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You need to take care of your website’s search engine optimization to make your website organic marketing campaign successful. Though you may choose to carry out the SEO of your website by yourself, the fact remains that it is a comprehensive process. It is complicated and time-consuming and requires consistent effort. For small or medium-sized agencies, it is necessary to focus on the core work to get great results, so carrying out the SEO work yourself might not be the right option especially if you want to scale your business.

Moreover, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), outsourcing SEO services makes more sense than having an in-house team of SEO analysts. Of course, having an in-house team is beneficial, but it can cost you a fortune to find an in-house team that is dedicated to constant SEO growth. 

And, even if you manage to find one, it won’t match the expertise of a professional SEO outsourcing services provider. The truth is there are several benefits to hiring an SEO outsourcing partner. 

Whether you want to build potential traffic to your website or improve conversions, an outsourcing SEO company can help. A professional SEO partner always experiments with different outsourcing SEO tactics to identify the ones that deliver the expected results. 

It means that hiring an outsourcing SEO partner will definitely improve the performance of your website in SERP. 

In most companies, in-house teams provide for traditional forms of marketing. Nevertheless, different website owners must understand the complex and creative nature of outsourcing SEO.

A good outsourcing SEO team can provide specialist work for assisting technical development and content production requiring expert knowledge. It is important to understand that outsourcing SEO helps businesses to run high-quality comprehensive SEO campaigns at cost-effective rates.

If you want outsourcing SEO, use this guide to understand what benefits you get to do so. There are several aspects that you must consider before you start on it. To make it much easier, we have compiled a detailed guide to help you understand everything you need to know about outsourcing SEO services.

What is SEO Outsourcing?

Outsourcing SEO helps companies that want to expand their search engine optimization practices without having an internal team on a permanent basis.

It gives a company a great deal of flexibility and allows a business to expand its SEO campaigns cost-effectively.

How do You Want to Outsource?

There are several situations when it is great for businesses to outsource their SEO and digital marketing needs.

For instance, when a company releases a new service or product, it may need a new website, also if the website is getting a new design, it may require transfer of SEO attributes on the new platform. In such cases, the business can employ professional services of an SEO company.

All businesses do not have their in-house SEO team. They can choose to outsource these services from top-class overseas digital agencies having great skills and experience. But, you will need to understand about the exclusive services they give for all the SEO elements. Having a dedicated outsourced team is a flexible and attractive option. Several SMEs and also the largest companies in the world want to outsource their SEO.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing SEO?

There are so many benefits you must consider before outsourcing SEO.

Let’s sneak peek at them.

It’s Cost-Effective: Effective and good Services are available from some of the best external professionals at very reasonable prices. This will save you more than hiring an in-house team as you don’t need to pay employment costs, including national insurance or provident funds.

It is Efficient: You can use several tools and programs like Flowdock, Slack, and  Microsoft Teams to monitor the progress of the various internal and offsite teams. It will help you to get in regular touch.

Achieve Your Goals Faster: There is no need to worry about pre-planning or delays. If you hire outsourcing SEO specialists, you will be able to deliver the right message in accordance with the timeline. A good agency does its best in implementing highly effective digital marketing strategies for your business.

The SEO company focuses on curating the right quality content for your business depending on your business’ goals, objectives, and expectations. Managing the different aspects of your campaign will help them in driving organic traffic to your website. You need to prepare well to serve potential customers or clients.

The process takes a while before it gives the results. However, surely, outsourcing is more productive than doing SEO. It can help you achieve your goals far more quickly because the team of SEO specialists can help you with that.

You Save Time: Optimizing your website involves researching keywords and analyzing the competitors. These tasks prove helpful when it comes to search engine optimization.

You cannot accomplish all your tasks by yourself. That’s why it’s advisable to consider finding the right outsourcing SEO company which can help you. You will be able to achieve your objectives properly with the help of professionals. SEO specialists can help you to manage your workload as you focus on other essential tasks.

You can Find Niche Experts: Your in-house team members will have a general knowledge of SEO and outsourcing will allow you to source the experts in specific niches.

