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  • Real Sites with Organic Traffic
  • Customise Your Criteria
  • Fast Deliverables
  • White Label and Reseller Friendly
  • Guaranteed Placement

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India is emerging as a destination for companies from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and other English-speaking countries to outsource SEO services because of the availability of the best SEO experts at a low cost.

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Indo-American White Label Guest Post Service

With SEO Experts Company India, you never need to compromise on any aspect of quality guest posting. We have you covered for superior quality guest posting services at 50% less cost than our competitors. This is because we believe in earning your trust and offering you value through our cost-effective guest posts SEO service.


The Indo-American specialty of our SEO Experts India renders clients contextual backlinks through quality guest posts. Our talented team of native English writers curates outreach content for you. Our blogger outreach specialists in the SEO India team do the arduous task of finding high-relevancy bloggers for your clients.

Tried and Tested Result Oriented Approach for Maximum ROI


Our tried and tested manual blogger outreach strategy and guest posting service brings you organic boost results.
We focus on building consistent relationship building with genuine bloggers and thus power your guest post link placement.

Our clients get the benefit of our massive inventory of 20,000+ generating blogs accumulated over the years. 

This means that your guest post links go live on blogs with:

  • Niche-relevance.
  • High authority.
  • Real traffic.

Native Content

Our native writers take things into their stride to create top-quality content weaving your backlinks naturally into it. The copy undergoes multiple quality checks for its content, topic, presentation, SEO friendliness, and DA.

White Labeled Solution

We provide agencies with a white-labeled report, including the URL of the article employed for the natural placement of links. We will also present you with the data of the domain metrics. Ultimately, you are the owner of the links we build for you.

SECI’s Most Scalable LinkBuilding Strategy

Because we believe flexibility is an attribute.

Try Us First. Then Scale your Services. 

What size of orders do we accept?

With our large, diverse, and multitalented team, you will find that the size of your order will not matter. 

Rest assured because we can effectively manage your orders to give sustainable and immediate SEO benefits.

  • Business owners who want to rank their website, give us a call.
    Leave aside your concerns; we’ll take you up the ladder.
    No need to worry about margins anymore! We’ve got covered with our white label solutions for agencies.
  • Resellers who want to target more significant margins, give us a shoutout. We have you covered.
  • Affiliate sites can trust SECI’s Blog Posting Service and Guest Post blogger outreach services to build their trust and increase conversions.

How do are guest posts bring value?

Guest posts we create must pass the high trust flow standard, ensuring extensively increased affiliate conversions.

Our SEO Agency India specializes in delivering quality guest post for our blogger outreach orders: 

  • On-time 
  • With sustainable SEO benefits.

Six more reasons to partner with SECI SEO India

Our Top SEO Agency India’s Blogger Outreach Services provide:

Top-notch Quality

Our SEO India team’s primary concern is the quality of links and content. Our guest blogging team will join their heads together to find ways to make your website rank on top of search engines consistently. 

Low Pricing Guaranteed

We are an outreach agency with years of expertise in Indo-American guest post content. So, we’re able to deliver you result-oriented guest post SEO services that are soft on your bank balance.

Seamless Process

We employ a time-tested and proven work strategy. So, don’t hold back and make the most of our experience and get us on our feet to deliver you success through a tested methodology that speaks for itself.

On-Time Delivery

You do not have to worry about placing bulk guest post orders. Our expert outreach team will help you to ensure that they get delivered on time. 

Trusted globally

Our vast clientele testifies to our quality manual blogger outreach. Collaborate with us for success!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are committed to delivering you results and ensure that every penny you spend on our services brings you value. You do not have to worry about anything as we offer you a 100% money-back policy. No questions asked.

What makes us different from other SEO companies?

Earn you links with guest blogging is true ‘hard,’ but we make it all easy and doable for you. You’ll have your exclusive Blog Posting Services team with us. This is what they will do:

  • Prospecting.
  • Quality control.
  • Content creation. 
  • Placement. 
  • Reporting.

In Reporting:

  1. We’ll share your URLs with the placement of anchor text
  2. We’ll provide you a curated list of vetted domains you may approve or replace
  3. Once you approve domains, just relax; we are working.

We’ll create content.

