Google Search Console and Webmaster Setup

Google Search Console helps you monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google Search results.

The Google webmaster tool now called Google Search Console (after Google rebranding May 20, 2015) gives you the information as to how your website is performing on the search engines. It has tools that allow the webmasters:
• Check and submit a sitemap
• Check and generate a robots.txt file.
• Set and check the crawl rate
• List external and internal web pages that link to the website
• Acquire a list of broken links for the website
• See what keyword searches on Google led to the site being listed in the SERPs
• Check click through rates.
• View statistics about how Google indexes the website
• View errors while during Google indexes
• Set a preferred domain
• To receive notifications from Google for manual penalties
• API to add, change and delete listings and get crawled
In other words, complete control of your website. However, in order to access this information one needs to set up a Google Search Console account using the following steps:
• Visit,
• Sign in to Search Console and log in. (You need to have a Gmail account for this step)
• Click on ‘add a site’.
• Type the URL of your website and click ’continue’.
• Verify that you’re the owner of the site by doing one of the following:
• Upload an HTML file to your server
• Add a meta tag to your website’s home page
• Add a new DNS record your domain
• Use your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager account
The easiest way to verify is using Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager Account you need to click verify button. If you don’t have Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager Account then adding the Meta tag is the easiest way to manually verify your account.
The DNS and HTML file options are good, but these can take longer for Google to verify.
Once your website is verified you can click on its URL in Google Search Console account and see data about keywords, structure options and more. Need assistance in setting up Google Webmasters/Search Console, get in touch with SEO professionals at SEO expert Company India.

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