Building a Network of Professionals: If you have several kinds of experts on hand as you require, it will give you a priceless benefit and you can get the same with outsourcing of your SEO.

No Need to Train: You need to understand how the process works. Also, it can take some time before you can completely get into how outsourcing SEO services function. Hiring a digital marketing agency will help you with the same. Outsourcing your search engine optimization services will help you in doing your SEO. Also, you must study and learn about the principles of search engine optimization if the outsourcing SEO company you choose gives you an insight into the subject matter.

It Helps to Stay Updated with the Latest Trends: Staying aware and updated on excellent outsourcing SEO services is important. It helps you to find the latest changes and trends in the industry. Digital marketing agencies are constantly watching out for the latest news, such as Google’s search engine algorithm updates. This is important because Google is constantly updating its search engine, with nearly 400 changes taking place in a year. The outsourcing SEO company you hire ensures that an SEO campaign gets adapted and optimized according to the changes in the industry.

Gives you Higher Control and Flexibility: When it comes to outsourcing, you will do better if you choose digital marketing services of an agency which gives its employees the right training and experience. It gives you more time for monitoring the different aspects of various businesses. It lets you have greater control on your digital marketing campaign.

Having more time means you can check all the crucial aspects of your digital marketing campaign. You can control any part of your strategy and make any necessary changes.

Also, your business needs and expectations will change sometimes. With the help of an SEO company, you will be able to adjust your strategy in the right way as outsourcing SEO is flexible. Outsourcing will help you to cater to your specific needs. There can be sudden fluctuations or changes which will no longer be a problem.

Things You Must Consider in General

Do Your Research: You need good company. It will help if you do thorough background and quality checks before you agree to any work.

Can You Establish a Rapport?: Outsourcing SEO can be beneficial in general, some companies might choose improper or discredited tactics. However, it can certainly be bad for aspects such as link building.

Do They Keep Their Schedule Intact?: Check what their previous clients have said in terms of carrying out the work on schedule and sending timely reports.

Is the Communication Happening Right: Though outsourcing to another country will prove highly beneficial to you, you must consider if the changes in time zones affect clear communication like meetings. How can you coordinate the same?

Understanding Their Culture: Though it is something that is related to day-to-day concerns of office life, the different issues related to the culture must be addressed so that the relationship works for everyone.

For working in different time zones, the criteria which will work include:

Enforcement of a powerful project management process and documentation. If you’re not working in the same time zone like the team you’ve hired. So, it will be important for you to check on the task at any time and know how it is proceeding. An appropriate communication channel should be outlined for giving this crucial information.

Researching a Company

The internet is flooded with options, both at home as well as abroad for outsourcing SEO. There are also various areas to investigate and ensure that the company provides you with the required services and work.

Beginning with the basics and search for the agency’s name and the reviews on sites on Google or Bing. Find the mentions on social media sites, and SEO forums, and industry websites. You can read several discussions about the agency which you are reviewing.

Also, check their website reputation. You have to understand if the company has the right people and there is low attrition. It is worthwhile to take a look at the Glassdoor reviews of the agency. It will give you a good idea of the way the company operates.

PRO TIP 1: Do not only rely on online reviews of the company. It is fairly easy to manipulate and post fake reviews. Always look at the profiles to check if they are legitimate. Always view sites with all five-star reviews with skepticism. Moreover, you need to be cautious to investigate further.

The most important thing to ensure is that the company employs responsible SEO tactics. Check its website thoroughly and keep an eye on the terminology which indicates red flags.

Do not go for unrealistic promises like “guaranteed rankings” or the wrong ones like “Top of Google” which only indicate that the company needs to be avoided.

Carrying out deeper research like checking the company’s rankings and backlinks to find if it is dealing with spammy SEO tactics or something which goes against Google’s guidelines.

PROTIP 2: Use Ahrefs‘ site explorer to find backlinks which you can use in the site’s seven-day trial. Find out the quality of the sites linking to the site-in-question. 

It can be possible to hide PBN links using popular tools like Ahrefs. Also, use the Wayback Machine to find the history of the site. If a particular site looks very different in its design, there is a great chance that the site is part of a PBN. If you find poor quality sites which are not relevant to the linking site, then it may be possible that the links are part of a PBN (Private Blog Network). Check for over-optimized anchor text and organic traffic.

