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Search Engine Friendly(SEF), Human-Readable or Clean URLs are URLs that is Friendly to Both Humans and Search Engines.

Unfriendly search engine URLs can affect the ranking of your website. In our fast World Wide Web speed and automation have become important that’s why dynamic websites are preferred over static website for many reasons. One of the reasons is auto generation of Dynamic URLs, though it helps saving time, but sometimes at the cost of website ranking.
Not able to understand, let us describe. There are two types of URLs:
Example for Dynamic URL:
Example for Static URL:
Dynamic URL contains all sorts of special characters like“=”, “?”and “&”. Whereas, Static URL contains no special character except “-“and “.”It is a fact that most of the search engines do not accept the Special Characters within the URLs except “-“and “.”.It is also a fact that most of the dynamic websites automatically generate Dynamic URLs for the sub-pages.
If not corrected the search engine unfriendly Dynamic URLs slowly starts pulling down the ranking of linked website.Converting Dynamic URLs into Static URLs is not a simple task and a small mistake can affect the whole website. To carry out this task, it is recommended to hire SEO professionals.
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