  • Topically relevant, well-written articles
  • Conduct outreach.
  • Report as it becomes live.
What we promise
  • Links from trusted high DA sites.
  • Minimum turnaround for 1-month.
  • SEC’s SEO Services India gives guaranteed placement, or we’ll replace it with equal or better links 

You can trust SECIs’s guest blogging SEO teams even if you have

Who it’s best for
  • Tighter budgets and even tighter timelines.
  • Diversity matters in mind. We not only take care of authority but also reputation. 

Quick bite

If you have sites in ‘Basic’ and ‘Premium,’ they are still growing. They are multi-topic sites, and it is best to diversify your profile to cover all the risks involved.

Suppose you need more authority or a tighter topic match, no worries. Our content curation team is a hard taskmaster. We’re a Blogger Agency that can handle challenges well.

Reasons why you’ll have a great experience with us:

You can expect…
  • Excellent communication at all stages
  • High-quality content  (check our sample)
  • Client-ready reporting  (check sample)
  • Guaranteed and sustainable link placement

How do our clients see the process?


Give us your desired URLs and the anchor text (more on anchor text) you want to place within each post. We’ll get going!


Go through your list of sites that fit your criteria.

Approve or ask for a replacement. 

Our writers create content matching the target blog’s audience and their specific publishing guidelines (sample).


Our Guest Blog Post Services team manually verifies that your link gets placed naturally within the content as you desired. Following this, we’ll send you a white-label report (sample) with details of links of the guest posts you ordered, your links included.

Place Your Order

What about quality?

We are trusted by agencies of all sizes globally for our thorough vetting process.


We focus on metrics alone, but we find sites with stable histories, high trustworthiness, and quality content.

Domain & Hosting Details

First of all, we will eliminate dangerous sites with critical analysis factors including:

  • Hosting country
  • Hyphen spam in the domain name
  • English TLD & language
  • No poker, pills, adult sites
  • DNS and A records
  • Use of SSL / HTTPS

Core Metrics

Also, chosen domains must meet the following observable metrics in the least:

  • Average DR: 30
  • Average DA: 30
  • Organic Traffic: 100/mo+ (minimum)
  • Ref. Domains: 50+Indexed pages: 10+
  • CF/TF: 10+
  • Traffic origin (50%+ from the country of origin)
  • And Trends

However, specific sites tend to dodge gamed metrics, false authority, and sneaky spam.

Therefore, SECI’s blogger outreach team for Guest Post Service evaluates its performance history. 

  • Did they suffer penalizations or expirations?
  • Any wild swings in traffic or links are noted.

Other things we consider

  • Ref. domain anchors
  • Ref. domain types (real, quality sites)
  • Traffic trending up
  • Ref. domains trending up 
Manual Content Review

Our team also manually reviews at least five recent blog guest posts for quality. This is what we look for:

  • Last updated  should be less than 30 days
  • Readability
  • Relevance
  • Authors (country, verifiability)
  • Less than 50% paid posts

Some factors are a strict no-no.

We strictly check on:

  • Anchor text abuse
  • Links to poker, pills, adult
  • Obvious PBN designs

You get

  • Verified Sites
  • Indexed sites
  • Verified organic traffic
  • Stable histories
  • No secrets

Plus, you can

  • Check domains before placement- approve or veto
  • Placement Guarantee
  • If your link is rejected, we’ll replace it with an equal or better.
  • Easy Tracking
  • Client-ready reports helping you track progress easily 

What is a guest post?

A piece of content you write to get published on someone else’s blog is a guest post. 

Why would the blogger do it for you?

You publish the guest post on someone’s blog in exchange for some recognition-a link that points back to your site.

A guest post on a blog with a great DA and trustworthy history will make a great difference to your profile.

Is guest posting compliant with Google Webmaster Guidelines?

Guest posting is a 100 % white hat link-building method. It is a tried, tested, and proven method for SEO, and every excellent SEO strategy includes guest posting as a part of the off-page SEO step of link building. It stands as the most valuable way to build and earn safe, high-quality, contextual links to your site.

In what ways does guest posting benefit?

  • Guest posts allow a larger audience to access your site. 
  • In exchange for your efforts in writing the post, you get a quality external backlink. 