Finding the right offshore SEO talent is not difficult. There are several brilliant people who live out of your place. A brilliant strategy is to ask them to fill a questionnaire. Find out how they want to assess the various SEO scenarios and how they will find new and relevant content for pitching. If the content gets designed for outreach, you can ask them to sample a few email pitches.  

Website owners who hire talent from overseas advise that it is useful to pay people for their time. Paying well to a group of great teams of SEO content writers can help you get some exceptional work.  

Therefore, the research is like an investment for building a great portfolio. Getting in touch with an agency that you want to work with will involve arranging a meeting while inviting your team members, especially if the team is going to liaise with the company.

You will need an account manager or a person having some knowledge of the service you are looking for. If you do not have any staff members of this kind, then choose an experienced SEO Consultant to help you hire the right company.

An SEO Consultant will help you ask the right questions so that you can hire the right people for the job. It means you need someone with the least knowledge of SEO, so that you can work with someone having the right knowledge.

Without the right knowledge, you may hire an unqualified person, or you may become the victim of a scam.

It is important to ask the right industry related questions with your call. Find out what skills they have. Also, ask inquire about any recent development or ask them to give you the SEO updates. It will help you to understand if the company can stay up to date with the latest industry news.

Examples of questions that you might want to ask include:

How will your company measure an SEO project’s success?

It is important to understand if your site is on a Mobile first index?

Do they understand the importance of E.A.T characteristics?

Do they have knowledge for favicon optimization?

How experienced is their SEO team and who will be the people you will be working with?

Ask if the team members will have specialized roles?

When it comes to the last question, it will be the best to have an SEO team which have members specialized roles and will do only a bit of everything.

A specialist SEO team comprises the following roles and takes care of exceptions and variations as well, based on the company. It includes:

Account manager had of SEO.

Content specialist

Technical consultant

Outreach and PR specialist

Junior or executive members

SEO consultant

What Aspects of SEO can You Outsource?

It will important for you to decide about the different aspects of SEO you want to outsource. It will be based on several factors such as skill levels, expenses and time constraints. Break down your SEO into different areas and find out the tasks you want to outsource.

I don’t recommend outsourcing some of the strategic SEO tasks as you may need to do this in-house or with the help of a contractor.

On Page Tasks

These are tasks that are directly involved with your website and can include:

Meta title and description optimization and production.

Content creation.

Image optimization.

Internal link audits and structure reviews.

Usability and accessibility audits.

Keyword research.

Off-Page Tasks

There are jobs dealing with an SEO campaign outside of the website. It can be for

Email outreach

Link prospecting 

Content marketing research.

Competitor research.

Link building.

Outsource prospect creating.

Link building is an integral part of SEO which experienced offsite professionals cater to. The task of acquiring links from useful and top-quality websites is important.

Important tips for link building is for an offshore team:

  1. A transparent project management system will help you to check your work and give you feedback.
  2. Your offshore team must have all they need (for example specific templated replies, logins, and info) so that they can outreach on your behalf. You must provide this even if they do not ask for it. It will be very easy for them.

You are likely to achieve complete success if you need to understand all sorts of things you have a good understanding about. In other cases, you might also do them yourselves. 

With an understanding of what ‘good work’ looks like and what ‘crap work’ looks like,  you will be able to do outcome-based hiring which is not easy for link building. Moreover, there may be a lot of variables to consider.

Why Should You Outsource and Work with a Private Label SEO Company?

You cannot understate the benefits of outsourcing your SEO services and also what impact it will have on your agency. This is going to be an important decision requiring a complete commitment so that you get success.

  1. It will spare you time to grow your agency: Outsourcing the right SEO company, you will be able to focus on core activities like selling. Having a good outsourcing partner is the trick that will help you. As you trust their methodology, you will feel comfortable that they can deliver results for your clients. They will work in the background to get your job done and it will help you to focus on increasing your existing client relationships and getting more clients.
  2. You will have experts managing your SEO. You can leave aside worries for training or hiring more staff to carry out SEO work to develop a strategy that works.

