Top 50 Legal Directories to List Your Law Firm Website

Joining a legal directories can benefit a law firm in many ways, starting from acquiring online exposure to building quality backlinks. In fact, joining a legal directories are the easiest way to acquire quality backlinks for your law firm’s website and collaborate with other professionals as well.

However, it is important to understand that every legal directories won’t deliver the same results for your website. Even since Google de-indexed spammy directories, it has become extremely important to list your website on high-quality directories. 

In saying that, finding such directories is not an easy task. In fact, if you don’t have any references, it can get

That’s why we have decided to scribble down a complete list of high-quality legal directories that you can use while performing law firm SEO. So, without wasting another second, let’s start with the list.

Top 50 Legal Directories for Lawyers

S.No. Directory Name Domain Rating Ref Domains Type (Free/Paid)
1 AVVO 90 40.1k Free/Paid
2 Justia 88 7.74k Free
3 82 21.6k Free/Paid
4 79 12.7k Free
5 Super Lawyers 89 16k Free/Paid
6 Mediate 78 5.51k Free/Paid
7 NOLO 86 38.5k Free/Paid
8 Find Law 90 107k Free
9 All Law 74 7.53k Free
10 Best Lawyers 81 6.82k Free
11 Lawyers & Settlements 70 6.18k Free
12 Law Guru 71 4.1k Free
13 Martindale 85 20.2k Free
14 Personal Injury Warriors 28 91 Free/Paid
15 Personal Injury 40 652 Paid
16 Find a Personal Injury Attorney 54 282 Paid
17 Find a Car Accident Attorney 20 53 Paid
18 Enjuris 54 685 Paid
19 Law Info 73 6.9k Paid ($40/month)
20 Lead Counsel 74 1.49k Free
21 Public Legal 73 8.57k Free
22 Jurist 73 7.04k Paid ($100 One-Time Subscription)
23 Lawyer Central 66 1.8k Free
24 Find a Criminal Defense Attorney 57 7.96k Paid ($32.95/month)
25 Just Great Lawyers 71 2.5k Paid ($200/Year)
26 Law Link 58 1.2k Free
27 State Lawyers 62 680 $200/month
28 My Attorney Home 63 370 Free
29 Find a DUI Attorney 44 204 $30/month
30 Law Fuel 55 1.81k Free
31 More Law 54 1.6k Free
32 Law Firm Directory 42 247 Paid ($199/Year)
33 Judged 43 351 Free
34 Divorce HQ 47 229 Free
35 Napil 54 987 Paid (Varied Prices)
36 Legal Reach 40 247 Paid ($40/Year)
37 Legal Listings 33 281 Free
38 Family Law Center 32 131 Free
39 Criminal Attorneys 32 48 Paid ($280 for two years)
40 Path Legal 73 274 Free
41 Lawyrs 40 477 Free
42 Personal Injury Warriors 28 91 Free
43 Legal Free Financing 40 672 Free
44 Justice Finder 28 190 Free
45 30 125 Free
46 Justice Finder 26 196 Free
47 Big Law 30 772 Free
48 My Legal Practice 33 156 Free
49 Family Law Rights 30 146 Free
50 Legal Dockets 22 239 Free

Why Legal Directories are Important for Law Firm SEO?

Quality backlinks are one of the major Google ranking factors. The more quality backlinks your site has, the easier it would become to climb the search engine ladder. 

While there are several factors that determine the quality of the backlinks, domain authority (DA) is the most important factor of all. 

So, when you submit your website on high authority legal directories, you eventually embark on a journey towards building a strong backlink profile. 

In addition to this, joining legal directories will also provide your business with online exposure, eventually leading to increased organic SEO traffic

How to Choose a Legal Directory for Your Law Firm?

Now, that you know the significance of joining a legal directories, let’s take a look at how to pick the best directory for your website. 

Here are some questions that you must answer before choosing a directory for your law firm’s website. 

Is the Legal Directory High Quality or Not?

Is the Directory being Indexed by Google?

Are there any Law Firm Websites Linking to the Directory?

Are any of your competitors registered in the directory?

Is the Directory Up-to-Date?

If the answer is yes to the majority of these questions, you are all set to join the directory. However, in order to choose the best directories, you must take a deep insight into the website using any SEO tool like Ahrefs and SEMRush

To do so, simply type in the website URL into the tool and take a look at general metrics like DR, Backlinks, Referring Domains, and Organic Traffic.

Domain Rating (DR)

domain rating

Domain Rating (DR) is a term that is used to determine the link popularity of a website. Obviously, the higher the DR is, the more would be the number of backlinks, and eventually higher would be the website authority. So, while joining a legal directory, make sure that the DR should be 20+.

Referring Domains

referring domains

Referring Domains are the total number of unique websites linking to the directory. 

Of course, it is important to choose a website with a higher number of referring domains, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick directories that have a few hundred backlinks. 

As long as the referring domains are above 100+, the website is all good to go. 

Organic Traffic

organic traffic

Organic Traffic is yet another important metric to check the authority of a website. 

Again, the higher the organic traffic is, the more beneficial it would be for your website to attract potential clients. Experts of SEO India advise ensuring looking for websites that at least have organic traffic in hundreds. 


Joining a legal directories is one of the easiest ways to enhance your online presence. However, it is important to find high-quality and authoritative directories that can add value to your website’s backlink profile. 

The above-mentioned list contains the top 50 legal directories that are most likely to benefit your SEO campaign. So, join these law firm directories to improve your website’s performance while attracting potential clients at the same time. 

Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh
Founder & CEO

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