Alt Tag Optimization

Alt tags are a text alternative to images when a browser can’t properly render them.

Alt Attribute or Alt tag or Alt Texts provide alternative information for an image that cannot be displayed or if a user for some reason cannot view it, that can be because of slow internet connection, errors in the source attribute or if the user uses a screen reader software.

As search engines cannot read text in the images, Alt tags tell search engines about the image so that it can be indexed properly. Furthermore, the alt tag is useful for visually impaired people who use screen reader software internet browsing.

If used wisely Alt tags can boost your website rankings. Below are some tips given by seo company india to optimize images as per the Google best practices. 


Tips for Alt Tags optimization:


• Always use Alt tags for all images and blend keywords in some of the Alt tags
• Use key phrases that are contained in the Meta tag, the body text and title tag.
• Use 2-3 combination of key phrases instead of repeating one key phrase.
• Prefer using plural key phrases in the alt tag.
• Keep Alt tag length less than 8 words.
• Don’t use irrelevant alt tags that not connected images.
• Prefer using key phrases that explain the pictures directly.

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