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Anchor text optimization is one of the key ingredient of a successful link building campaign

Anchor text is a hyperlinked text on an online document or webpage that is clickable. In SEO Anchor text is used for backlink generation process. Best practices dictate that anchor text should be relevant to the page it is being linked to, instead of generic text.
A good Web content grabs attention of the visitors compelling them to do business and influences search engine crawler with genuine keyword rich content to boost ranking. Anchor text optimization is an important aspect of 0n page optimization.
How is Anchor text optimization done?
Let us discuss an example:
SEO Expert Company India is one of the best Offshore SEO Services. Their high quality Guaranteed SEO Services and affordable SEO packages ensure that the client gets the best value for their money.
Here anchor texts are the 2 text phrases “Offshore SEO Services” and “Guaranteed SEO Services” which are hyperlinked to two different URLs. Anchor texts represent the subject of the page and used to route traffic to other pages of the same or other website. Clicking “Offshore SEO Services” will route you to an Offshore SEO Services page of the website.
Effective anchor text management not only helps divert traffic to your website or within it, but also helps in getting your website’s every page indexed and obtain maximum link juice for your website.
Anchor text optimization is part of our SEO packages. The Professionals at SEO Expert Company India can help you with anchor text management to boost your online marketing campaign.
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