with your user about a problem, for  example: “There is no question SEO is becoming hard each year.” 
  2. Make a ‘Promise’ to your site visitor, for example: “It will be difficult in 2023 too, as Google is making its search engines more refined, but look at it as an opportunity to find ways to climb SEO rankings faster. It is exactly what we are going to discuss in this post. “
  3.  Show the ‘Preview’ of the solutions coming in the rest of the copy, for example:

”Keep reading this post till the end because it will reveal the 7 most remarkable SEO strategies that will supercharge your website’s climb to the top.”

Using this method, your opening should be like this:

Make Content Concise and Grammatically Correct, and Aim For High Readability

The golden rule of creating excellent content copy is to look for quality and conciseness in your content rather than a specific word count.  

The readability of your content is a big factor, and depending on your niche, try to achieve a high readability score.

You will find many articles on the internet elaborating on the importance of achieving a 

“Flesch reading ease score” of 60 or more. 

If your score is a minimum of 60 on the “Flesch Reading Ease Scale,” it can be understood by people with a 7th-grade education (age 12), and it should be easy for most adults to read.

You should target this score, but don’t be obsessive about it. 

Moreover, achieving a 60 in every article can be tricky for some technical genres; therefore, try to score as high as possible.  In the end, you want your writing to flow and appear engaging.

However, keeping in mind some fine details like 

  1. Keeping sentences short.
  2. Create content with easy not-too-difficult words.
  3. Keep paragraphs short; it will help you achieve the highest score.

Read your content as much as possible to remove phrases, words, and sentences that seem lengthy or unnecessary. However, do make sure that your writing flow is not hampered in any way. 

Pro tip: Use Hemingway Editor, which gives you a graded writing score and highlights long sentences to keep your writing to the point. Aim to achieve a score between 5 and 8 on that. 

Another standard of good web content copy is that it is devoid of grammar and spelling mistakes. 

Even if you are a proficient and experienced writer, don’t take it for granted that your copy is error-free. Use “Grammarly” to find common spelling and grammar mistakes. 

Build Anticipation and Excitement with Colon and Ellipses

As intelligent creatures, humans’ minds are full of curiosity. If you leave anything open-ended or incomplete, it begins looking for answers, and here lies an opportunity for you. 

In writing, if your sentences are incomplete but suggest something beneficial is ahead, you build up excitement and anticipation.

 “In writing, you can build curiosity and suspense by using colons and ellipses.”

Colons (‘two vertical dots represent :’), and three consecutive horizontal dots(…) represent ellipses.

You don’t need to go into detail about these two, but know that they’re both useful for creating suspense and anticipation and connecting two paragraphs or sentences.

Look at these examples: (Note how the colon is used here.)

  • Social media marketing platforms are great for advertisements, but they tend to be …costly. 
  • A performing website should have these 3 elements: 1. Speed, 2.  Simple and attractive Ux, and 3.  Mobile-friendliness
  • Here is the secret of leadership … which will transform your life.
  • But it doesn’t end here…

Write For The Audience and Weave it Around the CTAs

This suggestion is available all over the web; you should write, keeping your audience in the center. It is an excellent suggestion, and even Google ranks only those sites higher whose content quality is good. 

However, you should also focus on weaving your content around CTAs(call to action)

If readers coming to your site are simply reading your content and becoming knowledgeable, it will increase the trustworthiness of your site. 

However, suppose you want your website visitors to take specific actions, such as sharing your content on social media, signing up for a newsletter subscription, or even making a purchase. In that case, you should focus on the CTA statement and where it will appear. 

Therefore, make your CTA lines as appealing as possible, and they should be strong enough to compel users to act. Moreover, the content should lead to the CTA statement, or, in other words, should flow towards it as if it were the focal point of the entire piece.

But remember that the CTA statement alone cannot make users take the desired action; the whole content is crucial. Both should complement each other.  

Following is a standard format to create informative content that flows towards CTA  and motivates site visitors to take the desired action. 

Introduce the problem

Elaboration of the issue

Suggestion to come over the problem

Project yourself as the perfect choice to solve the problem 

Write and position CTA to make the client take action

It is not a rigid model; you can be creative and make the content flow as you see fit to make your target user take the desired action. 

Write Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions as Sales Copies to Entice and Win Customers

The “Meta Titles” and “Meta Descriptions” are not considered by Google when determining rankings for sites’ pages. 

However, it is not true that they don’t impact your SEO. There is ample proof that reveals that they do influence your click-through rate.

The click-through rate can impact your ranking and conversions. Therefore, writing them just for the sake of writing is not recommended.  

Ideally, your meta descriptions and title should…

  1. Attract users by being informative, engaging, or curious.
  2. They should display what the page is about and how it’s beneficial.
  3. Each should be created following Google guidelines, such as the character limit.

