209 NYC Dental SEO Strategy Breakdown – Tactics that Helped Them Rank on Google Page #1

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209 NYC Dental is a dental clinic in Manhattan that is outperforming all the competitors and dominating the organic searches as well.

Having 2,000 online reviews, along with an average rating of 4.9/5, 209 NYC Dental is one of the top dental clinics in Manhattan. 

Moreover, their website is ranking for the most competitive keywords in the niche and attracting 6k organic traffic/month. And, the best part is they aren’t running any paid campaigns.

The entire traffic is coming from organic search results!!


Apart from ranking at the top for highly competitive keywords, 209 Dental is also ranking at the top in Google’s Local Pack results for keywords like ‘NYC Dental’ & ‘Dental NYC’.


However, the clinic didn’t become a success overnight. Apart from offering quality services, 2019 NYC Dental also focused on establishing an online presence that can help them scale their business. 

Fortunately, they have been successful in achieving this goal. The clinic’s website is ranking for more than 4k organic keywords and has an average of 6k monthly organic traffic without running any PPC campaign whatsoever. 

If we compare the organic traffic report to that of competitors’, 209 NYC dental has almost two times more organic traffic. Here’s the competitor’s organic traffic report for 2019 NYC Dental.

semrush competitor graph

So, being a professional SEO service provider, we decided to dive deeper into 209 NYC Dental’s SEO strategies to identify the tactics they use to attract such a remarkable amount of organic traffic and how you can replicate these results. 

Here are our excerpts from what we observed by analyzing 209 NYC Dental’s official website.

Note: We have used Ahrefs to conduct the entire study. 

A General Website Overview of 209 NYC Dental

Let’s first take a look at the general overview of the website.  


As you can see that the site has promising figures, be it the organic traffic or number of backlinks. 

Here are some Further Observations About 209 Dental’s Website Based on Above Screenshot

  1. The Domain Authority /DR of their website is 27, which is a good sign as higher DR makes the site more authoritative. The higher the domain authority is, easier it would be for the website to rank higher in the search engine.
  2. The URL Rating (UR) is 29, which shows that the web page has a considerably strong backlink profile. URL Rating has a direct impact on the search rankings of the webpage. Pages having higher UR tend to rank higher in Google search results.
  3. 209 NYC Dental has a strong backlink profile. The website has more than 1k backlinks from 135 referring domains, which gives the website a higher authority.
  4. The website is ranking for 4.1k organic keywords. It means that 209 NYC Dental’s SEO game is too strong. It is also worth noting that the site is attracting organic traffic only and not running any PPC campaign.
  5. 209 NYC Dental has an average monthly search traffic of 6.1k. Although these are not unique visitors, it is still a promising figure for a business that’s not running any paid marketing campaigns whatsoever.

Looking at the above five points, one thing’s clear for sure, i.e., 209 Dental has ensured to follow the best SEO strategies to achieve such remarkable results.

So, Let’s Dig Into 209 Dental’s SEO Strategies that helped them Attain Page #1 Rankings on Google and Top Revenue Generation Keywords

Let’s Start With On-Page SEO First…..

To understand the on-page SEO practices of 209 NYC Dental, let’s first take a look at the top pages report of the website. The ‘top-pages’ report in Ahrefs shows the list of pages that are bringing the majority of Internet traffic.


Since these pages are attracting a large amount of traffic, their on-page SEO is most likely to be top-notch.

Page Title and Meta Description

Let’s pop-up one of these pages into the Google search bar.


Here are some initial observations from the above snippet

  • The page title is well-optimized and search engine friendly. As you can see that the title contains the target keyword and that too in the beginning. Keyword placement in the page-title is one of the best on-page SEO practices that one can follow to climb the search engine ladder.
  • Along with the page title, the meta description is also a crucial on-page element. In fact, the meta description does have an impact on the SEO rankings of a web page. That’s 209 Dental has also ensured to optimize the meta description to make it SEO-friendly. Not only they have made the description SEO-friendly, but they’ve also added related keyword phrases to make it optimized for the search engine.


So, the one thing you can do to Rank on Page One of Google Search Results is 

Optimize the page title and meta description so that the search engine can relate them with specific search queries.