SECI’s guest blogging services take care of the complete process of guest blog posting process including

  • Pitching ideas
  • Writing the post
  • Placing your link

and collaborating with the blog owners to get the content with your link published.

We’ll handle the hard work for you.

As we offer placements, you are not the contributor/writer. Instead, content is written and placed by the website’s owner or the contributor.

How Does Guest Posting Improve SEO?

Guest posting is one of the most powerful link-building methods available today. Along with editorial links, they help you boost your search rankings with reliable signals of success. Getting content posted on high authority blogs gives your domain a boost and allows you to use partial or exact match anchor text links without coming off as spammy.

The guest blogging sites we work with receive organic traffic from Google and possess an extensive quality link profile. As you Buy a Blog Post with your order, it will boost your page’s rankings and overall domain authority. For higher traffic, higher authority & topically relevant guest post links – check out our Authority Links service.

How is Guest Blogging different from Article Marketing?

Article submissions/marketing is getting more and more redundant SEO techniques. Typically, due to the low quality, spun content getting published on article sites. Most article sites accept submissions from anyone without scrutinizing them. So, it is losing credibility with time.

On the flip side, guest blogging is an advanced form of content marketing requiring quality blog posts for publication on authority industry-relevant blogs.

The bloggers will collaborate only if you can render quality. What they need

  • Relevant blog posts 
  • No spammy links or links to poor-quality domains. 

The editors of these blogs discern well and place only content that renders value to their readership.

A guest blogging service or guest posts service is way ahead of article marketing.

Google is also discerning and catches and outs the low-value content.

So, article publishing sites get devalued in search.

That’s why SECI’s guest blogging service team works with reputable bloggers trusted by Google. It’s no wonder you will start receiving more and more unique, organic search visitors with each passing month.

A reputable blogger agency allows you to buy guest posts written by top writers who are experts in your niche.

Why you should choose SECI Guest Posts  instead of Manual Blog Outreach Services

We have years of experience. As such, we have a long list of trusted domains from various niches in our ready reckoner link building kit.

Our hard work of outreach is fostered with the relationships we built. 

We’ve collaborated with the bloggers on our list for a long time. We have a relationship to give a faster and more seamless process of getting a post placed.

Every new order also means an increment in our existing list of quality and trusted bloggers.

So, we have more numbers, the new ones that emerge and we search and our established ones. So, our outreach campaign gets results much faster than other manual outreach services.

We work with a two-pronged approach-To expand our database of bloggers with a great Guest Posting Blog in your niche and utilize the existing ones for your immediate benefit. 

Our clients get the bonus of our expanding base as it provides them with moiré number of options for quality links and quality publications of guest blogs.


Get in touch with our guest blogging team for

  • Smart and clean outreach
  • Fresh guest posting campaign, 

Share with us information about your site and your business goals. Let’s discuss some valuable custom content marketing options for you!


A well-structured SEO company like seoexpertscompanyindia will help you lead your business with its quality search engine optimization outsourcing services. Many nations around the globe look at India for an SEO reseller program for the best SEO services that are affordable and handled by experienced and expert minds. The booming trend of digital marketing makes it of utmost importance to outsource search engine optimization and reduce the overhead of spending more money, time, and resources in your business.

The customers these days stay updated and aware of each new trend over the internet. Outsourcing SEO services to India will get you to adapt to these trends and understand your customer in a better way. This is very important to retain and manage the existing customers and attract many new ones too. This is only possible if you outsource to reliable offshore locations like India or Indian SEO Consultants.

Our team has the expertise to handle all of your SEO outsourcing needs at SEO Experts Company India. All the white label SEO reseller programs are made to give your business a new height by delivering desired results for outsourced projects. Selecting SEO India as your trusted outsourcing partner makes you hold new clients, manage the existing ones and provide timely reports, where we remain invisible always. The low-cost white label SEO provider by one of the best SEO companies in India fetches you good results and higher rankings with years of experience in handling outsourced projects. The offshore SEO specialist offering outsourced solutions to Global clients like social media account management, link building, content generation, paid search, pay per click, website designing and development, and local citations. 

So, come and outsource private label SEO reseller programs with us to grow your business. We have the best SEO Outsourcing Solutions. You can trust us for your website’s SEO as we have been ranked as the best SEO Company in India by reputable evaluators.