You get an extended team without incurring any overhead costs related to hiring in-house experts. Moreover, you also benefit from using years of tried and tested SEO strategies.

  1. You get more opportunities to tap the large pool of knowledge to establish your agency’s expertise.

You will be providing your sales team with the training and resources they require for selling the SEO methodology and also set your expectations from clients and customers right. 

Outsourcing SEO Checklist

You must know why you should consider outsourcing your SEO. Delving into some of the most important things, you need to look for considering an SEO provider is letting clients know that they’re in safe hands. So, if you outsource your SEO, you must also have a sense of security for making the right decision.

This checklist will come in handy to help you find the right SEO services from the right outsourcing provider.

Month-to-Month Services

The monthly services in the campaign will be an on-going process. You need to know about the amount of content they can give you for every campaign? Additionally,you need to know about the SEO work needed? You must have a  clear knowledge about all services they provide so that you can get value back from what you pay.

SEO Packages

Make sure that you do a  lot of background research about the white label SEO packages they offer to ensure that it can meet your clients’ requirements. you also must understand if the markup price keeps things profitable for you.

Staff Support and Expertise

You also need to know who the people working on your campaigns are. It counts to have trusted and qualified people  on your project to get the job done. Discuss your requirements with them as they call. The conversation helps you understand more about their communication capabilities.


Though outsourcing SEO is involves getting people to work on your campaigns; but it makes a difference to use the available tools and technology so that your campaigns roll on. Sign up on the software or dashboard. Ask them to give a demo, if  they do not provide access before you  pay..

Available Resources

It is vital to expand your knowledge base more than others. Therefore, it is  very important that your outsourcing company allows you access to  various resources including: 

Sales materials

Training guides



And the whole suite.

The Big No-no’s When Outsourcing Your SEO

We have prepared a list that will help you to get SEO services from a top outsourcing partner. The checklist will prove handy and help you to get what you require.

 Don’t Follow Google’s Guidelines

If an agency does not follow Google’s guidelines, it will be bad news for you. You must not risk your clients and your agency’s reputation if you go to the right outsourcing company with the help of black hat tactics. Make sure that you ask for samples of work and case studies for ensuring that they will be working within Google’s guidelines. We take into account the best interests of your clients, so we design the different methodologies according to Google’s guidelines.

They Give You Fast Results

If you like to say that your clients will be on page one overnight, SEO will not work in the same way. When it comes to the methodology, positive ranking takes only about 1-3 months.  The first page rankings will be achieved in just 6-8 months. If a provider says that they can help your clients to rank on the first page in just a few days, just run away from there.

They Don’t Have Proof that their Methodology Works

If they publish case studies and whitepapers portraying the effectiveness of the methodology they use. If a provider does not have any form of proof to back up their methodology, it is useful to find a different provider.

They Lack Knowledge of the Most Important Digital Marketing Trends

You require something new in SEO. If the provider is not up-to-date with these trends, you will miss SEO’s value and it means that you will be doing a disservice to your clients. A good SEO outsourcing team wouldn’t do this.

Available Resources

Expanding the knowledge base puts your agency get ahead of others. So, it’s very important that your outsourcing provider gives you access to sales materials, training guides, contracts, proposals, the whole suite.

They Don’t Send SEO Reports

There’s no sense in hiring an outsourcing SEO provider if you cannot see the way your content progresses. When the campaigns are different, it is not easy to relate them to your clients. Reports provide you with a better picture of your SEO campaign performance. A good team will send them to you every month providing you access to view the progress in time.

Clear All Your Doubts!

It is necessary to talk to your potential outsource to understand a few things. The first thing is that they should be able to answer all your concerns confidently. Secondly, they also have great communication skills. Here are a few of the most important questions you must ask your

Outsourcing Company

You Need to Understand Who Will Work on Your Client’s Campaigns

Find out how you will be handling your client’s campaign. And you also need to understand who is going to be your contact person.  You also need to gauge the knowledge of the person. With SEO Experts Company India, you will have a dedicated project manager to check the things for your campaign. You need to have  SEO specialists implement your strategies for the client.

