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Adapting to Google Algorithm updates is not as easy as it seems. Especially when you’re in a digital niche and search intent is the most critical part of your SEO strategy.

Yes, your intent behind creating content for the target audience and understanding where they are in the buyer journey is what cuts the mark.

Having a knowledge of the relationship between keywords and how to target them with respect to their search intent is all you need to create an ideal search marketing strategy.

And, one such company that has taken the SEO realm up the notch is Primelis. Let’s discuss what is working out for them and their not-so-secret recipe for success.

SEO Company Primelis was founded by Hillel Brodowicz and Philippe El Khechen in 2009

Primelis is a leading agency in search marketing, social media, and display marketing. They have a whopping turnover of € 15 million, backed by a strong team of course. The company is a brainchild of two – Hillel Brodowicz and Philippe El Khechen who first named the firm “Net Referencement” but down the line in 2016 renamed it “Primelis”.

As they say, SEO is a constantly evolving environment and so is the company. There are many things that have added to their success. However, one aspect that really stood out is how they are optimizing for the latest technology and catering to big names like – Salesforce, Magento, Miracle, Adobe Experience Manager, and SAP Hybris.

With 200+ clients and 80 digital collaborators, Primelis is indeed one of the best SEO companies in the world. Given their area of expertise and global reach, they will continue to exceed their digital objectives.

Exclusive SEO Services Offerings by SEO Company Primelis

SEO Company Primelis is driven by data, Test, and Learn logic, Primelis provides its clients a clear and complete control over SEO factors to get the right results. To create a powerful SEO strategy, you need good market knowledge, an understanding of your users & their goals, and brand positioning as well.

  • SEO Audit: The audits happen with the most easy-to-use and sophisticated SEO tools. For example, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Searchmetrics, SEMRUSH, ahrefs, and some more. These tools feed the strategic mind of our SEO experts by filling in the most relevant data of today.
  • Steering: Personalized support is provided to the webmaster’s team for the successful deployment of SEO optimizations. For example, Asana, Jira Software, Slack, and Trello-like tools are used to manage projects effectively.
  • Link Building: Primelis only picks the qualified sites that align demanding SEO criteria internally and exclude collaborations with PBNs and website networks.
  • Content Performance: SEO experts identify and prioritize the content as per the SEO potential of the pages they will optimize. And, the format is adjusted as per the preferences of target users and Google algorithms.
  • ASO: The first step is based on a comprehensive analysis of apps, their position in the online brand ecosystem, and their download page in the stores. In fact, all the ranking factors on App Store and Google Play Store are examined properly before diving into app optimization.
  • SEO Training: The masters of SEO provide professional guidance and training to those who are passionate about learning search marketing, ads, and digital marketing.

Organic SEO Agency Primelis Clientele

A happy customer is a returning customer. And clearly, Primelis has a big list of customers coming back to them pretty happily or not. (Back to you). But, let’s have a look at this list:

  1. Air Caraibes
  2. Alten
  3. American Express
  4. Cheerz
  6. Fitness Park
  7. Etam
  8. Edenred
  9. Habitat
  10. Just eat
  11. And a couple of more

Here are Some Industries for Which Primelis Provide SEO Services

  • SEO for e-commerce
  • SEO for startups
  • International SEO
  • Local SEO for multiple locations
  • SEO for real estate
  • SEO for banks

Common SEO Questions

While the below-mentioned SEO service-related questions and answers clear the air for you, they also help you make the right decision when it comes to selecting the SEO company. So, read on to know more.

How do SEO companies measure the success of SEO?

The best way to measure SEO success is by looking at these KPI metrics:

  • Content Efficiency: It’s about optimizing content not just for search engines but also meeting the company’s goals through that content. Efficiency means how many content items you post, how many you update, and how many posts you repurpose.
  • Average Engagement Time: It tells the average time that the site was opened on the user’s browser. This means the user was not actually looking or even scrolling the site.
  • New and Returning Users: Google Analytics and Google Search Console give a fair view of which pages are most valuable to users. No doubt, returning users are more likely to convert than new users. Many times, new users come to explore the website while returning ones are likely to buy the product/service.
  • Brand Visibility in SERPs: This is about how much SERPs are impacted by the brand assets including – website content, social media content, profiles, YouTube videos, Knowledge Graph results, and everything in between that showcase the brand value and its positioning in the market.

Why invest money in SEO?

SEO is a long-term investment. Whether you have a small or big business, SEO is a great source to generate leads from your website and social media.

It helps to increase your website traffic, track keyword rankings, site audits, backlinks, and many more benefits as listed below:

  • More brand awareness and recognition
  • Increased search traffic to the website and social media
  • More leads mean more business
  • Higher ROI
  • Increase in website sales

How do SEO firms create search marketing strategies for their clients?

Primarily, your SEO strategy includes – content marketing, inbound marketing, generating more backlinks, competitor analysis, deep keyword research, technical SEO audit, and bringing more users through search.

Thinking about how to create the SEO strategy? Here are some common tactics that will help increase the search engine traffic and thus more leads to your business:

  • Define your buyer persona and where they stand on the buying journey.
  • Do comprehensive keyword research using tools like – ahrefs, Google keyword tool, and SEMRUSH.
  • Analyze your competition using sites like Crunchbase, Clutch, and more
  • Revise your SEO strategy once in 2 months

Top 10 Factors that have the biggest impact on SEO performance?

Definitely, there is not just one but many factors that are influential to your website SEO. Here we mention some of them:

  • Title of your webpage
  • Load time of web pages
  • Number of backlinks
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Domain age and authority
  • Website content – Blogs, Case Studies
  • Keyword density in web pages
  • Core web vitals
  • User experience
  • Technical SEO


How to choose the right SEO company for your business?

If you look up online, you’ll come across thousands of SEO companies that proclaim to be the best in the world. To avoid such distractions, you must stick to your needs and find the company that caters to your unique requirements and helps your website rank higher in search engines.

While Primelis is a premium company and you have all the good reasons to hire their SEO services, see there are more fishes in the pond. So, just scan your list of SEO firms and find the one that you can call a ‘good catch’. 

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