A Business Owners’ Guide to Astounding Outcomes with Organic Marketing!

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Businesses rely on search engines, especially Google, to a great extent to get website traffic. The majority of the people in your search audience look for information on the search engines. According to SEJ, 70 % of the clicks on the search engine are organic. However, business owners and digital marketing experts also feel that outreaching to the audience just based on organic traffic can be quite challenging and hard. So, what does it take for an online store or a business to get higher traffic, more conversions, and better business in the end?

What is the Rol of organic traffic, and how much is the need to buy traffic to get meaningful results that match your annual, quarterly, or monthly business goals. The best SEO company in India can help you get great results from organic marketing at highly competitive prices. However, you might still be double-minded on using organic marketing for enhancing your business’s revenues. We asked experts and got a valuable insight into the role of organic and paid search engine traffic. Read further to see how businesses are seeing it and what digital marketing experts suggest to get the best of both worlds.

Search engines want people to find the most relevant information, and how easily you can make them find yours is all that will matter. Getting it done through organic traffic is most important.

Why Businesses Do Not Take To Organic Marketing?

Alexa of Marketing By Modification, a seasoned marketing consultant and experts, pointed out that many businesses do not want to spare the time to leverage organic marketing results. Actual networking with the audience takes time and effort. She believes that businesses need to create time-tested and standard processes for training and monitoring to make the most of outreaching customers while forming valuable contacts.


Alexa Dagostino, is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and business coach

Alexa Dagostino said, “One of the biggest challenges I see with organic lead generation is actually coming up with a process to do it. I see two reasons why business owners don’t take organic marketing seriously. The first is the “idea” of organic marketing and “cold” contacting strangers through social media.

“My argument is always, what is the difference between cold DMing someone on Instagram and walking into a networking happy hour? Absolutely nothing! You walk up to strangers in both scenarios, except on the internet, you have millions more prospective clients to go after. The second reason is, organic marketing is not efficient. While it is highly effective, business owners don’t want to take the time to create relationships organically. The solutions I give here are hiring Virtual Assistance and creating robust standard processes in training and monitoring,” she thoughtfully remarked.

Real-Time Challenges of Organic Marketing

Harriet Chan

Harriet Chan, Market Officer at CocoFinder

Increasing traffic to our website is the biggest challenge so far. Being the ultimate target for our business, we find this to be the most challenging part when using organic marketing channels.

Generation of leads naturally comes as the second most critical challenge as businesses must attract the right people to the website.

Since organic marketing is all about creating a reaction from our viewers, customer reaction comes next for us. Creating content that can get people talking is the next challenge that we face when using organic marketing.

The next challenge is increasing awareness in public about your brand through organic search or via our social media accounts.

Budget can be another constraint. Businessmen often miss focusing on this when creating strategies. Restraining one’s pocket while ensuring good results can be quite tricky.

Practical Problems of Businesses Face for Building Organic Traffic

Arbab Muneed Ahmad

Arbab Muneeb Ahmad, from Igoravidon

Insufficient Resources

Businesses usually have insufficient resources in the form of a lack of time or a lack of budget. In a business, it is impossible to give maximum time to organic content marketing as it is a time-consuming process and will make the rest of the business’s operations suffer. This can be tackled by hiring people for content marketing, but then the problem of insufficient budget arises, which makes organic content marketing difficult.

Increasing Competition

Organic marketers in the form of bloggers are increasing day by day. Articles are getting published in a number that can’t be measured easily, daily. This increases the competition, especially for a new entrant in the field who will be competing against bloggers working for years in this field. This can be a significant hindrance or a challenge that organic marketers face.

Maintaining Quality

With many articles published every day, maintaining the quality of content can be a little tricky. Due to the fewer innovations possible for topics, writers’ creativity gets diminished with time as they repeatedly perform the same job, following a pattern that can seriously affect the quality of the content produced by them.

