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LetsShave – Sell Shaving & Personal Care Products

ecommerce seo case study letsshave

The Challenge:

Increase Ranking & Organic Traffic

The client needed to fetch more sales from his online store and to increase the brand awareness over the internet. The major focus was to get first page rankings and drive organic traffic to have the maximum online visibility.

The Solution:

We conducted a rigorous in depth analysis  and dig out the following:

  • Client’s  website was neither search engine friendly nor user friendly.
  • The internal pages of the website had non-optimized content.
  • It had no organic search rankings and very less organic traffic.
  • The website content was not properly interlinked.
  • The meta tags of the website were not keyword optimized.
  • The number of relevant and quality backlinks were very only a few in number.

Strategic SEO Plan:

  • Make the website search engine friendly.
  • Implement a strong link building campaign.
  • Social media exposure.
  • Find and focus on the most relevant keywords in the competitive business.

SEO Campaign at work:

  • The first and the foremost task was restructuring the client’s website. This required to include relevant keywords, alt texting pictures, page titles, meta tags and descriptions and creating the internal links.
  • We then added some quality content to improve the reachability.
  • We have then done the internal linking to make for establishing site architecture and spreading link equity. 
  • Next, we asked client for the fresh photographs  of their products and stores by a professional. 
  • Finally, a consistent link building process was started to improve and increase the backlinks.

The Google Page 1 Rankings

Keywords Ranking
Shaving Kit 2
Shaving Razor 4
After Bath Oil 1
6 Blade Razor 1
seo results ecommerce

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