Our Process

Here is a glimpse into how we operate to achieve your marketing goals. Check out our typical client onboarding and engagement process.


1. Introductory Call & Strategy Discussion

Once you fill out the website form or email us, we kick things off with a call. During this call, we introduce ourselves and discuss how we can help you. We’ll ask for your brand, business goals, current marketing strategy, and challenges. Then, we will inform you how we can support the growth of your online business.

Following the first call, we’ll share a basic plan as per your marketing goals. If you like it, we’ll create a detailed proposal for you to check. We arrive at a final plan only after exchanging ideas for the proposal and your consent. Once we are on the same page, we’ll send you a revised proposal and a contract to sign. This proposal is about the steps followed by our company to achieve your marketing objectives.

2. Onboarding Call

After getting the approval from your end and the contract signed, we hop on an onboarding call to have a detailed discussion of your requirements, marketing objectives, products, value propositions, and more.

This is your turn to ask us anything, and you can share everything you want, like marketing success measures or whatever. We listen and note how we can refine our initial strategy and give you the desired one.

3. Strategy Call

We initiate each client engagement by conducting comprehensive market research and crafting a strategic plan. Following the onboarding call, we engage in internal discussions and do some groundwork to make our strategy stronger.

Taking into account the requirements of our clients, we determine a strategic execution plan and present it to them during a call.

4. Team Allocation Call

With a solid strategy in mind, we handpick dedicated members of our team for your campaign.

It’s time when we share who and how many team members would be actively involved in the execution of your campaign.

5. Monthly/Biweekly Catch-Up Call

After starting work on your project, you tell us how often you want us to share your campaign’s performance. Normally, we schedule monthly/biweekly calls to share comprehensive updates with our clients.

In these calls, you can share any issue you are facing, or we can get answers to our questions (in case our team has).

6. Regular Updates and Reporting

You can expect a dedicated account manager who will serve as your point of contact to discuss any work-based matters at any time. Also, we have a set of standardized formats to monitor, measure, and enhance our project execution for each of our client’s campaigns.

At the end of every campaign, we share detailed content and SEO performance reports elaborating on each aspect of your organic growth and suggestions for areas you should continue investing more in future campaigns.