Garcia Roofing SEO Strategy Breakdown (Must Check)

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SEO is no less than Game of Thrones. And in the digital world, the best companies are competing with each other. and it is only the ones that follow the right SEO practices consistently that are likely to get great success. In this blog, we’re going to discuss Garcia DID My Roof, a roofing company based in Louisiana. 

Garcia Roofing is a leading roofing company in Louisiana taking over all its competitors which is on top of all the organic searches. 

They have 2,000 online reviews and an average rating of 4.8/5, Garcia Roofing is a top-notch roofing company in Louisiana.

Also, the website is ranking for highly competitive keywords in the related fields and drawing a lot of organic traffic every month.  The best part is the website is not even running paid campaigns.

The Entire Traffic is Coming From Organic Search Results:


Roofing Contractor



A Few Words About Roofing SEO

Search engine optimization is a hard process. However, as you leverage it correctly, you can get top-notch and highly qualified multi-family and commercial roofing leads every day.

Your time can be used better if property owners in a typical project scope scroll through your website while finding roofing repairs or getting upgrades and partner with for their future development.

As you get help from an expert in roofing SEO, it will lend you a comprehensive understanding of how an online presence can help you to reach out to your ideal client. In this article, we are using the example of Garcia did My roof website to show how excellently various aspects of SEO have been taken care of.

Why is SEO important?

Inbound marketing strategies need to be set up rightly to invite the right prospects. Your website is a top-notch inbound machine.

SEO is a highly effective inbound marketing strategy that must be carried out thoroughly. Here are the reasons why you should not miss out on SEO.

It’s Cost Effective.

SEO requires a good amount of time before it gets going. Though, we all know that time is money but it is necessary to consider the different aspects. Overall, the SEO process has minimal expenditure for revenue generation in a business.

It Can Bring in Top-Quality Leads.

The best leads help to generate large and recurring revenues. Based on the keyword choices and effective targeting efforts, SEO generates few high-intent website visitors who’ll need just 10% more effort to close the deal (if you speak to them on a phone).

If you’re a metal roofing installation and repair company in Austin, TX, you will discover the huge difference between cold calling a close property owner as compared to someone searching for “metal roof repair companies in Austin, TX,” and finding your website. It’s easier to convert the latter.

The online searchers are just looking for some key points. Mostly, it is something you can offer them instantly. And you will witness how they’re using the same in Google search.

SEO has a Long Lifespan.

Search engine optimized websites and webpages will bring in top-quality leads for a long time span. At times, a single article can generate scores of hot leads every month.

With little and constant web output and the right polishing with correct output (more on that later), you will find that you can spread your website over to catch virtually all of the target audience in a particular region.

Putting an effective SEO website in place will take a lot of time. Moreover, as it starts gaining traction, it has a snowball effect on the organic traffic, which works to raise brand awareness.


High Authority Backlinks


General Overview of Garcia 

UR: 36

DR: 25

Backlink profile: 3.48K

Referring domains: 378

The website is getting all organic traffic without any PPC or advertising. 


Garcia Organic Traffic

Checking the SEO parameters


Keyword Targeting and Keyword Research Best Practices

The initial step in search engine optimization is to determine the parameters for which you are optimizing your roofing website. It means that by identifying terms that people are finding, also known as keywords, you want your website to rank in top SERPs in search engines like Google. Garcia roofing website indeed has excellent keyword research and exclusively uses the same for making their content visible.

Understand it like this. For example, if your roofing company has people or prospects searching for “roofers”.  They may type things like ‘Reliable Roofer in Louisiana’ in the next step.

But, things may not be so simple. There are several factors you can consider to find out the keywords you want to use in your roofing website. They include:

  • Search Volume: A primary consideration is a number of prospects (if any) who are searching for a given roofing keyword. The more the number of prospects searching for a keyword, the higher will be the audience that you want to reach. Also, when zero prospects are looking for a keyword, you’ll not find an audience that is available for finding the content through search.
  • Relevance: It is great if someone is searching a keyword frequently. However, it may not be completely relevant for your potential clients. It is obvious that you do not want your website to appear in searches that are not relevant to your business such as for queries like ‘moving company’. An example of a  relevant keyword includes “roofing companies in Louisiana”. But, they should be related to the roofing business. If you’re a popular company like Garcia Roofing, using the brand name in keywords is also important for bringing customers coming from references or other returning customers. Including such keywords naturally will make your description look great.