The COVID Impact

Teri Shern, cofounder of Conex Boxes reported, “A challenge we’ve faced during the pandemic for organic marketing was finding the type of content to post and how to speak to our audience. The pandemic caused a lot of panic and uncertainty, and methods for growing organically needed to change as a result. Brands could no longer continue with planned marketing techniques because they were no longer effective. However, addressing too many issues may be off-brand and would come across as too morbid for consumers. It’s a tricky balance that needs to be achieved”.

How Businesses Are Seeing Organic Traffic Campaigns and the Outcomes?

Malte Scholz

Malte Scholz, CEO, and Co-Founder of Airfocus

According to Malte Scholz, CEO and Co-Founder of Airfocus getting organic traffic through social media is highly challenging. Scholz said, “The biggest problem is the social media algorithm. Most of them are set up to prioritize paid ads, and it’s really hard to have a big organic reach. It doesn’t matter how much money you put into your campaign, the majority of social media won’t push your posts, and your reach will be minimal. Another issue is very high competition. There are thousands of businesses in a single industry, and all of them are advertising to the same audience. The quality of organic campaigns is insane, and you have to ensure top-quality content if you want to attract customers. It seems that organic campaigns cost a lot and may not give satisfactory results.”

Jenny Winstead

Jenny Winstead, Dramaturg | Playwright | Non-fiction Writer | Critical Researcher

Jenny Winstead from LA Tutors also shared how hard it is for businesses to get relevant and quality organic traffic. She said, “Organic marketing is challenging, as it requires creating fresh, relevant content that people are actively searching for. This means being able to predict what people will be asking before they start asking. Another obstacle is that your business likely has many competitors who are trying to do the same thing, so you have to be the first to come up with the content and somehow drive traffic to your site before everyone else does.”

Is It Harder to Incur Organic Traffic on Social Media?

Sonya Gankina

Sonya Gankina, Social Media & Content Marketer | Editor at apt613

Many business owners felt that getting great organic marketing results has been particularly difficult with social media platforms where the paid posts are pushed for greater visibility. Sonya Gankina, that the organic reach of Facebook has been continuously declining, with the stats falling from 7.7 % in 2019 to 5.5 % in 2020. Sonya said, “That makes it difficult for new business pages to acquire page likes and consistent engagement on their organic posts. With an incredible saturation of branded organic content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, making your own stand out is nowadays harder than ever.”

Content marketers now are stressing the importance of the quality of content more than ever before. Creating high-quality and highly engaging content holds the key. Also, businesses should not forget to use all the latest techniques and features for making engaging content that gets a lot of reactions and shares. “As always, the key is being extremely creative, upkeep a consistent posting schedule, and playing by the rules – trying out all-new features like Reels and Instagram Shopping. To get more organic reach, brands need to start up meaningful conversations, getting reactions like hearts on Facebook (weighted more than regular “likes”) and always working on getting more shares and comments,” said Sonya.

Impact of Fluctuating Business Goals

Sunil Sharma of Marketing Inspire says that the changing business goals alongside the changes in the algorithm are crucial in affecting the outcomes through organic marketing. It is necessary to keep your digital marketing team abreast with the latest business goals and create high-quality content relevant for the same. “While interacting with our clients, we notice that the organization’s goals change and it takes time to generate leads and improve traffic through an organic approach. SEO takes months before showing even the slightest engagements. Such a shift in goals can adversely affect the months-long efforts of digital marketers. The relationship between digital marketers and company owners can turn negative with new requirements and goals every quarter.”

“Another challenge is to maintain high quality for every piece of content. It’s challenging to hit a home run for every ball,” said Sunil.Countering the Challenges of Organic Marketing

Tailored Digital Marketing Strategy

Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller, Co-Founder and CEO at GR0

Many digital marketing experts say that there is no foolproof plan to make your digital marketing campaign successful. Businesses and digital marketing agencies need to brainstorm the best strategy, sometimes through trial and error, following trends, or setting new trends themselves. Moreover, bringing more significant organic traffic through SEO requires a dedicated amount of time and effort. Kevin Miller, said, “Organic marketing such as SEO is a bit difficult to observe because results take a long time to develop, and they can be tricky to nail down to an exact science. As impactful as organic search can be, sometimes the perfect, foolproof recipe can feel unattainable. For example, employing targeted keywords into your website will assist in your search engine ranking, but overuse of keywords, otherwise known as keyword stuffing, can lead to negative ranking consequences. More often than not, figuring out the perfect balance can sometimes only be achieved through trial and error that will present challenges for your strategy.”

