Cannabis dispensary – Importance and tips for social media marketing

Cannabis social media marketing is a significant undertaking. In addition to complying with Federal and State laws, cannabis businesses also need to take the proper steps to market the products on various social networks. It is important to formulate social media marketing as per necessary restrictions. 

Why Social Media for Cannabis?

There are more than 246 million active social media users in the US, and tapping the traffic from all platforms will let you get outstanding outcomes. Businesses require broadening their outreach while avoiding penalties and being creative with their advertisements.

Here are some tips for cannabis social media marketing you should use to create outreach strategies:

Know Your Audience

You must know your audience and identify the right way to speak to them. You may be in any industry like CBD, Hemp, or Cannabis industry. You must gather all the information related to the target customers and the products they are interested in. Here are the aspects of target demographics you must be aware of:



And income level of the customers. 

Make sure that you do proper research to understand:

Their knowledge about cannabis.

Their concerns about cannabis use.

Such details help you identify the best platforms you need to impact your digital marketing message significantly. You can take the help of a CBD SEO Company to give you the right data.

Post Engaging And Educational Content

Do not assume that your followers are members of the cannabis community, especially when you take to social media marketing. You can get many people who are wary of cannabis brands and are new to your products. Most of them may not have correct information about the products or aren’t able to choose quality cannabis products easily. This means that you need to work with the content writers to form educational content, which helps increase your brand authority and ensure that your followers get the correct delivery value.

Build a Ubiquitous Presence

Extending your brand reach requires building your presence on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Do not miss these most popular platforms to post content and ads on Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Cannabis brands also maintain a top-class presence on different social media platforms to be well-positioned to achieve their marketing objectives. Ensure that you have reviewed the terms and policies of several social channels so as not to infringe on the terms and conditions. It will save you from being banned for offending their law.

Invest In Images And Videos

Take a bite. Content having 39 percent visual representation in images is more engaging than conventional plain text posts. Videos can give you even better outcomes than static images. Videos and illustrations keep the audience engaged in whatever you need want to convey to them. Therefore, consider using various forms of communication in the right proportion. This means you should use alt-text, images, and videos, also, on your website, including your and your staff pictures. Additionally, ensure that your content gets shared and can reach out to more people. There are also various other methods to reach out to a larger audience, for example, using relevant. 



And paid ads.

Be Consistent

Consistency is essential for building a strong brand image to enhance brand awareness. It means that you must display a consistent brand image across various social media platforms you will use. Also, consistency ensures that customers can identify and connect with your brand. Make sure that you’re consistent in posting content on various social networks. You require a content strategy that emphasizes staying relevant and sets expectations from your brand. 


One may consider having a high number of followers on social media. But, it would prove meaningless if your social media followers are high, but only a tiny percentage of your followers purchase your products or engage with you. To increase your social media following, you need to work on a higher number of loyal customers. Think of customer pain points. High-quality content that addresses your audience’s concerns helps you to build relationships. Moreover, you also need to maintain conversations which helps deliver excellent customer service for having immediate customer feedback.

Refrain from Promoting Yourself Overly

While using social media for your cannabis brand promotion, ensure that you achieve the perfect balance between using promotional and educational content. Also, do not include ads and sales language in different posts. It would mean that audience will grow weary of the content. So, do not focus highly on yourself; instead, go forward to share your opinion and insight. It lets people understand what you think about your view on various topics. So, people would soon consider you as an expert, and it helps you connect better with the customers.

Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

Influencers help to increase your presence on various social channels. Influencers have a huge social media following which delivers your message to the target audience. Influencers enjoy a vast social media following, and marketing gives you the best way to get top-notch organic growth. Another strategy to expand your social reach is making your customers your brand ambassadors. The happiest customers like to share your content and give recognition to your dispensary and products. Reach out to your happy customer and encourage them to share their take on your brand on their social media pages. They indeed influence the purchase decisions of potential customers.

Go for Cannabis-Specific Marketing Agency

It can be highly challenging to market cannabis on social media. Go for the right cannabis-specific marketing agency that knows how to deal with stringent advertising restrictions, which lower the chances of social media accounts getting banned or flagged. You need to understand and gauge your marketing strategy from time to time. This means that you can make suitable adjustments to get top outcomes.