Come, join hands today!

Who Can Take Benefits of This Guest Post Service?

When you want to increase the exposure of your business, you have to focus on something more than optimizing the website for search. For example, you need to think of growing your social media audience. At such times, guest blogging and blogger outreach are the most preferred venues you may want to explore. Connecting to bloggers in your industry, you can access platforms for communicating with your potential customers most incredibly.

But, it’s no secret, outreaching your niche bloggers requires putting in time and effort. Unfortunately, many businesses just have enough to focus it on their core business or the digital marketing and outreach to the best niche bloggers.

Now think if you can find a reputable blogger agency dedicated and specialized for blogger outreach services and for guest posting on behalf of your website at a fraction of the price you would spend on a voluminous non-yielding SEO budget.

SEO Experts Company India (SECI) brings forth specialized high authority guest posting services and blogger outreach services to help you establish yourself as an authority figure within your business niche. We focus on building relationships with others in the market and exposing your brand to an entirely new audience with our services.

Online Businesses

Translate your guest post into sales by getting instant exposure from targeted traffic and expanding your business network

SEO Agencies

Writing content for high authority websites help SEO agencies to reap the benefits for their clients’ websites through backlinking and increased traffic.

Affiliate Marketers

Including Affiliate links to guest posts build authority to your brand name, offers good backlink, and directs more traffic, ultimately accumulating more regular readers.

Choose Our 100% Natural Guest Post Services


Having strong backlinks is important for your business to rank well in the SERPs algorithm. That’s why you should choose our high-quality and affordable guest posting services that ensure true value for your money. We outreach location-based high authority websites that resonate well with your business niche, giving you desired local perks. By writing an informative and engaging guest post we will help you improve your search engine rankings of your keywords, drive interested traffic to your site, and build excellent brand awareness within your market. It’s high time to let your brand shine and get more recognition among its potential customers. Hire us today!

guest posting services

Looking for Reliable Agency Partner

Example of  Blogs We Outreach To


Our Results Speak for Themselves..

Here are some of the testimonials that we have received from our clients.


Kevin Rack

"I hired SEO Experts Company India for my business and they have given its new booming heights. Their systematic approach to each aspect is simply unparalleled. Nobody can bring business transformation better than them."



"I had my business drowning when a friend recommended me SEO Experts Company India. Their amazing caliber and proficiency motivated me to outsource SEO to them. Today, I have good going business with awesome revenue."


Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions about Guest Posting services? Read related FAQs and clear all your doubts.

Do you perform guest posting for all niches?

Yes, we perform guest posting for almost all kinds of website niches on relevant websites with proven online authority.

Can I get a free consultation before choosing any plan or making a contract with you?

Sure! Please share your preferred time and date and contact details with us. We will get back to you. We love making new connections!

Do you share guest post articles with clients before publishing?

Yes! We share guest post content with clients which is always optional. The clients can have a look at any article before it’s published. We are always ready to make edits until you are completely satisfied.

Can I get some sample domains before placing my order?

Yes, we are more than happy to share sample domains with you where your links will be placed. It would be better to go through these links before we both finalize anything.

What is your typical turnaround time?

It completely depends on the size of your order. We follow a blogger outreach strategy through which we generally fulfill our orders in 3 weeks. You can cross-check the task progress through the reports we share on the weekly basis.

Are the Link Placements Permanent?

Yes. We are not like other SEO agencies that buy links. We try to earn links through quality guest posts. This approach ensures that your links will stay live forever.

What We Cover with Our Guest Post Services?

Connection with Influencers, Value-driven Links, Real Outcomes!

Our primary focus is to secure relevant and sustainable links, which will enhance your authority, visibility and improve your search engine rankings. Ultimately, it will help drive more organic traffic.

SECI’s guest blogging team collaborates with influencers to get you high authority and high-quality publications and sustainable links with natural anchor text.

Who Should Not Miss on Guest Posting Services?

Online Businesses

Taking your business website to the top of the search rankings is a monumental challenge. Let us help you address this challenge by creating quality links that boost your site’s ranking while handling the more important aspects of running your business.

A reputable guest posts service can scale your business and sales as it lets you gain faster and broader exposure from targeted traffic. It helps expand your business network very fast.

