Struggling to know how to optimize your website for bringing more search engine traffic?

Brian Dean of backlinko has published an on-page SEO checklist that includes some practical strategies that you can use today to improve your search rankings today with SEO Experts Company India.


  1. Start title tag with your keyword
  2. Add modifiers to your title
  3. Wrap your title in <h1>
  4. Add images, videos
  5. Wrap subheadings in H2 tags
  6. Drop your main keyword in first 100 words.
  7. Responsive design
  8. Use outbound links
  9. Internal links
  10. Boost site speed
  11. Sprinkle LSI keywords
  12. Image optimization
  13. Use social sharing buttons
  14. Post long content
  15. Leverage SEO-Friendly URLs

On-Page SEO (2016 Update)


on-page seo checklist