Your target audience is naturally the residents and occupants of homes and residences, commercial establishments and buildings. Those who will require roof repair after a storm, bad weather or those who want to get new roofing.  You have to establish that your business looks trustworthy and most reliable to anyone searching for roofing contractors in your area.  

Great content in terms of usefulness for your target audience and the description business you give should be accurate, comprehensive and tell the benefits of taking services from you. 

Reviews by earlier customers and your accreditation to the business standard organization will also play an important role. You must show your license for operation in the area if required by the authorities. 

Make sure you inform the users about how your workers are professional in approach and they can make a difference. Companies that are fully insured and licensed meet the standard that customers are looking for. 

All this crucial information should be reflected in your content. On the contact page, we should have all channels through which customers can reach you. The customer support number you provide on the website should be fully functional. When it comes to solutions and services you get, tell your customers if you’re offering flat roof repair, slanted roof repairs, and all types of things you specialize in. 

Having a weblog covering several topics will help the users to get useful information. It will help you to naturally include and incorporate primary keywords. The best content comprises the primary, HD, and also LD keywords for comprehensive targeting.  

  • Competition – The content should highlight the different benefits of pricing and increase your chances of  success. When you have competitive roofing services, and you reflect the same in the information you give to the users, it will help your business to gain trust. Roofing SEO helps you to deal with relative competition and increase your chances to rank for certain terms.

The most competitive keywords require the use of websites for the right purpose. Here is a look at the  top pages of the website for Garcia Roofing.

  • Top Pages

Top Pages

On-Page Optimization

You also must incorporate the roofing keywords seed list (which you have prepared earlier) alongside a few targeted keywords present in your website content. The different pages on the roofing website must focus on primary terms and the related terms. 

Title and Meta Elements

Title: Garcia Roofing: Roofing contractor

Meta description: You can find the three characteristics that Louisiana’s roofing contractor has. Also, it is specifying the locations and available services. Ideally, it can also reflect the times of availability. Such a meta description will be highly useful for the users and reflects how roofing services can help. 

Make sure that you understand the basic as well as the highly important on-page elements. You must understand the important factors affecting your website and also understand how you can drive the search engine traffic to your roofing website:

Perfect Meta Title and Description

Body Content

The roofing page’s content is important. Moreover, Google favors long form content or user-friendly way of content presentation (scannable with bullets, infographics). To create pages for your roofing website, you must consider certain things such as the general and special queries which can be on the user’s mind. What can be the frequently asked questions, or what would be the things they are concerned with?

Unique & Thick Content

Generally, there are no rules for word count. But, it’s not a good idea to have only a few pages with scanty content comprising a hundred words. However, the recent Panda updates favor unique and longer content. If you have a large volume of concise (100-200 words) content on the roofing web pages and a great deal of duplicated content which hasn’t been updated for long and if all your page has is page titles and scanty text lines, it will be a reason for trouble

Some of the things you should not find on your web-page include:

  • There shouldn’t be any duplication in major parts of your website. 
  • There shouldn’t be any thin and low value content.

When you find these things, determine the various ways to enrich and thicken the pages. Look at the analytics and find out the amount of traffic being driven. Garcia Roofing website takes comprehensive care of this aspect.

Do not use any noindex meta tags. Ensure that you work to drive the search engine results so as to stop them from appearing in Google. 


Search engines such as Google like to deliver a great user experience to help you to take care of the engagement metrics. Make sure that your content answers the questions the prospects ask. This is one of  the best ways to increase engagement. As users find what they are looking for,  it helps them to stay glued to your roofing website longer. Your company website’s pages must get loaded in less than three seconds. The website content should not be distracted. It means that the website must not have design elements with overly aggressive ads present within the content. This takes away the user’s interest and drifts them away. Note this as you scroll through the Garcia Roofing website.