SEO Agencies

SEO agencies can earn great benefits for their clients’ websites, winning authority and rank for them with guest posting services. They need to write content for high authority websites, and the outreach will help create quality backlinks rendering more increased traffic.

Affiliate Marketers

If you are looking to boost your affiliate site with result-focused SEO strategies, getting adequate high-quality links is the answer. Trust us to do this for you, and you can focus on other business-critical tasks such as content creation and conversion improvement.

Affiliate links to a blog guest post/s are a powerful way to build authority for your brand name. In addition, it is a good backlink, which directs more traffic and brings you more regular readers.


SEO Resellers struggling to get quality links for their clients and want to upscale their link-building efforts can get you a one-stop solution with our outreach agency. We not only excel at link building but also give you reliable white-label reports. It means that you get the credit while we do all the hard and smart work for you.

Why You Can Trust SEO Experts Company India for Guest Posting Services

Powerful yet Safe High Authority Links on Relevant Websites

We understand the significance of contextual links and their placement on blogs that are relevant to your business niche. Our guest blogging services begin with finding the relevant blogs that have organic traffic and are related to your niche, giving exposure to your website.

Qualified Writers Writing Guest Posts For Your Business

Quality guest post content can make quality backlinks and optimize the website’s authority. We are highly focused on creating quality content for which we have a highly qualified and talented team of writers who provide informative, unique, and SEO optimized content.

Review & Approve Content Before Publishing

Once the guest post content is ready, we can share it with you for content and SEO review. We positively welcome any feedback and are always ready to make edits until you are completely satisfied.

 High DA, PA, DR, Organic Traffic Metrics Sites

We offer different kinds of guest posting packages that automatically come up with high authority and good metrics. Apart from this, we search for only those blogs that have the highest number of visitors in a day. Also, we prefer only those blogs that are relevant to your niche.

Check Guest Post Sites Suggestions Before You Pay

We share a list of websites we are planning to pitch with our clients.  We also take suggestions from our clients if they are interested in any specific website(s). This way, they don’t have to pay anything upfront. They can simply gauge the quality of our guest posting services before making their first online order.

Client Can Choose Anchor Text and Target Page

We give a free hand to our clients to set the target page and anchor text for their guest post. We let them do this as we believe that they might have an SEO strategy already in their mind and just need us to handle the quality links part of the process.

Link Building Plan Based on Your Competitors

The backlinks strategy is as important as the backlink itself. We perform anchor text analysis to find out the most impactful anchor text for your next link. We also compare the domain authority of your website as well as your top-ranking competitor websites to find out how many links you need to grow your organic traffic.

Rigorous Outreach Process

We have a unique, clear, and concise way of pitching the guest post websites. We understand how important outreaching is and follow a customized outreach process. We have several pitching templates to land rightly.

Weekly Progress Updates

Whether you have ordered 1 post or 30, we will send you weekly update with the progress of your order, keeping absolute transparency.

How You Can Get Most Out of Blogger Outreach Services


Diversified Anchor Text: If you really wish to maintain a healthy profile always avoid over-optimization of a single anchor text as it can cause more harm than good. We recommend diversifying anchor texts that are adapted to your brand and perform better rather than using keyword-rich anchor texts.

Diversified Target Pages On Your Website: If you want your complete website should rank for most of the targeted keywords, you should link to all the website pages as it can benefit more. Control all your content in such a way that every blog, every article, and infographics on our site is also linked.

Make Your Profile Look Natural: Use a diversified link profile as it looks more natural. For instance, instead of buying 10 links of high DA, splitting a purchase is a better option. You can buy 4 links from low DA websites, 3 from average DA, 3 from high DA websites. Such a strategy can bring in better and more natural results.

Hold On To Us Patiently: Link Building is an effective strategy, but it asks for patience as patience is the greatest asset. Link building results depend more on your website credibility. Low competition websites will have lesser turn -around time.

Our Mission is to Enhance Your Vision

100% White-Hat Service

We follow a 100% white-hat natural guest posting approach.

High-Quality Content

Every content piece we craft has the highest quality standards.

Relevant Links Only

We procure links only from relevant blogs in your business niche.

Interested in Agency/Bulk Pricing