While optimizing the title, however, try to insert the keyword at the beginning. When you insert keyword at the beginning of the title, it has comparatively higher chances of ranking in the top positions of SERP.

Page URL

The URL tells the search engine what a particular web page is all about. Although Google doesn’t claim it, the URL does have an impact on the age rankings. Again, 209 NYC Dental has ensured to optimize the page URL by adding the target keyword to the URL.

Apart from adding the target keyword to the URL, 209 Dental has also used short URLs. This is one of the major reasons why they are ranking in the top positions even for competitive keywords.

Using short and well-optimized URLs makes it easier for the search engine to understand the context of each web page and it for the right keywords.


A sitemap is one of the many critical on-page SEO components. When a website has a well-structured sitemap, it becomes easier for the search engine to navigate through different pages of the website. A sitemap is basically the map of a website, that contains information about all the web pages.

One of the major reasons why 209 Dental is ranking on page #1 and outperforming is that it has a proper sitemap. The path of each web page is stored in the sitemap and that’s why the search engines are capable of crawling and indexing the web pages easily.

Here’s the sitemap for 209 NYC Dental Website.


Like 209 Dental, if you are running your site on WordPress, you can also install Yoast plugin. The YoastSEO plugin analyzes all the web pages and automatically generates the XML sitemap for a website.

So, if you want to climb the search engine ladder, make sure to generate a properly structured sitemap.  

That completes the on-page optimization that 209 Dental has done to make their site SEO-friendly.

Now, Let’s Move Towards Technical SEO of 209 NYC Dental 

Technical SEO means going at the backend of the website and ensuring everything’s in a top-notch condition. Many people struggle to rank their website because they either skip technical SEO or don’t do it right.

However, that’s not the case with 209 NYC Dental. When we dig deeper into the technical SEO aspects of their website, we understood why it is able to rank in the top positions of Google search results.

209 NYC Dental’s Website is Mobile-Friendly

In 2019, you can’t expect your website to rank on page #1 if it is not mobile-friendly. 209 NYC Dental knows the significance of a mobile-friendly website and that’s why they have ensured to optimize the site for mobile users.


Like 209 Dental, you should also optimize your site for mobile so that it delivers engaging browsing experience to mobile users.

The Website has Zero Broken Backlinks

Broken backlinks are a threat to your site’s search engine rankings as they restrict a proper flow of link juice. A site with too many broken backlinks is most likely to struggle when it comes to attaining top rankings in search results.

Let’s check the ‘broken backlinks’ report for  209 NYC Dental.


As you can see that the website doesn’t even have a single broken backlink. This allows the link juice to flow properly. As a result, the website is able to rank in the top positions.

NYC Dental’s Website has a Remarkable Loading Speed

The loading speed is one of the crucial SEO ranking factors. Not only the speed affects website ranking, but it also has a huge impact on the user experience. A page that loads quickly has better chances of ranking in top positions and delivering exceptional user experience than a page that takes too long to load.

Like everything, 209 Dental’s website speed is well-optimized. Even though the pages opened quickly, we decided to check the actual loading speed using Google’s Page Insight tool.


The website has a score of 83, which is considered remarkable in terms of loading speed.

So, if you want your website to rank on page #1 of Google search results, make sure that your website loads within 3 seconds. 

209 Dental’s Website is Secured with HTTPS

Believe it or not, Google does favor websites that are secured with HTTPS. In fact, if a website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, it is less likely to be ranked by Google.

Even though it is a relatively small SEO factor, but it is one of the major reasons why 209 NYC Dental’s website is able to sustain top Google rankings.

That concludes the technical SEO part for 209 NYC Dental’s website.

Let’s Analyze the Backlink Profile for 209 Dental Now…

The number of backlinks is one of the many Google ranking factors. In fact, it is one of the top three ranking signals, followed by content and user-friendliness. 

209 NYC Dental already knows this fact and that’s why has focused on building a strong backlink profile.


As you can see that the website has more than 1k backlinks, which is a promising number for sure. However, to understand their link building strategies, we’ll need to closely examine the overall link profile. 