Understand Restrictions and Guidelines

Cannabis social media marketing has a lot of risks. In the present day, Federal Government is closely scrutinizing the social media accounts of companies. They want to ensure that you comply with the various applicable regulations and laws. Social channels also follow certain guidelines and restrictions to promote cannabis. If you’re not hiring social media marketing companies, understand the dos and don’ts of these social media sites. Always post responsibly to have a professional image. It also means that you should avoid being shut down for an extended period.

General Tips for Dispensaries Advertising on Facebook

Typical Challenges of Facebook Cannabis Dispensary

  1. Your advert may be disapproved for using words such as cannabis or marijuana.
  2. Adverts also have standalone images of marijuana, and cannabis may get disapproved.
  3. Disapproved page adverts can impact your trustworthiness score.
  4. Facebook may impose a partial ban on your social media account for breaking the above rules.

Why Should Your Target Audience Visit Your Page?

Following the rules for your post display is a vital requisite. You should also follow the right tips to give your followers the right reason to come to your store to purchase your products. Offer them reasons for being loyal, for example, include rewards, deals, and referral incentives in your posts. It encourages your followers to interact with your page. It also will help to improve your sales performance in the long term.

Social media is an important marketing tool helping marijuana businesses to overcome marketing challenges and improve their customer base. But, they also seriously impact brand image and business as you use the correct advertising tactics. It’s essential to work with a reputed and experienced social media agency.

Ways in Which Visibility Gurus Drives A Great Deal of Website Traffic

SEO: This means we will help relevant customers reach you.

Content Marketing – We will create epic content which gets:



And attracts traffic.

Paid Media – This includes highly effective paid strategies through a clear ROI.

FAQs for Marketing and Advertising Dispensaries on Facebook

Q1. Can Dispensaries Advertise on Facebook Easily?

FDA  Federal Drug Administration( FDA) still does not like the promotion of cannabis products as they do not like anyone backing such claims from such advertisements. So, avoid promoting your products or services on social media pages such as Facebook.

Q2. Can I Employ Influencer Marketing on Facebook for Dispensaries?

Using a social media influencer for marketing gives your cannabis dispensary exposure on Facebook as they know how you can go about your target audience.

Collaborate with an influencer to enhance your reach towards the members of the influencers. You need to follow the right tips to choose your social media influencer to market your cannabis products.

Pro Tip: 

Do not go for followership on social media to find an influencer.

You don’t need to focus on just getting the big names with millions of followers. Instead, choose influencers who have a target audience already using marijuana products. Understand the guidelines for publishing your content on social media. 

Q3. What to do if Dispensary Advertising or Marketing Strategy isn’t Working?

There are no strict rules for marketing or advertising your cannabis dispensary on Facebook.

Moreover, don’t overlook strategies, which aren’t working in the right way.

But before reaching this point, always ensure that you test, monitor, and improve marketing and advertising strategies for your dispensary.

Q4. I Have Never Advertised on Facebook Before. How do I Look Forward to Promoting My Dispensary?

You don’t need to satisfy any prerequisites to advertise your dispensary on Facebook. But, because you still do not have a target audience, you have to get ahead of yourself and enhance customer loyalty. You also get an effective Facebook marketing strategy which proves very helpful.

Q5. Can Dispensaries use Affiliate Marketing for Advertising on Facebook?

Affiliate marketing effectively markets cannabis dispensaries and cannabis products on Facebook.

Q6. Do I Need to Create a Facebook Group for Product Marketing Using the My Business Page?

You may not get organic reach from your business page. But, you can create a Facebook group and publish relevant and quality content on it.

Q7. How Many People do Will Check My Dispensary on Facebook?

There will be many people viewing your cannabis dispensary based on how the efficacy and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This is what we refer to as organic reach. Typically, a Facebook post has an organic reach of nearly 6.4% of the total likes on a page.


Social media is a highly effective and interactive platform for any business. It requires the use of a highly effective cannabis dispensary advertising tool.

Social media platforms help cannabis dispensaries in getting a:

Broader Reach.

Increased website traffic.

Better customer relationship.

Better User Experience.

You cannot afford to miss Facebook advertising to promote your dispensary. Instead, you need to make the most of the social media marketing of cannabis.

Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh
Founder & CEO

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