Alt Attributes

The “alt attribute” is also known as “alt tag” or “alt description”. Use the HTML element to apply it normally to the image tags and provide the text alternative to the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Always optimize the images using alt attributes and ensure a great user-experience. It gives you an exclusive and inclusive roofing SEO advantage.

The way you mark up the images also affects the way Google sees the roofing web pages and also affects the amount of traffic your website generates with image search. 

Alt attributes within the HTML element help you to get an alternative information of the image as the prospects cannot look at it. Understand this information to know how it helps.

Your site’s images may also break over time (users may have problems related to your website and the files can also get deleted). Thus, a clear image description is important from the user-experience perspective. It provides you more chances (beyond your content) and assists Google to understand the various parts and content on your page. Garcia Roofing website and other top ranking websites never leave thai aspect and that’s how they get the best results.

URL Structure 

The roofing website’s URL is an important aspect from the viewpoint of tracking standpoint (it makes data segmentation easy, utilizing a logical URL structure) and also helps you with a: 

  • Shareability perspective.
  • Descriptive URLs. 

They must be concise and easy to copy and paste. The correct approach is not memorizing a large number of roofing keywords. Therefore, create a short and descriptive URL.

If the current URL does not adversely affect the business prospects and the business, there is no need to change it and it will not impact your prospects and business. Do not change the URL to make it more keyword focused just for the right roofing SEO results. Garcia Roofing has a concise and appropriately designed URL.

It is important to alter the roofing website URL structure if it gives an appropriate (301 permanent) redirect. At such times, a common mistake roofers make is redesigning the roofing websites, which is an unnecessary time-taking process.

Schema & Markup

In the end, you need to sort some of the basic on-page elements. Go for things which users want to find through search engines like Google. It will help you to better understand a roofing website via schema. The best websites like Garcia Roofing website always leverage the benefits of schema markup.

What you must keep in mind 

Schema markup helps to improve rankings to give you the best search engine results. It is not a direct ranking factor as of now. But, it provides your  listing a greater and additional space in Google search results. It is similar to what ad extensions can do for your Google Ads (earlier known as AdWords)

If you apply schema, you get a greater advantage for your click-through rate in the few Google search results. 

Your roofing website can do better if it shows things like ratings and reviews. Every roofer must take care of schema and having reviews will prove a great boon. Experiment with different schema markups and check the changes in your Google CTR.

Internal Linking, Information Architecture and External Linking        

Information architecture will help you plan and organize the roofing website pages. Always plan the roofing website to interlink the web pages and check if the different content types on your website ranks in response to users’ searches and queries.

Search engines such as Google help you to see the links as “votes of confidence”. It will help you to comprehend the different website pages. Things are getting more and more crucial than ever in this aspect. That’s why you need to understand all the factors to find out if the links are relevant or not.

Check the screenshots below highlighting the high authority and high quality backlinks Garcia Roofing has. Only a small proportion of links are on websites with DR less than 30.


Backlinks from Good Domain Rating Sites

Google wants to look at the text and also make the most of the links to the pages. Otherwise, you must use it as anchor text.  It helps the search engines to understand what a roofing web page is all about.

Also, it will make a great difference if you get a great link from important pages like CNN. These links reveal the importance of your  website, especially if there are several pages in the different areas on a roofing website. 

It shows Google that a particular page is important for your site. The pages on a roofing website have a higher power of  external votes just like links from trusted sources. Getting a greater power to assist other pages in a roofing website will give your rank higher in Google search results.

No Broken Backlinks

Broken backlinks will lead to a bad user experience. Errors like 404 not found and other redirects will distract the users from finding what they are looking for. It will distract the user-experience. 

Therefore, it is important to find and fix broken links regularly. In the case of Garcia roofing, there are no broken backlinks. 


Broken Links

Content Marketing & Link Building

As Google’s algorithm relies on links, having a higher number of high authority links proves incredibly important for generating the right search traffic. It helps you to accomplish the work you are looking for with technical and on-page SEO. However, if you do not have the links in your professional roofing website, its possibility to appear in the search results gets lowered. 

