data driven content for quality link building

‘Content is King.’

A phrase that everyone in the SEO community has got tired of hearing. Even we have talked about the importance of content hundreds of times in our blogs. Basically, you can’t achieve the desired results through an SEO campaign if your content marketing game is not strong. 

However, creating content is not enough. It is also essential to understand that one should have specific goals while writing a blog post. While some people want to increase the website’s traffic through content, others simply write a blog post to acquire high-quality backlinks. 

If the latter is your objective, it is essential to create content that’s link-worthy. It is easy to write a regular blog post, publish it, and move on with your day. But, if you want people to link to your content, you’ll have to put in the efforts to make your content link-worthy and valuable. 

The easiest way to do this is to publish data-driven content. Not only data-driven content will encourage people to link to your content, but it’ll also help you attract a significant amount of traffic. 

Let’s understand how to create data-driven content and utilize it for link building strategies. 

Become the Source

It’s no arguing the fact that finding and structuring your own data is too much of a job. However, when you become the original source for data, people will willingly want to link to your content. 

Being the original source for data also helps you build a brand reputation in the market. By publishing your own data, you can easily become an influencer in your community. 

Even though creating your own data will be a bit challenging, it’ll help your business a lot in the long run. Here’s how you can gather data while creating data-driven content. 

One of the most convenient and easiest ways to gather data is to use online tools such as Google Trends and Google Consumer Survey. These tools will provide you with surveys that you can use to accumulate data and create data-driven content for your website. 

Choose the Right Topic

When you have valuable data, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your blog post will turn out to be good as well. It is necessary to choose the right topic and use the gathered data to craft the perfect story that engages the readers. 

So, even before you go out to collect the data, make sure to pick the right topic. Again, it’ll be extremely beneficial if you write about a trending topic. Look for things that are happening in your business niche and write content accordingly. 

Move Towards Gathering Data

Now, comes the real challenge; Gathering Data. As we mentioned earlier, collecting data can become too hectic, especially when you want to use it to write killer content that people want to link to. 

While collecting data, take your time as the data needs to be accurate, informative, and valuable. Read different studies and surveys before coming to any conclusion. Keep in mind that your focus should be on enhancing the quality of the content. 

Of course, the more words you write, the easier it would become to climb the search engine ladder. However, that doesn’t mean that you should forget about the quality. A person is more likely to link to quality content, even if it contains only 1000 words. 

Conduct Your Own Surveys

Conducting your own surveys is a great way to collect data for your blog. When you conduct your own surveys, you have the advantage of asking questions that you think will help you with the topic. 

While asking questions, however, make sure to be extra cautious as you would not want to ask irrelevant things to people. Before asking any question, make sure that it is going to be relevant to your blog. 

You can also add demographic questions to gather a different perspective from different readers. This will help you conclude things more effectively, resulting in a more valuable blog post. 

Reach Out to Your Own Community

If you already have a decent following on social media or other platforms, you can share a questionnaire with them to collect data. Ask them questions or conduct a survey and easily turn the collected data into a piece of valuable content. 

An easy way to conduct a survey within your community is to send a questionnaire via e-mail. As a website owner, you are most likely to have a database of e-mails of customers who have subscribed to your newsletter. 

Keep in mind that customers aren’t going to fill a questionnaire directly. That’s why it is necessary that you offer something in return as well. The easiest way to do this is to offer discount codes in return. 

Study the Data to Find Different Perspectives

Once you have collected the entire data, the next step would be to study it to find interesting angles that could captivate your target audience. Writing a data-driven blog is all about telling a story that could engage the readers. 

While going through the data, try highlighting points that can add value to the storyline. If you find any interesting insights or figures, make sure to add them to your articles as they’ll make the entire content piece really interesting. 

As soon as you have some strong data in front of you, move towards creating the story. Always remember, it is necessary that your blog has a story that moves towards a particular conclusion. There’s no point in publishing random data as it won’t engage the reader. 

Add Images & Videos to Make Your Blog Appealing

It is also crucial to present your data the right way so that it becomes appealing. Use images to represent your data. You can hire a designer who’ll turn your raw data into captivating images. In case you don’t have a designer, however, you can use one of the online designing tools to do the job. In any case, it is essential to represent your data in the form of images. 

Another way to make your data interesting is to represent it through infographics. Believe it or not, but infographics have the best engagement rate as compared to other types of visual content. With infographics, you can convey your idea in a more effective manner, without making it sound boring. 

Publishing the Blog is Not the End

Yes, publishing the blog is not the end of the story. In fact, it’s the beginning of a new chapter. Always remember that no one’s going to discover your post magically. You’ll have to put in the efforts to make it reach the public as well as the influencers. 

You should conduct a manual outreach to influencers in your niche and ask them to share the post with their followers. If your content piece is up to the mark, they are most likely to share your post with their audience as well. 

This will help you get the desired exposure for your post while increasing the website traffic at the same time. 

What If You Don’t Have Data?

In case you are unable to generate data, there’s no need to worry as there are many people who have already published a significant amount of data on their websites. All you have to do is analyze this data and present it from a different angle that hasn’t been talked about earlier. 

You can also compare two different datasets and create a new study with a different conclusion. The goal here is to post content that’s unique, valuable, and high quality. 

Wrapping Things Up

Publishing data-driven content is one of the most effective ways to acquire high-quality backlinks. Data-driven content always works because it provides value to the readers and people actually want to read it. The above-mentioned tips will help you create data-driven content and improve the backlink profile for your website.