Canonicalization for SEO 

Canonicalization for SEOs refers to normalizing (redirecting to a single dominant version) multiple URLs.

Canonical URLs issue is a term used repetition of content in multiple locations on one website or on multiple websites. This creates confusion for the search engines, as it is not able to decide which content to show to searchers and ends up demoting all of them. This happens because the popularity of the pages gets split up.
The Canonical issue occurs because of the default settings of web servers. Canonical issue is a critical glitch and is very hard to detect, but is resolvable. Canonicalization is done to resolve Canonical issue. Canonicalization is normalizing multiple URLs to the same content by redirecting them to single dominant URL.
SEO professional at SEO expert Company India have thorough and deep knowledge about canonicalization and can eliminate website canonical issue effectively.

What exactly is the Canonical URL issue is?

Still did not get what Canonical issue is let’s discuss it with an example:
For instance, your website URL is “”.
However, the users can reach it even when they type the web addresses like:

  • “http://”,
  • “”,
  • “”
  • “”

This is because the server will cast same page for the above-mentioned URLs and thus users get the same content by entering any of these URLs. This default feature of the server is for customer convenience, but a search engine treats all these pages as different page in the same website. As the result, these pages are considered duplicates and treated as SPAM by the search engines and are demoted.
However, you can avoid this by hiring search engine optimization professionals from SEO Experts Company India. Who can perform canonicalization to make your website error-free and boost it to top search engine rankings.

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