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Boost Traffic

With well-formulated techniques, we help to draw more potential customers towards your real estate business website. It also increases conversions.

Higher Rankings

With Real Estate SEO, there is an analytical approach for getting more traffic. It leads to higher rankings leading to rank on page number 1.

More Business

In the end, SEO gives your real estate business more sales and leads. We are your partners for creating your real estate business’s success story.

 Why Your Firm Needs SEO for Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, your site must get found by the right buyers or sellers and investors. Using the internet is one of the most important things for your website. Furthermore, your site must be well optimized for the search engine. The best SEO experts specializing in website optimization in real estate can help you with this. Because having a good website enables you to increase your business’s profitability. Also, several other important things will help your website’s visibility when search engine optimization is done. Moreover, you need SEO experts specialized in real estate SEO.

Here’s why?

A real estate SEO consultant knows how to navigate discriminatory housing regulations. They can also help with compliance and NAR advertising policies while you’re going for digital advertisement.

The best real estate SEO team (and strategy) is helpful as it allows you to form lasting and fruitful relationships with prospective home buyers and real estate investors.

To achieve the best possible results, you must have a top-class real estate marketing strategy to make your company appear in the top search results in the virtual real estate marketplace.

More Reasons to Invest in Real Estate SEO

  • Better website ranking on the search engines to  rise above the competition
  • Higher volume of organic traffic comprising target audience
  • More number of qualified organic leads 
  • More inquiries 
  • Higher sales

Real Estate Buyers’ Stats that Prove SEO Services for Real Estate Are So Vital

  • 44% of all buyers search online for property listings during the first stage of their real estate journey (National Association of Realtors.‍
  • In 1981, 22% of buyers used newspaper ads as the go-to real estate resource.
  • At present, 50 % of buyers begin their property searches directly. 

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For enhanced visibility of your assets, your property listings must be well-optimized so that the bordering neighborhoods and other terms included are locally relevant to Google.

Here is an example of the difference in organic traffic volume for the Madison Realtor website as it was in optimized for a few local keywords:

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The site started getting hundreds of visits every month from searchers finding homes in the local area — just optimizing with a small set of keywords.

Irrespective of the location, you need to move out and about between hundreds and thousands of prospective property searchers in the real estate market of the local area.

In the Madison real estate site, the primary location is San Antonio. Here is data for the same.

  • San Antonio homes for sale search data-7900 times searches monthly
  • studio apartments chicago  search volume- 1700 monthly searches.
  • houses for sale in florida with pool – 600 searches monthly

Ranking in the top position in Google fetches nearly 36.4% of total clicks on the keywords.

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Other Vital Data for Top Google Ranking: 

  • San Antonio homes for sale-2875 monthly target lead site visits.
  • Studio apartments Chicago – 618 targeted leads site visits every month.
  • Houses for sale in Florida – 218 targeted leads visiting your site every month

The keywords do not reflect every buyer’s mindset. Some prospective buyers may not be ready to select a property as yet for several reasons. For example, they may be stalled with associated financial or legal issues, slowing down the process.

13% of searchers are just looking for more information. They may not be sure of the following steps as those who search for things like “condos for sale madison wi ”. However, despite this, they are valuable leads to nurture.

However, SEO for Real Estate Website or optimization of your listing with informational targeted keywords, your searchers can access helpful content. It will act two ways:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Grow your lead list.

How Can a Real Estate SEO Strategy Help Increase Your Purchase and Sales Agreements?

Here’s an example of Redfin’s action strategy for optimizing their content on purchase and sales agreements:

What This Data Means for SEO for Realtors

  • The content ranks for about 250 different keywords bringing 1,100 organic visits per month.
  • The post includes a call-to-action for converting blog readers into leads:

Most users relied on personal computers for conducting online searches in real estate, a decade earlier.

However, with the emergence of mobile devices, the way users search online changed. The past five years’ data indicates clearly mobile search trends are picking up and steadily taking over PCs.

The internet has taken ahead of all lead sources, information, and sales ahead of it.

At present, 93% of buyers that are 36 years and younger search online while finding real estate search prospects. The largest market segment has a share of 3% baby boomers.

So, even those who  relied on traditional sources of the lead search must take to online search for accomplishing the home buying process:

You cannot just ignore forming and implementing an SEO strategy. Moreover, if you’re focusing 100% of your time on paid advertising, remember that the paid spend will not convert in the same way as organic. 

Conversion Rate Stats in Real Estate Industry

  • The average conversion rate for Google ads in the different industries is up to 3.75%. However, industries like real estate, which require a higher trust level, convert only 2.47%. Seemingly, real estate marketers find it more difficult to convert leads into sales using paid advertising.