What Ways They will Use to Align Your SEO with Other Digital Marketing Initiatives

SEO is not a stand-alone service, and the experts won’t rely on SEO alone. Their response to this question would tell you in what way SEO complements the other digital marketing services such as PPC and SEO

Social and SEO

 Website Design 

and SEO.

Which SEO Tools Are You Using?

Our SEO strategy is only as good as the tools your provider is using. There are several tools you can use and there are also other ones that providers will use for black hat strategies. 

If your provider wants to enumerate the tools such as 


The Best Spinner

Scrape Box

SEMRushAhrefsBuzzSumo, are few other legit SEO tools you must use along with the right proprietary dashboard.

Who Will Maintain Ownership of All Optimized Content?

It is surely a great concern. It is important to get a clear understanding of the person who will take ownership of all the optimized content at the end of your contract or if you decide to want to shift to a new provider. You need to ensure that you get a guarantee on all the work you are paying for remains yours as the business relationship ends. Our team will work on a monthly basis without putting our customers in a lock-in contract. We will hand over the work to our partners as the relationship comes to an end. This means that we do not bind our partners to stay but we work to give them great results.

What Types of Reports do You Send?

With our reports, you get a chance to see how the provider presents and interprets the results of their SEO strategy. You need an easy-to-understand report so that you can give the information to your clients. We offered the best reports with our monthly executive reports, on-page SEO analysis, website audits, and proposals giving recommendations to our partners to implement the same on client websites.

Do They Share Their Success Story?

Results tell how well the SEO is done. Stay away from providers who do not want to share any success stories. The best outsourcing SEO company will walk you through several case studies to share their past work. You will get more reasons to join them if they have a success story to share, whitepapers, and case studies as proof.

How to Get Started When Outsourcing SEO?

Before starting the work, there will be a number of steps you need to take so that you get a reliable service.

What you need is a clear understanding of your requirements.

If you’re ot clear on what you want to gain, it will be difficult for your agency or a freelancer to achieve all sorts of goals.

Before starting an advertising or prospecting company, you must set out a plan of your goals or what you want from your SEO campaign. Keep in mind that you are realistic about your goals and the campaign.

You may also want to rank for commercial or product pages and increase brand awareness, and expand your company into new countries having a clear understanding of what you require and make the freelancer aware of the same at the very start.

PRO TIP: Offering as much help as possible is the best thing to do while working with outsourcers. Do not assume they know about the different aspects magically and understand what you are communicating. Many of the outsourcing companies are non-native English speakers and they may have cultural imposition where they consider it disrespectful to tell you that they do not know what you are speaking. You can counter this situation if you take the right screenshots, screen recordings, and pictures of hand-drawn diagrams for illustrating the points.

You also need to work on the pricing.

Let’s Start With Different SEO Packages First

SEO companies usually offer a wide range of SEO costing packages. These packages are tailored to meet specific business objectives. 

While looking for an SEO outsourcing company, it is always a wise strategy to look for companies that offer varied SEO packages so that you can easily pick the one that suits your requirements and packages. 

Here are the most common packages offered by SEO outsourcing companies. 

Hourly SEO

In the hourly model, as the name suggests, SEOs have a specific hourly rate. The final amount is calculated by compiling the total number of hours they have worked on the project. 

An hourly model is a suitable option for small businesses as well as people who are looking to perform a specific SEO task, on-page SEO, for instance. 

Monthly SEO Package

Monthly package is the most common SEO outsourcing model, which is preferred by both SEO service providers as well as business owners. 

In this model, you’ll have to pay a specific amount every month for as long as you continue working with your SEO outsourcing partner. 

Project-Based SEO

Project-based SEO is a suitable option for businesses that are looking for long-term investment in SEO. Large businesses prefer this model as they have plenty of budgets to spend and are also in a position to take risks. Such packages can last for anywhere between 3-6 months. 

How Much Does SEO Outsourcing Cost

SEO outsourcing services can cost anywhere between $250-$500. However, these prices can vary from company to company. 

