Being an online business, one needs to attract maximum traffic to their website. In the race of getting high ranks, many companies have been crossing the limits of the link-building process. As a result of this, many websites have been penalized by Google for violating its guidelines. But it is never too late to learn from your mistakes. The steps we mentioned below will show you how to get rid of SEO Penalties and never face them again.

Before you go any further, you must be clear about why does Google penalize a website. Google is the most trusted search engine among its competitors. To maintain its trust among its users, it provides them with the best websites on top to solve their query. But if in any case, any website tries to interrupt in between, Google penalizes the website and it loses its ranking.

Types of Google Penalties

There are two types of Google Penalties:

1. Manual Action: This takes place when any Google executive personally checks your website penalizes it. You can know about by reviewing your Google Webmaster Tool account where you will get a message or notification that will let you know about the penalty.

2. Algorithmic Penalty: This happens when any update in the Google algorithms (Panda or Penguin) has taken place and your website got affected because of that. Based on this, Google can either penalize or reward a website.

Helpful Ways to get Rid of SEO Penalties

Here are the few steps that you must follow to get Rid of SEO Penalties:

1. Your website should be in proper working condition and accessible at all times. Otherwise, Google would get your rankings down.
2. The business website must be a user-friendly mobile website that can be easily accessed and responsive when opened in mobile phones.
3. Loading speed and performance of your website must be up to the mark.
4. Having more backlinks doesn’t now mean yours is a good website. In fact, the relevancy and quality of the backlinks are what matters the most.
5. There should not be any bad backlinks associated with your website. Keep a record of all the backlinks and remove the bad backlinks from your connections.
6. Anchor Phrases must be used in place of the anchor words.
7. The content on your website should be relevant and unique with high quality.
8. The links that you make with the guest blogging need to be relevant and look natural.
9. Creating a professional website, maintaining its social media profiles regularly and building more backlinks can do wonders to your website’s ranking.

In order to avoid any type of Google penalty, one should always understand that Google’s objective is to provide the best relevant result with great user experience.

If you know how to recover your site from Google Penalty, you will have no problem following the ways we mentioned to get Rid of SEO Penalties. If you are not familiar with the ways or process, you can hire my team of SEO Experts from India to recover your site from Google Penalty at an affordable price. You can Get in Touch via our Contact page.