Ecommerce SEO Case Study

Online Sports Store – From ₹ 1.2M to ₹ 2.9M in Revenue for Sports Selling Products Store in 5 Months

Online Sports Selling Store

After the detailed audit, we uncovered many issues with the website which were affecting rankings as well as decreasing organic revenue.

Project Goal

1. Increase Revenue of the Store with SEO

2. Increase in Organic Traffic

3. Improvement in Rankings of Category Pages

4. Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

5. Decrease Page Load Time

Solutions We’ve Implemented

1. Fixed Duplicate Content Issue

We implemented practical steps to fix this issue:

  1. 301 Redirect: We did 301 Redirect from the “duplicate” page to the original content page.
  2. Canonical Tag: Implemented canonical tag to deal with  the duplicate content with used with the values “noindex, follow”.

2. Worked on Core Web Vitals

After finishing the complete audit we first did work on website pages speed and did the user interaction measurements: largest contentful paint, first input delay, cumulative layout shift.

3. Done Internal Linking Optimization

When we were fixing the thin content issue for the website pages and our SEO experts realized that there is irrelevant internal linking on the entire website in the existing content.

4. Link Building from High Authority Sites

After finishing the on-page activities, our team started to create backlinks and got the backlinks from the high authority websites especially for guest post websites. With the help of creating high quality links our team achieved to maintain the website authority and trustworthiness as per the EAT guidelines.

There are number of tools to find the broken links of the website, but we always prefer to use Ahrefs for the SEO Off page activities: With the help of this tool we found the prior broken links of the website when we started to create backlinks.

6. Optimized Category Pages with Content

After finishing the process of broken links, we moved to the specific category pages and prioritized those pages which are in demand and optimize those pages with content and the required factors.

7. Optimized Checkout Process to Increase the Conversion Rate

This is one of the vital factors for every ecommerce website and no one actually knows how to optimize this checkout process.

  1. We found only a single checkout button at the entire website which was not good from the user perspective and we added multiple buttons on the required places. 
  2. The checkout process was not secure and we resolved this issue on the top priority as your page will appear untrustworthy, people won’t buy anything without security.

8. Analyzed Google Search Console Data and Optimized site with potential keywords with good number of impressions and no clicks. (THIS REALLY HELPED TO INCREASE ORGANIC TRAFFIC).

The Results We Achieved

Our client’s organic revenue grew by 127.10%

That means we took them from 1.2M  revenue to 2.9M. 

So there you have it…

the challenges we faced, the strategy we built and the results we delivered.

It wasn’t that easy given that the website was young and the competition was strong but it’s not the first time we faced this problem nor will it be the last time.

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