From the above screenshot, one thing is clear that 209 NYC Dental has focused on acquiring backlinks from high-authority domains. The majority of linking websites have a high domain rating (DR) of 60+.

So, while building backlinks to your site, it is important to focus on the ‘DR’ of the linking domain. 

It is also worth noting that the majority of backlinks, 457 to be exact, are acquired through content.


It means that 209 Dental has acquired backlinks by publishing guest posts. In fact, the majority of links are generated through guest posting itself. So, if you want top rankings like 209 Dental, make sure to

Acquire quality backlinks by publishing guest posts on high authority websites.

Guest blogging is one of the most effective techniques to acquire backlinks, improve domain authority, and create a new traffic source for your website. If you utilize it correctly, you can easily climb the search engine ladder and acquire rankings on page #1 of Google search results.

Finally, Let’s Discuss the Content Marketing Strategy for 209 Dental’s Website…

Everything that we have mentioned so far is most likely to be done by the majority of competitors of 209 Dental. So, what separates them from their competitors.


209 Dental Clinic has focused on crafting content that not only engages readers but also ranks in the top positions of SERP.

In fact, their content is ranking at #1 position in Google search results.


Let’s check out this blog post and understand how 209 Dental is using content marketing strategies.

One of the main reasons why the blog is ranking at #1 position is its content length (word count).

Even though Google doesn’t claim it, writing lengthier blog posts can complement your SEO practices in many ways.

When you publish posts having 2000+words, they automatically cover a lot of information about the target keyword. As a result, they provide value to the reader. 209 Dental has implemented this technique and covered a lot of information about the topic. As a result, their content becomes both SEO-friendly as well as user-friendly.

However, content length is not the only reason why the blog is ranking at the top.

The blog also contains proper segregation of heading tags (h1, h2, h3…..).  

When the content is published in a well-structured format, it becomes easier for the search engine to understand its context. Proper use of heading tags will also engage the reader until the last word of the post.

Apart from this, 209 has also optimized the content by placing the target keywords and related phrases, also known as LSI keywords, in the blog post.


In the above snippet, it is clear that 209 NYC Dental knows their way around performing content optimization.

209 NYC Dental SEO Strategies-A Quick Recap 

Let’s quickly discuss everything we have discussed about 209 NYC Dental’s SEO strategies that helped them rank on Page #1 of Google.  

  1. Writing SEO-friendly page title and meta descriptions is extremely important. It helps Google understand what a particular web page is all about. It is also a good SEO practice to add the target keyword into the title & description as it increased the relevancy. 
  2. The page URL should be well-optimized. Rather than using default URLs, it is a better strategy to manually add page URL and optimize it by infusing the keyword. Furthermore, the URL should be concise as well. 
  3. The website should also have a well-structured sitemap so that search engine can easily crawl and navigate to different pages on the website. 
  4. Mobile-friendliness has become a necessity in today’s market. A website that delivers engaging browsing experience to mobile users has a better scope of ranking in the top positions of  Google SERP.
  5. The website should load as quickly as possible. Page loading speed is one of the crucial SEO ranking factors. As of the recommended SEO practices, the website should load within 3 seconds. 
  6. Optimizing the broken backlinks is a crucial part of SEO. Broken backlinks restrict a proper flow of link juice between different pages of the website. That’s why they need to be optimized using proper redirections.
  7. Installing an SSL certificate and securing the website with HTTPs is mandatory. Google favors websites that offer advanced security to visitors. So, make sure that your website is secured with HTTPS. 
  8. A well-optimized website should have a higher number of quality backlinks from authority domains. One of the most effective ways to build backlinks is to publish guest posts on high authority domains.
  9. Content marketing is one of the most effective SEO strategies to achieve top SEO rankings. Publish comprehensive blogs that talk about a specific topic in detail. Optimize content using the target keywords and LSI phrases.
  10. Finally, segregate content using proper heading tags so that it becomes SEO-friendly.


Like 209 NYC Dental, you can outperform your competitors and attract a decent amount of organic traffic to your site. All you have to do is follow the right SEO tactics and optimize your site properly or take the help of search engine optimization experts from a reputed seo company.

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