Google Analytics Setup and Management Services

Google analytics lets you measure Sales, Conversions, and User Behavior Insights.

Setting up and managing Google analytics for your website helps, you measure how your website is performing. It gives insight regarding the kind and volume of traffic that your website is achieving and the kind of traffic that you want to see converted.
In the hands of an expert Google analytics speaks out all that is needed for a website to grow and get targeted customer. It opens and new ways and spots to promote business for better returns.
Our standard set up options includes:

  • Conversions tracking
  • Google AdWords
  • Filters and profiles
  • Maintain Transaction data that are E-commerce in nature
  • Multiple domains tracking
  • Form tracking
  • Downloads and links tracking

Advanced set up options:

  • Event Tracking
  • CRM integration
  • Google website Optimizer
  • Custom Variables
  • Custom Dashboards and Reporting
  • Mobile Applications and Sites

For any kind of Google Analytics set up and maintenance get in touch with SEO Experts Company India.