The market is open, and you’ll leave a lot of money to your competitors if you ignore SEO for realtors. This is why you must capitalize on real estate agent SEO.

What  SEO Experts Company India Provides in Its Real Estate SEO



  • Competitive analysis
  • Technical SEO audits and fixes
  • New website content creation
  • Website content optimization 
  • New content creation.
  • Content optimization for local searches
  • Building backlinks/ inbound links

How SECI’s Real Estate SEO Expert team Will Shoot Up your Rankings and Traffic

Our SEO services improve your ranking on SERPs, driving a higher traffic volume to your website. SECI’s exclusive SEO services focus on three main areas: 

  1. Content Creation and Optimization.
  2. SEO.
  3. Strategic backlink building.

Content Creation and Optimization

Our skilled and talented writers with research are in their forte work to create the best content to direct more organic traffic towards your website.

Content is a vital  SEO aspect as web pages having relevant content will show up in search results. And other things that manifest include:

  • Increased organic traffic.
  • Increased leads.
  • Increased sales.
  • Improved ranking.

The content must get created based on the target keywords. It should be curated for optimal readability with proper formatting. Moreover, it should be structured around the primary target keyword and the chosen topic.

SEO/ Optimization for Real Estate

Real estate websites’ search engine optimization or SEO comprises a standard optimization process involving optimizing their technical health, keyword insertion, internal linking, etc. It involves two aspects:

  • Website configuration
  • Web pages and web content optimizing. 

The two aspects will help to make the content easily discoverable by online real estate investors finding specific real estate content. It is essential to use relevant search terms in optimizing your website.

On the one hand, it will make the website indexed and crawled by search engine bots to make it visible to the target users (real estate investors, buyers, or sellers). On the other hand, it will also evoke the users’ interest and make them approach you.

What our Real Estate SEO Company Offers

We offer comprehensive and versatile SEO services packages for :

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Technical SEO services

With all these services, we’ll help your web pages get a high ranking on SERPs.

Strategic Backlink Building

Backlinks are SEO heroes for raising your website’s credibility and increasing your page rankings. We have a strategic approach to backlink building.

One can focus specifically on manual blogger outreach to get authority backlinks. SECI does not use automated or templated emails to get in touch with bloggers or other authority sites.

We pride ourselves on enhancing backlink building using citations and listings for some of the best listing platforms for getting local SEO benefits.

Deliverables You get with SEO for Real Estate Websites 

  • Technical SEO
  • Content optimization
  • On-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Blogger outreach 

SECI’s SEO services accompany total SEO support and end-to-end SEO management.

Is SEO for Realtors Worth Your Time?

Yes, completely! You might think that it does not matter if your site is at number 1, number 2, or number 21 position in search engine results. But it surely matters. So, what happens if a site achieves favorable rankings for their SEO for realtors? What are the things that one can get with those rankings?

The answer is visibility.

SEO increases your site’s visibility.

Most people use Google and various other search engines to find service providers like real estate brokers. But, 75% of users do not go past the first-page search results. Sites that are near the top do not gain much traction or attract new clients.

Also, SEO can help to increase your website’s visibility for phrases and words which your potential clients will be using to find real estate online. Without SEO, your website just ranks #1 for your firm’s name. However, with SEO, you could rank number 1 for phrases like “buy a house in [city]” or “Realtor in [state].” The higher visibility can provide a large amount of new business!

SEO helps to attract more visitors.

The first five positions in search results get 68% of all clicks. As your ranking drops, so does the number of clicks to your site.

With SEO, you can reliably attract more visitors to your website. It will also help you attract more traffic than your competitors, which means you’ll be the top Realtor in your area in no time!

It improves your reputation.

Sites appearing in top search engine results have higher credibility and authority than lower-ranking sites. The top position also increases the likelihood of clicks.

Over time, your site’s visibility and reputation increase, ushering in optimized a higher customer trust level in your firm. Moreover, it increases their reliability on your content. The trustworthiness of the website also improves your credibility and rankings.

Get Professional Help With Real Estate SEO

Though real estate SEO can yield very desirable outcomes, the only thing you must keep in mind- that effective SEO takes time. There is no success overnight. But, begin your SEO and proceed with it consistently. It pays to be patient and consistent efforts will pay off.  Potential clients are looking for helpful information, and when they find it on your website, it builds their trust; they will turn to you when they want to buy.

Looking for help in getting started with SEO for realtors? Reach out to our dedicated team of SEO professionals. 

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