In general, the affordable SEO service providers charge $250/month for a single project. In this case, however, the company only targets 10-12 keywords. As the number of keywords increase, the price will increase as well. 

It is also important to understand that different service providers are likely to offer varied services under a specific price point. So, make sure to discuss the cost in detail with the SEO service provider you hire. 

Why Should You Outsource Your SEO Services?

SEO is vital for businesses these days, especially if you consider how COVID-19 is impacting the global economy. The pandemic has given several reasons to invest in SEO services.

you would understand that the number of online shoppers is rising greatly as more and more people spend their time looking at the Internet from home. Apart from this, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on several businesses online causing layoffs, closures,  budget cuts, and financial crises. Due to this, many business owners look for cost-effective solutions to run their operations.

What You Need to Do on the Whole

Before beginning any work, it is necessary to sign an agreement between yourself and any agency or freelancer for ensuring that you get a clear understanding of the work you need to carry out with whatever goals you want to meet, and how they should get delivered.

The agreement must consist of the following aspects

You need a clear outline of the work you must carry out.

The timeline of objectives and goal completions you want to aim for.

They require using the right structure for communication, operations, and reporting.

This also provides you with a minimum contract length.

Also, a termination agreement.

Also, find out if there can be any “pauses” within the contract.

When handling the SEO contract, if this is possible, an important thing is that you must get a lawyer in contact with you, especially if it is long-term.

The contract is based on a mutual understanding of the services you must perform. And based on the way the project goes, you could have some disagreements about various services that have been carried out.

In such instances, it is best to understand that the contract between you and the SEO professional is well established. With a lawyer going over the contract, you can ensure that there are no discrepancies or misunderstandings.

Always Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

This is also known as a confidentiality agreement or an NDA which is a legally binding contract outlining the material, information or knowledge, which you want to share between the involved two parties, and also what you do not want to restrict for viewing by third parties.

A typical NDA involves:

Identification of the parties in the agreement.

Provides clear information for what you consider confidential.

Offer the right scope for your confidentiality (including the steps you must take to guarantee that the third party does not access information in the contract).

Also, tell them if you need to exclude anything from confidential treatment (like some knowledge which is publicly known or already known).

Discuss the terms of the agreement.

Signing the NDA implies that or company that you hire for outsourcing does not communicate your dealings publicly or with other companies.

Breaching the NDA is a very serious matter which can easily translate to legal proceedings against the party which has infringed it.

Looking at a good NDA template here is one.

Arrange the kick-off Meeting

After clearing the legal aspects, you must arrange a kick-off meeting for discussing a project and outlining the standard operating procedure (SOP).

The SOP (Standard operating procedure) needs to be arranged at the beginning of the project allowing both parties to understand and agree on the deliveries, goals, and objectives while ensuring that each content is delivered consistently and timely.

SOP’s don’t have to be fancy and you need to go for Word documents keeping them simple and easily understandable.

There are several programmes you can use for helpful monitoring. They include Trello, Teamwork, and Basecamp which are greatly helpful allowing monitoring the project status and ensuring that the deadlines and goals are met.

You must use project management software for campaign management.

Having a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with the outsourcing agency will help you to discuss the project. Also, you need to offer feedback or go for tips and ideas you may have after your last meeting.

In your kick-off meeting, make sure that your internal consultant and account manager are accessible and the SOPs can be understood and agreed upon.

SECI team helps create a knowledge base where you can store all of the SOP for individual tasks around the SEO-for example, for link building. Breaking the problem into manageable subtasks will help you to get a full breakdown for the part including prospecting for guest posts.

Recording the video of the meeting with the outsourcer, and giving them access to FAQs can make things simple for them.  It means you can help to get answers quickly while you do not have to bother to seek answers to the same questions time and again. 

How to Measure the Success of an Outsourced SEO Project?

It will help if you monitor the project by keeping in touch with the company. Plus, you must understand the work which has to be carried out and the impact it will have on your site.

Additionally, by having an understanding of how things will work for you if you had carried the work yourself, you will come to know what performance you are really getting. This will help you to understand if the work quality rendered is good.