Using a Combination of SEM and SEO to Your Advantage

Navneet Singh Final

Navneet Singh, Founder & CEO of SEO Experts Company India

He said, “A combination of paid marketing and organic marketing techniques following the latest Google search engine updates likely gives outcomes matching or exceeding expectations. Singh opines that complementing SEM strategies with SEO strategies is the needed thing to do. “It makes perfect sense to use organic and PPC together. The first thing to realize is that SEO and SEM are complementary services to boost your marketing strategy and enhance your brand exposure. Every time, your prospects see your brand name in response to their search, it enhances the trustworthiness of your website and business in their mind. When your brand name appears twice, both on organic and on paid results, it generates greater brand awareness and builds the trust factor.”

People are attracted more to your brand when both your brand features in organic and paid listing follow similar lines and terms. This has a direct impact on your CTR as well.

“Besides this, businesses must focus on making giving a better page user experience to their audience. They need to work on mobile-first indexing is important. Apart from this, the business should cash on the benefits of using videos and other content marketing tools for your business. Moreover, it is necessary to reply to messages, images and other content that suits the mobile display,” remarked Singh.

John Ross

John Ross, President & CEO at Test Prep Insight

An essential part of your SEO strategy is getting high-quality backlinks to your website. Getting backlinks from thousands of spammy websites offering paid guest posts won’t work now. You need quality backlinks from high-quality websites. John Ross, CEO of Test Prep Insight, expressed, “I think the biggest challenge we face in terms of organic marketing is building quality links for SEO purposes. It is harder than ever to build links to your site from high DA, quality websites. A million websites are selling paid guest posts, but these links don’t carry the same weight they used to.” The ongoing situation of COVID is turning more and more businesses to get an online outreach and the market scenarios are becoming increasingly competitive.

“This forces companies to turn to direct link building to gain these backlinks, and it is tough. This is compounded by the fact that SEO has become increasingly competitive since the pandemic hit. COVID has forced so many businesses online that link building has become even more important and competitive. So that is our biggest challenge, the competitive nature of link building.” Ross said.

Increasing the Engagement of the Content with Greater Humanity in the Post

keith Eneix

Keith Eneix, Internet Marketing & Lead Generation Expert at FANNIT President at TautUSA

Though the automation of social media posting is lucrative and more effortless, Keith Eneix, Internet Marketing & Lead Generation Expert at FANNIT observed that a dedicated person carrying out individual social media postings is better to let audiences know that there is a human face behind them, rather than an exclusively automated process. It helps to build trustworthiness in your business. Organic marketing required a more significant effort to keep up with the different platforms’ algorithm.

Additionally, responding to customer DMs and comments are essential. Going live more often helps increase engagement and encourages customers to make more queries. Keith explained, “We also like to be involved in the marketing efforts as we like to connect with our audience, so when we don’t outsource our own marketing needs, we try to batch content to save us a little bit of time and put them on an auto schedule. We can then dedicate a little extra time with Lives, stories, responding to comments and DMs.”

“Getting a higher engagement from the customers is the real challenge,” said Keith.


In the end, you need a digital marketing team well aware of the latest trends and well-equipped with effective marketing strategies for drawing customers and persuading them to purchase products and services. Your investment in terms of money, time, and effort in marketing strategy for getting higher organic traffic is entirely worth its while. You can surely complement it with a well-planned out paid marketing campaign suiting your budget and business goals.



Navneet Singh Final

A young enthusiast who is passionate about SEO, Internet Marketing, and most importantly providing tremendous value to businesses every day. Connect with him on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter: @nsvisibility

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