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On-page optimization is a base of overall SEO strategy


Want your website to be famous? On page Optimization Services is a must. In this busy age, everybody wants the things to be simple and easy yet knowledgeable. Web visitors do not think twice before moving on to a different site for the sake of simplicity, look, friendliness and speed.

Optimize your website for a good customer experience.

No matter how knowledgeable your website is, if you fail to get it optimized as per Google and user standards, you either won’t get traffic or would not able to retain it. On page optimization plays an important part in making your website Google and customer friendly.
On page optimization is one of the most important part of SEO. It includes a series of techniques that not only makes your website improve its ranking in the search rankings but also make it user friendly. Examples of on-page optimization include HTML code, keyword density, keyword placement and meta tags.

What is done during On page optimization?

The Steps followed during On page optimization are:

  • Understand the type of website which needs On page optimization and audience it is targeting
  • Suggest an appropriate domain name as per market need, if it is not already been selected.
  • Evaluate the website of its user friendliness, W3 capability and navigation structure before starting On page optimization.
  • Competitors Analysis to find their best practice which can be used during the On page optimization of the website.
  • Keyword research to find out the golden keywords that are used for customizing website. Use of appropriate and focused keywords makes On page optimization prominent.
  • Find a search engine friendly site-map so that all the pages of the website are indexed.
  • Make Meta tag keyword-rich, so that the website is also friendly to search engine other than Google.
  • Tag all major images of the website to make them visible on search engines.
  • Check and correct keyword density on all webpages. Both too high keyword and too low keyword density are harmful.
  • Checking and correcting usage of keyword-rich Anchor text. Proper usage of keywords in the link anchor text is an important part of On page optimization and vital to search engine ranking.

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