Link Building Strategies for HVAC Contractors Websites

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Link building is an essential approach for HVAC contractors to enhance online visibility and credibility. Efficient link-building strategies help your company rank higher on Google by increasing organic traffic. In fact, backlinks are among Google’s top ranking factors. Therefore, following efficient link-building strategies can help HVAC companies boost their online presence, attract potential customers, and expand their heating and cooling business

What is Link Building?

Link building is the strategy of getting third-party websites to link pages on your website, i.e., one website linking to another. Simply put, link building is like tagging someone in your Instagram post. When the person clicks the tag, it leads to the tagged person’s profile. Similarly, when you click a backlink, it directs you to another site.

It is often referred to as Backlinking. Local SEO backlinking is the key marketing strategy behind the majority of successful HVAC companies.

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Why is Link Building Important for HVAC Websites?

Google still categorizes your HVAC site backlinks as a top-ranking factor, followed by quality content. Google and other search engines value backlinks as these are viewed as a “vote of confidence” from one site to another. This means another site supports and backs up your content, signaling to Google that your site is authentically informative.

The more backlinks your HVAC website has, indicates that your content is more valuable and hence, worth linking. Backlinks are also indicative of higher domain authority. These backlink earnings directly impact your Google rankings and search visibility.  It can help to boost rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Research Pages), leading your site to rank higher.

Along with the number, the quality of backlinks is also important. A single high-quality backlink from a relevant authoritative website is much more impactful than hundreds of backlinks from low-quality unauthorized websites.

The Power of Backlinks for HVAC Business

Backlinks can magically ladder up your HVAC website on Google and other Search Engines. Other than boosting your rankings, backlinks offer the following advantages:

Improve the Credibility of Your HVAC Website 

When your website receives quality backlinks from trusted websites, it improves the credibility of your HVAC website. Consider it as a referral. You are more likely to shop from a business that your best friends have recommended. Similarly, backlinks are a recommendation that helps build the credibility of your website.

Help Google Find Your Content Easily

When Google follows a backlink to discover a new page, it crawls the page to find all the links on it.

power of backlinks for hvac websites

Therefore, your HVAC website should use an Internal Linking Strategy, i.e., linking pages on your site to one another. This way, Google can follow a backlink to your site and continue to follow Internal Links leading to new pages on your website.

This strategy helps Google understand your website’s structure, which increases the chances of your HVAC website appearing in search results.

Send Referral Traffic to Your HVAC Website

Referral traffic is the section of traffic that arrives at your HVAC website through a “referred” source, like a link from another website (backlinks).

Referral traffic can Expand your Audience Size, Increase Brand Recognition, and Attract New Leads.

You can check your referral traffic through Google Analytics.

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Efficient Backlinking Strategies to Boost Your HVAC Website Ranking 

Register Your HVAC Business in Local Business Directories

Your HVAC business needs more than a national business directory to earn a top spot on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Registering your business in local directories like Google My Business, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and Angi is an intelligent way to build backlinks to your HVAC website and boost your online visibility.

Once you register and add a link to your website, local directories put your HVAC business on the map, and people can reach your services quickly.

Google My Business: Google My Business (GMB) allows HVAC contractors to provide basic NAP information like Name, Address, Phone number, and service hours, years of experience, etc., to their registered business profile. Having a GMB Profile lists your business on Google Maps and increases local visibility, making it easier for potential customers to reach your business.

Yelp: Yelp is an online platform people use to search for local businesses, including HVAC contractors. Listing your business on Yelp is a great way to earn backlinks.

HomeAdvisor: HomeAdvisor is a platform that connects homeowners with local businesses, including HVAC contractors. HVAC companies can create a profile on HomeAdvisor, mention their services, and attract leads.

Angi: It is an online directory that focuses on home services, hence, HVAC contractors. HVAC companies can register themselves on Angi, receive reviews, and attract customers.

Publish Shareable HVAC Targeted Content

Blog Posts: Publish educational and informative content on your HVAC website, for example, HVAC tips and tricks, how-to-DIY videos, maintenance suggestions, etc.  Link-worthy content is informative for the users and aims to solve their HVAC- related issues. By creating valuable content, your HVAC business can attract relevant sources who may provide quality backlinks.

This is how it works – suppose you post an article on your HVAC website, “Tips to repair your heating system on your own.” Let’s assume you are the only website covering this topic in the whole region. Now, when customers and other local businesses find this article helpful, they might share it with their family and acquaintances with a backlink to your website.

Guest Posting: Simply put, guest posting is publishing a relevant article on someone else’s website. HVAC businesses can reach out to relevant HVAC blogs, home improvement websites, and real estate websites to publish high-quality, informative content. Guest posting can help generate valuable backlinks, expand the customer base, and build brand awareness.

Video Content: Apart from publishing relevant blog posts on your website, your HVAC business can also create videos on topics related to the industry, such as “reviewing the latest HVAC equipment” or “showcasing your working style,” etc.

Posting such videos on youtube channels and social media platforms can help people connect with your business rapidly. This can further boost your HVAC company’s online presence, drive leads, and earn backlinks.

Manually Reach Out to Other HVAC Website Owners

Manual outreach is the process of obtaining backlinks by ‘manually’ reaching out to other related website owners to link back to your website. When done rightly, manual outreach can help improve your Google page rankings and help drive more traffic toward your website.

Careful research is a very critical step while conducting manual outreach. You have to find related websites that naturally complement the content on your HVAC website. Conduct a Google search and look for blogs that are an exact match for your keywords.

E.g., You can conduct a simple Google search “List of HVAC Blogs.”

manual outreach to hvac blogs

Once you have a list of websites, you can look for different factors, such as the expertise of the existing content, the traffic volume on the website, and relevance to your content. You can use Moz’s Domain Authority Tool to compare different factors.

After carefully examining all the factors, you can decide which websites are worth contacting to obtain quality backlinks.

Network and Collaborate with Relevant Businesses

Networking with local businesses in your area is a powerful strategy for earning backlinks. Your HVAC company can collaborate with relevant industries such as home builders, real estate agents, interior designers, or general contractors. You can request a referral and a backlink in exchange for expert advice on HVAC systems and energy-efficient options to their customers and websites.

Apart from this, take your time to attend HVAC conferences and community talks. You can also join industry associations like Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) to network with other HVAC professionals through online community and industry events. This can act as an added channel for learning new trends and earning backlinks.


What makes a high-quality backlink?

A high-quality backlink is natural, relevant, and comes from highly reputable and authoritative websites. High-quality backlinks can be effective in improving your website rankings. High-quality backlinks intertwined with high-quality content is a trademark recipe for climbing the Google ladder.

What is the difference between link building and backlinks?

Link building is the process, while backlinks are the result. This means backlinks are links that direct back to your website from other websites (external linking) or your own website and products (internal linking). In contrast, link building is the procedure of constantly earning new backlinks.

Can an SEO Agency help HVAC companies in the link-building process?

An expert SEO Company helps to optimize your website for search engines. This also includes the link-building aspect. Experienced SEO agencies can provide expert advice on creating informative, high-quality content that naturally attracts backlinks. These agencies can also assist your HVAC company in building relationships with relevant businesses and improve overall SEO for HVAC Contractors.

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