Based on the KPIs, you will be working on several kinds of simple metrics that you can analyze to check how nicely a project is going. The parameters you need to check to include:

Organic traffic levels – Check if it has increased or decreased.

Conversion rates – They indicate traffic quality.

Backlink acquisition – What is the link velocity too slow or too fast link velocity can have a bad impact of your rankings.

Keyword rankings – Keywords’ visibility.

Ensuring that the KPIs are clear and understood at the start of the project is important to understand how well it can perform.

It’s necessary to consider the KPI’s because the increased organic traffic will not mean an increase in sales and conversions.

When the standard of work does not meet your expectation, you can arrange a meeting the way you consider it possible and rectify the situation.

If you are happy with their work, there is less need for catch-up meetings and the regular trust and understanding increases.

What are Right Tips for Outsourcing SEO

Along with the information discussed prior, you will get a few simple tips to know how you can benefit the project which is being outsourced.

You must be clear about availability.

Agree on the technologies and programs that can be used.

You must reward an offsite team or individual.

Also, be clear about availability. You must be clear about the availability at the start of the project so that you understand how the contact can be made.

An offsite team expects that you have a high level of flexibility. This means that might not be available to the in-house teams and employees for that time. It’s best to prepare for this beforehand.

Tell the outsourcing team when you would be available through email, chat, or telephone so that you can earn a high level of valuable consistency and trust.

This area is especially important if you are dealing with a team or individual that is in another time zone, as there should be a mutual agreement regarding when calls, emails, and meetings should take place.

While working with an agency with a different culture and background, it is necessary to understand the same and respect it so that you do not face any problems due to this. Also, keep in mind that different countries celebrate national holidays and religious holidays on different days. 

It’s also worth remembering that different countries also celebrate national holidays and religious holidays at different times of the year. Alo, make an effort to learn what are the criteria to earn bonuses.  Understanding and respecting their culture helps you to get distinct team members for your company in the palace of just an outsourcing company.

Plus, You Must Learn About the Tools and How You Want Them to Use:

Based on the work being carried out, it is important to understand and agree on the tools, programs and technologies which will be used.

Typically, it can be an offsite team helping you with the tools and data, and the arrangement for this needs to be made clear at the project’s beginning.

There is also a need to request access to the tools outside of a prior agreement, it could be a result of the market environment or the new direction present within the work.

In many cases, the agency or freelancer will not have the technologies or tools present with them. It is not unusual for an outsourcing company for purchasing subscriptions and memberships on their behalf.

It is a great idea to specify which kind of technologies are used for communication.

Apps like WhatsApp is less popular in a commercial environment (or at least for things like offsite work), Microsoft Teams,  Skype, Zoom, Slack, and Google Hangouts are the best tools for this.

You need to understand the apps and tools one can use for communication in the kick-off meeting so that there is no confusion or messages which will be sent to less popular channels.

Using dedicated tools like the Trello board to manage all the work. It is used to communicate the status and the admin details like timesheets linked on the Trello board.

Rewarding an Offsite Team or Individual

Everyone appreciates an effort to be acknowledged, especially when things go above things that are expected or if the work generates important results.

There are facts where offsite teams and individuals can be out of sight. Generally, it is often that they are underappreciated in a project. though it may not be intentional, offering thanks and gratitude for a well-done job, at the end of the contract, you can leave a good review for them.

It makes a big difference if an offsite individual feels appreciated. Also, you have to understand how far they are willing to reach the extra mile if required.


Ultimately, you need to understand one thing from this is ensuring that the agency you hire understands what they do exactly.

It involves technical SEO optimisation, content creation, or off-page work which ensures that each area gets catered for by an expert for success.

If you want to know more about finding the right SEO agency and get help for the same from our team, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Even though it is extremely important to hire an outsourcing SEO company, it is not a wise option to jump to a random conclusion. The SEO firm that you hire will decide the future of your website. So, make sure to do your research and find the best outsourcing SEO service provider for your business.

Navneet Singh Final

A young enthusiast who is passionate about SEO, Internet Marketing, and most importantly providing tremendous value to businesses every day. Connect with him on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter: @nsvisibility

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