There are so many methods to get links to your roofing website. Getting links can become more sophisticated and may not lead to the right outcomes if it is not done appropriately (focusing on authenticity and trustworthiness factors). If a company is new to roofing SEO, it  must leverage various channels to acquire the links. Garcia Roofing has a great link building strategy and it reflects in their content as well.

Things to ponder upon

There are several highly aggressive and risky ways to attain the links that aren’t good for your business. You can create links to trick Google to give your pages a higher ranking, but it will bounce back to give negative results in the long run. Moreover, it would not add value to a roofing business as Google algorithms change. This will make you lose the rankings. Always go for high authority links on trustworthy blogs.

Page Speed Optimization 

Search engines such as Google press upon the need of having fast-loading roofing websites. The search engines also help to increase the website’s conversion rates and users. Google has developed tools for offering suggestions about if there is a need to address a website’s speed problems.

Garcia Roofing website has an exceptional loading speed of 100.


Loading Speed

Mobile Friendliness

If a roofing website is driving significant traffic with the mobile searches, you have to understand the features of being “mobile-friendly”.  The appearance and functioning of your roofing website on various tabs and mobile devices affects its rankings. Garcia Roofing has surely taken care of this aspect. 

Mobile friendliness can surely increase in the usage of mobile devices and it’s likely to increase. Consider these factors  for your website on the mobile:

  • The loading speed.
  • Existence of multiple URLs. 
  • They will affect the technical SEO. 

Things have become so much more valuable. The roofing website needs to adapt to various mobile devices. 

Google shows the results depending on how nicely your roofing business can help the searchers or users. Roofing contractors help you in improving mobile SEO using the following methods:

  • Responsive design: Your website must appear appealing and useful on all types of devices.
  • Seamless Navigation: Internal Links and URL hierarchies must be designed appropriately for mobile devices.
  • Test your mobile’s roofing website: Use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool to verify the location. Also, ensure that all your location details are present on Google maps as well as on your mobile website.

Header Response

Header response tags must deal with technical SEO issues. You cannot proceed on complex topics like this without technical expertise.

Ensure that your roofing pages return the right code to your search engines (200) such as Google. And pages which you cannot find easily will return a code (400), without showing that it does not exist any longer. When you get such codes wrong, it shows that the “page not found” page is actually a functioning page. So, it may appear like a thin or duplicated page. Leverage a server header checker for finding out the status code which the roofing web pages will return as Google crawls them. There are no broken pages  and unmanaged redirects on Garcia Roofing.

XML Sitemaps

Search engines like Bing and Google give weightage to XML sitemaps to understand the roofing website and find its content. Make sure that you do not include irrelevant pages to submit your page for a sitemap. XML sitemaps do not make a site rank for a keyword. However, there are also so many disadvantages if you do not implement the XML sitemap in the right way. So, you should implement it to achieve positive benefits for your roofing SEO. Being a local business, Garcia Roofing has leveraged the same.

Some important Off-Page Strategies to Follow 

Create shareable content:  Creating great content is an art. And if you are capable of doing it, you can earn links and you can get more shares on social media. carrying out research will help you to keep your content updated and fresh.

Get Influencers to Enhance your Reach: To create any kind of content, share worthy content, do not hesitate to reach out to influencers in the industry. Ask them to check your blog and ask for linkbacks from their blog. You need to get links from relevant domains.

3. Guest Blogging

There are so many good quality blogs meant for guest posting by several authors. The best way to write a guest post is to write an amazing research piece and outreach the bloggers in your niche with the content for use as a guest post. You need to focus on the quality of the links and not just on quality. Also, avoid posting multiple times on a single guest blog site.

4. Social Media Engagement

Social media posting is a significant method for off-page SEO technique. Not only should your content be shareable. The social media content must reflect what you offer on your blog and make your blog popular and more engaging. People on multiple social media platforms will help you to grow your business and help you get a higher number of backlinks.


With diligent SEO India strategies and practice, a website will most likely stand out from the competition and get highly visible to its potential customers. However, it requires close monitoring and consistent updates as and when needed for compiling with the Google algorithm updates. And most importantly, you have to ensure that it is offering an excellent user experience and ushers trust to its visitors.

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