Here are two examples: 

1.Title -ABC GYM Nevada: Surpass your fitness goals fast 

Description: Does your body’s lack of muscle make you look unattractive? Access to our Nevada gym and certified trainers to help you reach your fitness goals quickly.

2. Title -Finest of Personal Trainers Services At Affordable Price

Description: Are you looking to hire a personal trainer in Nevada but delaying due to cost? You don’t need to! Call ABC Gym to get your fitness on the right track at a low price. 

Position the Best Part Of the Content at The Beginning or the End

The readers on the internet have a short span of focus. They generally skim through the  content. This is why the headlines and subheadings are important.

However, you must decide whether to keep the best or most important part of your content at the beginning or the end. But why only two locations? 

Various studies have shown that generally, the initial and bottom parts of the content get the most attention from the readers. Placing the most crucial part of your content in either of these positions is ideal. 

If you are going to place the most significant part of your content at the beginning, make it as compelling as possible. But if your content is going to mention the most vital part of your content at the bottom, then you need to be extra creative.

You need to keep the suspense element in the full copy to keep the user engaged by using the lines such as

  1. Wait, it’s not even the best strategy; I have saved it for later.
  2. But there are better options……
  3. I know you want to hear about the best method, but before, you must know about  this:

This post has repeatedly highlighted the point that users often skim the content. Therefore, make an extra effort to make the content easy to navigate. The next tip will touch on it.

Use the ‘Table of Contents ’to Make Your Copy Easy to Navigate

It’s a good idea to make a table of contents for lengthy articles, blogs, and case studies. By using it, you let Google bots know that your copy has one more important component, and your users will benefit from it because it will make finding content easier.

You can create a table of contents manually or use an extension like ‘Easy Table of Contents” for the Wordpress site, which automatically creates a table of contents for you.

 Once you start including a “Table of Contents” in your copies, you’ll notice that users are spending more time on your site pages, conversions rates start going up, and the rate of social sharing will also soar.  

The following is an example of a “table of contents” from one of our posts on Carpet cleaners’ businesses’ SEO practices. 

Top Takeaways

This post’s main aim is to help people working in content creation and marketing create excellent SEO copies that are also user-friendly.

 Some of the top takeaways from this post are:

  1. Create your copy with a user-first approach, not SEO’s first approach.
  2. Keep your copy as concise as possible.
  3. Use copywriting tips as explained above regarding how to build curiosity and interest and increase engagement in the content.
  4. Add a table of contents and appropriate and persuasive CTAs to increase engagement and conversions. 
  5. Create and structure your content in such a way that persuades users to take the desired actions. 

Contact us (SEO Experts Company India) if you want to hire a seasoned and capable team to create excellent content for your website. We deliver content and solutions that will help you outpace the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO Copywriting?

When we talk about SEO copywriting, we mean to create well-researched copies consisting of keywords that are helpful for users, attract users to click, share information in the best way, and at the same time, encourage users to take the desired action.

What are the main ingredients for writing copy that engages and converts users?

The following are the main components of the whole task of developing excellent copies that are great from the SEO point of view:  

Make profound research the foundation of your content writing.

Use your creative writing to hook the reader.

Be updated with the development in terms of Google search engine algorithm updates.

Adapt your content tone, language, and structure to suit your target audience.

Gain as much Knowledge of SEO factors such as the use of keywords, the importance of meta titles and descriptions, and   h1, h2  h3 tags, etc., and apply that in your copy.

 What are common mistakes content writers make?

The following are the common mistakes that content writers make:

  1. Not writing for the targeted audience.
  2. Not doing an adequate amount of research.
  3. using keywords too many times and adding the keywords unnaturally to the copy.
  4. Writing for the wrong audience.
  5. Adding unnecessary sentences to make content lengthier 
  6. Using complicated language.

What is the difference between ‘copywriting” and ‘SEO copywriting’?

The goal of copywriting is to hook the reader and persuade them to take the desired action, such as purchasing a product or subscribing to a service. You can see examples of good copywriting in online ads. 

However, SEO copywriting aims to inform and assist users while also becoming trustworthy in the eyes of both users and search engines by having SEO elements such as keywords. However,  it also possesses copywriting elements that help with conversions and sales. Generally, it exists in longer forms in the form of blogs, website content, articles, case studies, etc. 

Do I need professionals to create engaging content using SEO  copywriting?

There is no question about it; you need professionals to create awesome copies. 

Writing is a special skill in itself, and if you add the other required abilities, such as knowledge of SEO and copywriting, you need creative minds.

 It is because only creative minds can understand your products, services, and target user base to develop copy using copywriting skills that perform and make users take the action you want them to take. 

Can I reach out to your company to hire professionals?

Yes, you can reach out to our team, which has experience creating content for multiple niches and a combined experience of over 20 years. For further discussion, we urge you to contact us right away. 

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